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How To Draw Chimmy

Chimmy made its debut as one of the BT21 characters, a unique lineup created through a collaboration between BTS and Line Friends. Each member of BTS played an integral role in designing their respective characters, infusing them with their own distinct traits and aesthetics. Chimmy, representing BTS member Jimin, embodies the playful and cheerful spirit that Jimin exudes both on and off the stage. With its vibrant yellow fur and captivating smile, Chimmy exudes an aura of pure joy and positivity.

Now, let’s dive into the artistic realm and explore the process of learning how to draw Chimmy. Grab your sketchbook, pencils, and imagination as leads you through the wonderful world of Chimmy!

How To Draw Chimmy   

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.


Step 1 –  Drawing the Eyes and Nose

    Chimmy Drawing Step  1 

Let’s start by bringing Chimmy’s adorable face to life! Begin by drawing the nose right in the center of your page. Imagine a sideways oval that goes around and back up towards the top. Fill in the nose with a nice, bold black color. Chimmy’s eyes are next! On either side of the nose, draw two circles. Start with a circle on the left side, then move over to the right side and draw another circle. Fill in the eyes with black color to make them stand out.


Step 2 – Adding Facial Features

    Chimmy Drawing Step  2

Now that Chimmy’s eyes and nose are complete, it’s time to add more details to make Chimmy even more expressive! Directly below the nose, draw a curved line for the mouth. Start underneath the left eye, curve it down, and then curve up a little higher on the right side. Chimmy’s tongue is next! Starting from the end of the mouth, draw a half-oval shape that comes around and back up. In the middle of the tongue, draw a short line coming down.


Step 3 – Outlining Chimmy’s Face

    Chimmy Drawing Step  3

 Let’s give Chimmy’s face a nice outline! Imagine an oval shape that surrounds the face. Start up in the middle and begin curving around towards the sides. Then, bring your line down in the middle and work your way back up towards the right side. Keep going until you complete the oval shape. This will make Chimmy’s face stand out even more!


Step 4 – Drawing the head

    Chimmy Drawing Step  4

Chimmy’s head is taking shape! Start from the left side of the oval you drew in the previous step. Step out a bit and begin with a point. Curve your line out and up towards the top, and then bring it down on the right side. Hook it back in to complete the top half of the head. Now, let’s draw the lower half of the head. Start from the left side, curve it out, round up the jaw, and come down in the middle. Work your way back up towards the right side, coming out and then pulling it in. Chimmy’s head is looking fantastic!


Step 5 – Adding the Ears

    Chimmy Drawing Step  5

Chimmy needs some cute ears to hear all the fun and laughter! On either side of Chimmy’s head, draw two elongated, curved shapes to represent the ears. Position them slightly above the eyes. Fill in the ears with a matching black color, and Chimmy will be ready to listen to all the delightful sounds around.


Step 6 – Outline the body







  Chimmy Drawing Step 6

Now, let’s move down and outline Chimmy’s body. On the left side, draw a curve that goes out and then pulls back in. On the right side, curve in the opposite direction, coming around and then back in. This will create Chimmy’s lovely rounded body shape.


Step 7 – Drawing Chimmy ’s hand

    Chimmy Drawing Step  7

Chimmy needs its paws to give warm hugs and playful high-fives! Let’s draw the left arm first. Start from the bottom of the ear, curve around to form the tip of the hand, and pull it in towards the side of the body. At the top of the arm, draw a straight angled line going up. Now, draw the right arm pointing downwards. Start underneath the head with a straight angled line going out. Round up the bottom of the hand and pull it back up behind the body. Angle up and out from the same point. Chimmy’s hands are ready for some fun adventures!


Step 8 – Draw Chimmy’s Feet

    Chimmy Drawing Step  8

Chimmy needs feet to dance and explore the world! Move down and draw the legs between the two points we just created. Start with a straight line coming down. Round out the foot shape and pull it up towards the middle. Repeat this on the right side to create Chimmy’s adorable feet.


Step 9 – Let’s Color!

   Chimmy Drawing Step  9

Congratulations on reaching the final step of bringing your Chimmy drawing to life! Now it’s time to grab your colors and make Chimmy burst with vibrancy. Use bright and cheerful yellow to fill in Chimmy’s face, body, and all the other elements we’ve drawn. Let your imagination guide you as you bring Chimmy’s cheerful persona to the page. Get ready to see Chimmy shine with joy and happiness!


Your  Chimmy  Is Complete!

Well done, little artist! You have successfully learned how to draw Chimmy, the adorable BT21 character, with all its cuteness and charm. Not only captured Chimmy’s appearance but you also captured its wonderful personality. Chimmy is known for being cheerful, curious, and always ready for fun.   


Tips On How To Draw Chimmy 

Give Chimmy some unique and colorful accessories to make it stand out. Draw Chimmy wearing a vibrant scarf, a patterned bow tie, or even a funky hat. These accessories can reflect Chimmy’s style and add visual interest to your artwork.

Instead of leaving the background blank, create an interesting environment for Chimmy. Draw a scene with trees, flowers, or a sunny sky. This will make Chimmy feel like it’s in its own world.


FAQ On How To Draw Chimmy 

Can I use different colors for Chimmy’s fur?

While Chimmy is typically associated with yellow, you can explore different color variations to add your own artistic touch. Be creative and have fun experimenting with different color combinations.

How can I show Chimmy’s playful nature? 

Show Chimmy engaging in playful activities in your drawing. Draw Chimmy holding a favorite toy, chasing a butterfly, or jumping into a pile of leaves. These elements will highlight Chimmy’s playful and joyful personality.

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Chimmy made its debut as one of the BT21 characters, a unique lineup created through a collaboration between BTS and… View More