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How To Draw Blue  

Once upon a time, in the colorful world of Roblox Rainbow Friends, there was a delightful character named Blue. What makes Blue from Roblox Rainbow Friends so famous is not just its adorable appearance, but also its interesting origin. Blue is a part of a group of lovable characters who spread joy and positivity wherever they go. Together, they embark on exciting adventures, exploring magical worlds and spreading friendship throughout the Roblox universe.

Now, it’s time to bring Blue to life on paper! In this tutorial, will be your guide on this artistic adventure. will show you step by step how to draw Blue from Roblox Rainbow Friends, capturing all the charm and magic that has made Blue such a beloved character. So grab your pencils!

How To Draw Blue 

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.


Step 1 – Let’s draw Blue’s eyes

 Blue Drawing Step

Alright, let’s get started on drawing Blue’s eyes! Imagine two big circles, just like Blue’s friendly and curious eyes. Grab your trusty pencil and begin by drawing a nice big circle. Next, draw another circle right next to it, making sure they touch each other.


Step 2 – Add  Detail To The Eyes

  Blue Drawing Step 2

Now, let’s add some extra sparkle to Blue’s eyes! Inside each eye, draw a smaller circle, leaving a little gap in the smaller circle. This special detail will make Blue’s eyes shine brightly. Next, continue drawing circles around the eyes, following the shape you’ve made. Once you’re finished, you can shade in the circles to make them appear darker. Now, let’s draw Blue’s button eyes. Picture an “X” shape right in the center of each eye. You can make the lines of the “X” a bit thicker to make them stand out even more. And to finish off, let’s frame the eyes with a soft curve above each one. Perfect!


Step 3 – It’s Time To Draw Blue’s Friendly Smile!

  Blue Drawing Step 3

Right below the eyes, come down a bit and draw a big curved line that stretches all the way across. This will be Blue’s big smile. To make the smile stand out, you can make the line a bit thicker. Just follow the curve and make it nice and bold. If you’d like, you can add a little drool coming down from the smile. Start by drawing a small curve, and then continue the line as if you’re extending the smile. Go up a bit, wobble a little, and then come back down. Finally, draw a little dollop of drool at the end. If you prefer, you can shade it in black to make it more visible. 


Step 4 – Frame Blue’s Face

  Blue Drawing Step 4

Now, let’s frame Blue’s face with a big circle. Start from the middle of the eyes and draw a curve that goes all the way around the head. Take your time and make a nice, big circular shape. Once you reach the starting point, connect the curve and complete the circle. This will beautifully frame Blue’s adorable face. Wonderful work!


Step 5 – Add The Crown

  Blue Drawing Step 5

Blue’s crown is next, and it’s a special part of Blue’s look. Right above Blue’s head, draw two angles in the center, creating a little peak. Then, connect these angles with zigzag lines to form the crown. Keep it simple and nice, just like a royal crown that Blue would wear


Step 6 – Outlining Blue’s Body

  Blue Drawing Step 6

Now that we’ve drawn Blue’s face, it’s time to bring Blue’s whole body to life! Starting from the center of Blue’s eyes, come down a little bit and leave some space. Then, draw a curved line that goes down. This special line will be the beginning of Blue’s body. Keep going and continue the line downward. You get to decide how tall or how long you want Blue to be. Once you’re satisfied, draw a soft curve in the center to finish the body shape.


Step 7 – Drawing Blue’s Legs and Feet

  Blue Drawing Step 7

Blue needs some legs to stand on, so let’s draw them next! Starting from the body curve, draw two lines that come out as if they’re Blue’s legs. Make the lines a little bit curved, just like Blue is ready to jump and play. Then, at the bottom, connect the lines with a small curve to create Blue’s cute little feet. Repeat the same steps on the other side to complete both legs.


Step 8 – Outlining Blue’s Arms 

  Blue Drawing Step 8

Now let’s draw Blue’s arms. On one side of Blue’s body, draw a little shoulder that comes down. Make the line a bit thicker and round it off to create Blue’s arm. Imagine how Blue would wave and reach out to friends. Now, repeat the same steps on the other side, making sure to end the arm at a similar area.


Step 9 – Let’s Add A Little Heart

  Blue Drawing Step 9

To make Blue’s look even more special, let’s add a tiny heart to Blue’s hair. Imagine a small heart shape and draw it at the top of Blue’s head. This little heart will show just how much love Blue has to share with everyone. How sweet is that?


Step 10 – Coloring Blue

  Blue Drawing Step 10

In Step 10, you can add color to your drawing of Blue. Use a vibrant blue shade for Blue’s fur, and don’t forget to color the crown as well. You can choose any color you like for the heart on Blue’s head, perhaps a bright red or a lovely pink. For the eyes, color the larger circles with a deep shade of blue, leaving the smaller circles and highlights white to make them pop. Finally, use a lighter shade of blue or gray to add some shading and dimension to Blue’s body and limbs. And there you have it, a colorful and adorable drawing of Blue from Roblox Rainbow Friends! 


Your Blue Is Complete!

Congratulations on successfully learning how to draw Blue from Roblox Rainbow Friends! Now you can step back and admire your artistic creation. Well done! Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the process, we hope you had a blast following along. Drawing is a wonderful way to express yourself and let your imagination touch the sky! So keep those pencils and colors ready, because there are endless possibilities waiting for you on that blank canvas.

To draw Blue from Roblox Rainbow Friends, start by drawing two big circles for the eyes, adding smaller circles inside with a gap for highlights. Frame the eyes with curves and draw an “X” in the center for button eyes. Then, draw a big curved smile and add drool if desired. Frame Blue’s face with a large circle. Draw a crown with peaks and zigzag lines above the head. Outline Blue’s body with a curved line and add legs and feet with slight curves. Outline the arms with rounded lines. Finally, add a small heart shape to Blue’s hair. To bring Blue to life, color the fur and crown in a vibrant blue, shade the eyes, and add any desired colors for the heart. 


Tips On How To Draw Blue 

Don’t be afraid to add your own creative touches to Blue’s design. While staying true to the character’s recognizable features, you can experiment with different patterns, accessories, or even a unique pose that showcases your artistic style and imagination.

Use reference images and resources for inspiration. Look at official artwork of Blue from Roblox Rainbow Friends or search for fan art to gather ideas and inspiration for your own drawing. Remember to always credit and respect the original artists if using their work as a reference.


FAQ On How To Draw Blue 

How can I add more details to Blue’s face?

You can draw some freckles on Blue’s cheeks or add eyelashes to make their eyes stand out. You can also give Blue some rosy cheeks to show a happy and cheerful expression.

Can I give Blue some accessories?

Absolutely! You can give Blue some fun accessories to make them even more unique. How about a colorful bow on top of Blue’s head or a cool pair of sunglasses? You can also try drawing Blue holding a favorite toy or wearing a cute necklace.

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Once upon a time, in the colorful world of Roblox Rainbow Friends, there was a delightful character named Blue. What… View More