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How To Draw Cooky 

Welcome to’s step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Cooky, a lovable and mischievous character. Cooky is a popular figure known for its cuteness and playful nature. Originating from the BT21 universe, Cooky has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Cooky’s journey began within the BT21 universe, a collaborative creation between BTS and Line Friends. Each member of BTS designed their own character, and Cooky is the creation of the multifaceted artist, Jungkook. With its fluffy pink fur, expressive eyes, and playful demeanor, Cooky exudes an irresistible charm that resonates with fans of all ages. Its mischievous and adventurous nature adds an extra layer of excitement to its character, making it a favorite among BTS and BT21 enthusiasts. will be your trusted companion throughout this tutorial, ensuring that you learn how to draw Cooky in the simplest and most understandable way. So, let’s dive in as we explore the enchanting world of Cooky!

How To Draw Cooky    

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.


Step 1 –  Shaping Cooky’s Face

  Cooky Drawing Step 1 

Let’s start by bringing Cooky’s face to life! Draw two big, expressive eyes right in the center of the oval shape. These eyes will show Cooky’s emotions and make them look super cute. Just below the eyes, draw a small curve for Cooky’s button nose. It’s like a little dot that adds an extra touch of cuteness! And don’t forget Cooky’s friendly smile! Draw a curved line to create a happy mouth that spreads joy and happiness.


Step 2 – Drawing The Mouth

  Cooky Drawing Step 2

Now it’s time to focus on Cooky’s charming smile! Imagine Cooky’s happy face and draw a slightly curved line to form the smiling mouth. You can make the curve as wide or as narrow as you like. And guess what? Let’s add a cute little tongue inside the mouth, like Cooky is ready to enjoy a tasty treat!


Step 3 – Draw the Eyebrows

  Cooky Drawing Step 3

Cooky’s face wouldn’t be complete without some expressive eyebrows! Above the left eye, draw an angled line to create the eyebrow. Connect the top and inside of the eyebrow with a straight line. Now, make those eyebrows stand out by coloring them with a dark brown or black color. Repeat this step for the right eyebrow to give Cooky even more personality!


Step 4 – Draw the ears

  Cooky Drawing Step 4

Now it’s time to give Cooky some adorable ears! Starting from the center of Cooky’s head, imagine a straight line going up and rounding out the top of the ear. Then, gently round out the side of the ear and bring it in towards the side of the head. Repeat this step for the right ear, making sure both ears are equally cute and well-shaped.


Step 5 – Complete the Face of Cooky

  Cooky Drawing Step 5

Let’s frame Cooky’s face with a big circle! Start from the bottom of the left ear and curve the line outwards towards the bottom. Then, pull it up on the right side and tuck it in behind the ear.


Step 6 – Complete the Ears

  Cooky Drawing Step 6

Imagine a curve that goes between the center and the left side of Cooky’s head. Trace the shape of the ear on the inside, making sure to keep an even space gap all the way around. This will make Cooky’s ear look detailed and cute from the inside


Step 7 – Outlining Cooky’s Body

  Cooky Drawing Step 7

It’s time to bring Cooky’s body into the picture! Move down from Cooky’s head and draw the body. Step down on either side and draw a curve that goes out and then back in. Line up with the right side and curve in the opposite direction. To complete Cooky’s body, round out the foot on the left side and pull it straight up in the center. Repeat this step for the right side, making sure Cooky has a balanced body!


Step 8 – Draw the arm

  Cooky Drawing Step 8

Now it’s time to add some cool arms to our drawing of Cooky! Let’s start with the left arm, which is raised up in the air. Imagine Cooky’s cheek and draw a curved line that goes around and forms a nice round shape for the arm. Then, bring the line back in behind Cooky’s body. At the top of the arm, draw an angled line to give it a little extra detail. This will make Cooky look super energetic and ready for some fun!


Step 9 – Draw the Other Arm

  Cooky Drawing Step 9

Now let’s draw the other arm, which hangs down the side of Cooky’s body. Begin underneath Cooky’s head and curve the line to form a rounded hand. Then, bring the line in behind the body to complete the arm. Finally, draw an angled line going up and out. This will give Cooky’s arm a cool pose and make it look like it’s ready to give a high-five or a big hug!


Step 10 – Bring Cooky to Life with Colors!

  Cooky Drawing Step 10

Use vibrant colors to bring Cooky to life! Cooky’s body is a super vibrant pink, like a bubblegum or a cotton candy dream. For Cooky’s mouth, use a soft shade of red to give it a cute and rosy look. Let’s make Cooky’s eyes shine with a warm brown color, and maybe even add a little sparkle to make them extra special. As for Cooky’s eyebrows, you can use a dark brown or black color to give them a bold and expressive look. Get creative with your colors and make Cooky come to life in the most colorful and delightful way!


Your Cooky Is Complete!

Congratulations! You have successfully drawn Cooky, the adorable and playful character from the BT21 universe. Did you know that Cooky has a bunch of fantastic friends in the BT21 world? They are all waiting for you to bring them to life through your amazing drawings. Have you heard of Tata? Tata is an adorable character with a crown on its head. And there’s also Chimmy, who is always smiling and spreading joy. Oh, and don’t forget about Shooky, the charming cookie with a mischievous grin. You can explore drawing these lovable characters to expand your artistic skills and create a whole BT21 family, and can be your trusted company to help you embark on this delightful artistic journey. So, keep up the great work!


Tips On How To Draw Cooky  

Give Cooky some cool accessories, like a stylish bow, a funky hat, or a playful prop. These little details can add personality and make your drawing unique.

Try drawing Cooky jumping, dancing, or doing a fun action. Dynamic poses can bring energy and excitement to your artwork.


FAQ On How To Draw Cooky  

How can I make Cooky’s face look cuter?

To make Cooky’s face look cuter, focus on the eyes and mouth. Make the eyes larger and rounder, and add eyelashes for a more charming effect. For the mouth, give Cooky a bigger smile with rounded cheeks.


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Welcome to’s step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Cooky, a lovable and mischievous character. Cooky is a popular figure… View More