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How To Draw Garfield

Garfield’s origin is as fascinating as the character himself. Jim Davis, the creative genius behind the lasagna-loving feline, introduced him to the world through the comic strip “Garfield.” Garfield is a fictional cat and the main character in the comic strip of the same name, created by Jim Davis. The comic focuses on Garfield, depicted as a lazy, obese, and optimistic orange Persian cat. He is famous for his love of lasagna and bedtime, as well as his hatred of Mondays, his friend Nermal, and exercise. Originally published in June 1978, the comic strip follows the daily life of Garfield, a lazy and sarcastic cat, his owner Jon Arbuckle, and their companion Odie, a lovable but dim-witted dog.

What makes Garfield truly special and contributes to his enduring fame is his unique blend of characteristics. He is the embodiment of our inner desire for relaxation, indulgence, and unapologetic laziness. Garfield’s love for lasagna has become legendary, and his dislike for Mondays has become a universal sentiment. His laid-back and humorous observations about life’s moments strike a chord with audiences worldwide. Through his witty one-liners and clever sarcasm, Garfield has become an iconic symbol of humor and a cultural phenomenon.

In this tutorial, will show you how to draw Garfield. Let’s sharpen your pencils, and let be your trusted companion on this creative journey. Get ready to experience the joy of drawing Garfield and sharing in the laughter that he brings to millions of fans worldwide.

How To Draw Garfield  

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.
Coloring tools: use colorful crayons to bring the character to life


Step 1 –   Garfield’s Nose and Eyes

Garfield Drawing Step 1 

Start your Garfield drawing adventure by focusing on his distinctive nose. Draw an oval shape, beginning at the top and gently curving your way down to the sides. Sketch a straight line between his eyes, extending upwards to meet the center of the oval nose. Moving on to Garfield’s iconic eyes, start with the left eye. Carefully curve around, making sure it’s proportionate to the right eye. Take your time, as Garfield’s eyes are notably wide. Now, add depth to Garfield’s eyes by sketching his eyelids. Begin with the left eye, drawing a straight line across it. This is a vital step to give Garfield his classic sleepy look. Add the pupils by drawing small half-circles below the eyes. Be sure to leave a small space in the center.


Step 2 –  Capturing Garfield’s Face Features

Garfield Drawing Step 2

Starting at the center of his nose, curve upwards towards the sides of his head, giving him that iconic, cheerful grin. With Garfield’s smile emerging, you can sense his playfulness taking shape. Now, create Garfield’s tongue. Begin by curving upwards from the bottom center of his nose, extending just above the nose line. Repeat this for the right side to ensure symmetry. Don’t forget to add a little wrinkle at the end of his mouth. 


Step 3 – Drawing Garfield’s Ears

Garfield Drawing Step 3

Garfield’s distinctive ears are crucial to capturing his character’s expression. Moving upward, let’s sketch Garfield’s ears. These are somewhat like angled ovals, resting between his eyes and head. Ensure both ears are of the same size.


Step 4 –  Defining Garfield’s Head and Markings

Garfield Drawing Step 4

Add a few whiskers at the ear ends. Garfield’s distinct appearance starts to take form. The next step is to outline the upper edge of Garfield’s head, which has an oval shape, slightly flattened at the bottom. This is where his unique facial markings will be added.


Step 5 –  Creating Garfield’s Arms

Garfield Drawing Step 5

As we move on to Garfield’s body, remember that his upper body is approximately the same height as his head. The arms will overlap the body. Begin below his chin, outlining his body and adding his arms. Ensure the hands have three fingers and elongate the feet, rounding them at the ends.


Step 6 –  Sketching The Body

Garfield Drawing Step 6

With the head defined, it’s time to bring Garfield’s body to life. Remember that Garfield’s upper body is approximately the same height as his head. As Garfield’s physique comes together, his charming laziness becomes evident. Starting beneath the chin, let your pencil lead the way as you create a flowing curved line to outline his body.   


Step 7 –  Draw The Feet 

Garfield Drawing Step 7

In this drawing step, we will draw Garfield’s legs. From the cat’s body, draw four lines parallel to each other, then draw curved lines just like the illustration.


Step 8 –  Draw the Tail

Garfield Drawing Step 8

Add wrinkles where necessary, don’t forget Garfield’s long tail, which curves downward and ends playfully.


Step 9 – Let’s Color!

Garfield Drawing Step 9

So we have reached step 9, and we will paint the cat Garfield, Garfield is famous for his silky yellow fur, so use a yellow pen and paint over the entire body of this lovely cat. Please paint carefully, talented artists


Your Garfield Is Complete!

Congratulations on completing the 10-step process of learning how to draw Garfield! Garfield, the lasagna-loving feline, has captured the hearts of millions around the world with his sardonic wit, insatiable appetite, and iconic orange fur. In this step-by-step tutorial, has guided you through the process of drawing Garfield, the famous comic strip cat. With these tips and guidance, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Garfield drawing pro. Enjoy your artistic journey and have fun capturing Garfield’s charming personality on paper. is here to make your drawing experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.  


Tips On How To Draw Garfield

It can be challenging if you are new to drawing Garfield, but don’t worry! Feel free to add your unique flair to Garfield’s design. Explore different styles to make Garfield your own

You can even study the works of Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield, and understand the techniques he used to bring Garfield to life. Watching Garfield cartoons can also deepen your connection with the character.


FAQ On How To Draw Garfield

 What other character can I draw?

Now that you’ve mastered drawing Garfield, consider exploring other beloved characters in the world of comics. Characters like Odie, Nermal, and Arlene from the Garfield universe offer exciting new drawing challenges.


How can I add depth to my Garfield drawing to make it more three-dimensional?

Focus on shading and highlights to give your Garfield drawing a 3D look. Pay attention to light sources and shadows, and use techniques like cross-hatching to add depth.

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Garfield’s origin is as fascinating as the character himself. Jim Davis, the creative genius behind the lasagna-loving feline, introduced him… View More