Hi! I am Stexxa, and I am this website’s artist. I work as an English instructor at a nearby center where kids love to paint and draw.


Jorzart was founded in 2023, headquartered in Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam
Is a business specializing in providing intellectual painting products for children.
We currently have 3 main artists on the website and are expanding the community feature so children can upload coloring pictures to our website.

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Art is a cute and varied selection of color sheets for youngsters, color technical, drawing and painting activities, and creative family fun ideas. New to the site? I’m thrilled you’ve arrived, and I hope you enjoy coloring as much as I do! If you’re new here, these are some of my favorite works: https://jorz.art/author/stex/ If you can’t find what you’re looking for for, send me an email at admin@jorz.art and I’ll help you find it or make it. Interested in working with Jorz.

My artistic career began a few years ago. I noticed that my students would spend time drawing or coloring when we finished their homework. I find that they especially enjoy drawing and coloring. My pupils are frequently more driven to complete their work when we assign or participate in assignments that call for the use of color. Realizing that doing this encouraged my pupils and me to develop the habit of sticking together in class, I started collecting coloring pictures online and participating in more sketching exercises. As the years passed, I became more and more fond of writing articles and posting them on social media. I enjoy teaching kindergarteners by combining coloring and drawing. To help students visualize more easily and make lessons more enjoyable, some students have a natural talent for combining colors and conveying them to paper through drawings.