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How To Draw Koya 

Welcome to a delightful journey of artistic expression! In this step-by-step tutorial, will guide you on how to draw Koya, a beloved character from BT21.

Koya, the irresistibly charming character, is part of the globally adored BT21 lineup. BT21 was created by the wildly popular South Korean boy band BTS in collaboration with Line Friends, a popular character brand. Each BT21 character represents a member of BTS, and Koya represents the talented and introspective member, RM. Koya’s name is derived from “Ko” meaning “koala” and “ya” symbolizing a Korean word for “baby.” This endearing combination perfectly encapsulates Koya’s adorable and gentle nature. With its lovable blue fur and sleepy expression, Koya has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Koya’s popularity extends beyond its association with BTS. The character’s relatable personality, characterized by a calm and collected demeanor, resonates with people of all ages. Koya’s endearing qualities, coupled with its connection to the universally beloved BTS, have made it an iconic figure in the world of pop culture.

Now, let’s embark on an artistic adventure and learn how to draw Koya step by step.

How To Draw Koya    

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.


Step 1 –  Starting with the Head

  Koya Drawing Step 1 

Are you ready to draw Koya? Great! We’ll start by drawing an oval shape right in the center of your page. Imagine it’s like a big, round egg. Begin at the top and curve your lines outwards towards the sides. Now, round out the shape and then bring the lines back in towards the middle, closing off the oval. This will be the outline for Koya’s cute little head.


Step 2 – Drawing The Nose

  Koya Drawing Step 2

 Now, within the head, let’s draw a nose that looks like a little egg. Start in the middle and curve your line down and out towards the left. Make it a little wider at the bottom, and then come up towards the top. Koya’s nose is so adorable and unique, just like a little button on its face!


Step 3 – Expressive Eyes and Mouth

  Koya Drawing Step 3

Koya’s eyes and mouth are what make it so lovable! Let’s add the eyes on the sides of the nose. Leave a little space and draw an angled line coming down and out towards the left. Repeat on the right side, angling down and out towards the right. Right below the nose, draw a curved line to represent Koya’s mouth. This gentle curve will add a touch of sweetness to Koya’s face. Take your time to capture the essence of Koya’s calm and collected personality. It’s like Koya is always wearing a gentle smile!


Step 4 – Drawing Cute Ears

  Koya Drawing Step 4

Now, let’s draw two circles behind Koya’s head for its ears. Starting on the left side, curve your line around and out towards the side of the circle. Bring it back in towards the side of the head. Repeat on the right side, curving up and out, rounding out the ear, and pulling it in towards the side of the head. Koya’s ears are a key feature that add to its overall adorable appearance. They’re like little fluffy clouds on the sides of its head!


Step 5 – Outlining the Body

  Koya Drawing Step 5

Let’s add some details to Koya’s ears now. Trace the shape of the ears on the inside. Start on the left, step down, and follow the curve of the ear all the way around. Repeat the same process on the right side, making sure to leave an even space gap. These details will make Koya’s ears stand out and add depth to your drawing. They’ll look so fluffy and soft! After that, let’s move down to the body. Start by drawing a half-oval shape on the left side underneath Koya’s head. Curve it down and round it out, then go back up on the right side. This forms the main body of Koya.


Step 6 – Defining the Body and Feet

  Koya Drawing Step 6

Let’s make Koya’s body more defined now. Draw the sides of the body by curving out on the left side and rounding it out, then pulling it back in. Repeat on the right side, curving in the opposite direction. Now, round out the bottom to create Koya’s cute little feet. Come up in the middle and start on the left, curving down the foot, and pull it up in the middle. Repeat on the right side, curving down and then up. These details will give Koya a complete and well-defined body structure.


Step 7 – Adding Arms

  Koya Drawing Step 7

Now, let’s draw Koya’s arms hanging down the sides of its body. On the left side of the head, curve out the arm, come down, round out the hand, and pull it up behind the body. Repeat the process on the right side. These arms will showcase Koya’s relaxed and carefree nature


Step 8 – Let’s Color!

  Koya Drawing Step 8

We’ve done it! We’ve drawn Koya! Now, it’s time to make Koya even more magical by adding colors. You can use your favorite colors to bring Koya to life. Maybe Koya has soft blue fur, a cute purple nose. Let your imagination run wild and have fun coloring Koya in a way that makes you smile!


Your Koya Is Complete!

Congratulations on completing the step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Koya. To summarize the steps, we began by drawing the head and shaping the face, followed by adding expressive eyes, a curious mouth, and cute ears. We then outlined the body, defined the body and feet, and added the arms. By following these steps, you have created a delightful drawing of Koya, capturing its lovable personality.

To draw Koya, begin by drawing an oval shape for the head, followed by an egg-shaped nose and expressive eyes and mouth. Add two circles for the ears and trace the inner details. Outline the body with a half-oval shape underneath the head, and define the body by curving out the sides and adding rounded feet. Draw the arms hanging down the sides. Finally, add colors to bring Koya to life. Use your imagination to choose the colors and make Koya as cute and magical as you’d like


Tips On How To Draw Koya  

Experiment with Different Poses: Koya’s calm and collected nature can be expressed through various poses. Try drawing Koya lounging on a tree branch, meditating, or even engaging in playful activities. Push your creativity and explore different poses to capture the essence of Koya’s character.

Koya is just one of the enchanting characters from the BT21 universe. Explore the other members, such as Chimmy, Tata, Cooky, and Shooky, and challenge yourself to draw each unique character. 

Give Koya a Bedtime Routine: Since Koya is known for its sleepiness, why not incorporate a humorous bedtime routine into your drawing? You can draw Koya brushing its teeth with a tiny toothbrush, wearing a sleep mask, or even snuggled up in a cozy pajama onesie!


FAQ On How To Draw Koya  

Can I draw Koya pulling a prank on another BT21 character?

Definitely! Imagine Koya teaming up with another BT21 character for a mischievous prank. Draw Koya and its partner in crime setting up a funny and harmless prank, like putting whoopee cushions or sticky notes on their friends’ seats. It’s a lighthearted way to show Koya’s playful side.

What if I draw Koya sleepwalking into a funny situation?

That’s a hilarious idea! Draw Koya sleepwalking into unexpected scenarios, like sleepwalking on a tightrope or sleep-dancing on a stage in front of a bewildered audience. It’s a whimsical way to showcase Koya’s sleepiness in a humorous and exaggerated manner.

Can I draw Koya using its sleepiness as a superpower?

Absolutely! Imagine Koya’s sleepiness being transformed into a unique superpower. Draw Koya’s yawns emitting a magical energy that puts everyone around it to sleep, including villains. It’s a fun twist that showcases Koya’s sleepiness in a humorous and unexpected way.

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