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How To Draw A Ghost

If you believe in ghosts, you are not alone. Cultures around the world believe in souls surviving death to live in another world. Long-standing beliefs about life after death are one of the things that make many people believe that ghosts are real. Today, will show you how to draw a ghost. These spectral beings are often associated with the supernatural, haunting tales, and the mysteries of the afterlife. Their presence in folklore and mythology across different cultures has made them an enduring symbol of the unknown and the unexplained.

The concept of ghosts can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where beliefs in spirits and apparitions were deeply rooted. Throughout history, ghost stories have been passed down through generations, captivating listeners with their spine-chilling narratives. In modern times, ghosts have become a prominent theme in literature, movies, and television shows. From classic novels like “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens to contemporary horror films such as “The Conjuring” series, the allure of ghosts continues to captivate audiences worldwide.


How To Draw A Ghost  

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:

Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.

Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.

Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.

Reference images: Gather images of the character.

Coloring tools: use colorful crayons to bring the character to life


Step 1 –  Outlining The Sunglasses

Ghost Drawing Step 1 

The first step in drawing our Ghost is to sketch its stylish sunglasses. Begin by drawing a curved bridge in the center, followed by another curve in the center. Then, go up and across to create the frame. Add a notch on each side and connect the frame with a curved line at the bottom. Now, outline the sunglasses by adding a border all around. Follow the outer edge of the sketch and create a clean line. This will make the sunglasses stand out. To enhance the sunglasses’ appeal, shade the area inside the border. Fill it in with your preferred shading technique, making sure to create a smooth, even tone.


Step 2 – Crafting The Ghost’s Smile

Ghost Drawing Step 2

Give your Ghost a cool and mischievous smile. Begin by curving upwards slightly to form a smirk, then cap it off to complete the smile. This adds character and personality to your Ghost.


Step 3 – Drawing The Ghost’s Head

Ghost Drawing Step 3

Now, let’s outline the shape of the Ghost’s head. Start near the sunglasses and create a big curve at the top, going around the sunglasses. Continue the curve downward, forming a smooth and flowing shape for the head.


Step 4 – Shaping The Ghost’s Hands

Ghost Drawing Step 4

Extend a line outward from the side of the ghost’s head to create the hand. Make sure to draw a thumb, followed by a curved line that flattens a bit and then curves back in. Repeat the same steps on the other side to form the second hand. Add some movement to the hands by flaring them outwards and extending them across.


Step 5 – Adding A Floating Effect

Ghost Drawing Step 5

To achieve the desired floating effect, draw a shadow underneath the Ghost. You can use a gray marker or pencil to create the shadow, or simply draw a small oval shape underneath the Ghost to represent it.


Step 6 – Let’s Color!

Ghost Drawing Step 6

Let’s add some humor to our Ghost by writing a pun. Start by writing the word “totally ghoul” around the Ghost. Begin with the letter “t” and continue until you complete the word “ghoul.”. Thicken the letters to make them stand out.


Your Ghost Is Complete!

Congratulations on completing the 6-step process of learning how to draw a  ghost! Take a moment to review your drawing and make any necessary adjustments. Ensure that all the lines are smooth and clean. If you have a white-out pen, you can add a small line inside the sunglasses to complete the look.


Tips On How To Draw A Ghost

It can be challenging if you are new to drawing ghosts, but don’t worry! Feel free to add other Halloween-themed elements or characters to your drawings, such as pumpkins or witches, to create a spooky scene.


FAQ On How To Draw A Ghost

Can I draw the ghost without sunglasses?

Absolutely! The sunglasses are a fun addition, but you can customize your Ghost by omitting them or trying different accessories.

How can I make my ghost look scarier?

To make your Ghost look scarier, you can experiment with darker shading, add jagged lines to the smile, and give it an eerie expression.

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If you believe in ghosts, you are not alone. Cultures around the world believe in souls surviving death to live… View More