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How To Draw Kuromi 

Kuromi, with her mischievous smile, alluring black-and-white color scheme, and unique origins, has become an iconic figure in the realm of Japanese pop culture. In this tutorial, we invite you to embark on an artistic adventure guided by We will show you step-by-step how to draw Kuromi, allowing you to capture her undeniable allure and bring her to life on paper.

Kuromi first emerged from the imaginative universe of Sanrio, the renowned Japanese company famous for creating adorable characters that have become pop culture sensations. Created by the brilliant mind of Miyuki Okumura, Kuromi made her debut in 2005 as a counterpart to the ever-popular character, My Melody. While My Melody embodies sweetness and innocence, Kuromi brings mischievous and edgy energy to the Sanrio family. With her skull-shaped face, devilish grin, and a hint of rebelliousness, Kuromi quickly captured the imagination of fans around the world. With her sassy attitude and endearing charm, Kuromi has found a special place in the hearts of fans of all ages. From her appearances in various Sanrio merchandise, including plush toys, stationery, and fashion accessories, to her presence in popular media and collaborations, Kuromi has cemented her status as an iconic character beloved by many.

With, you’ll learn how to draw Kuromi’s unique features and infuse your artwork with the charm that has made her an enduring favorite!

How To Draw Kuromi  

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:

Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.

Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.

Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.

Reference images: Gather images of the character


Step 1 – Drawing Kuromi’s Eyes

 Kuromi Drawing Step 1 

Creating Kuromi’s expressive eyes is the first step to bringing her to life. Start by drawing an angled line for the top of her eye, then connect it with a slanted line for the bottom. Extend the slant upwards to add lashes, giving her a playful and mischievous look. Shade the eyes in black to make them stand out.


Step 2 – Adding Kuromi’s Nose and Smile

 Kuromi Drawing Step 2

Kuromi’s cute little nose sits between her eyes. Draw a small oval shape to represent it. Below the nose, draw a curved line that forms her mischievous smile. Make one side higher than the other, adding a touch of playfulness to her expression.


Step 3 – Sketching Kuromi’s Hat

 Kuromi Drawing Step 3

Kuromi is known for her distinctive hat, which frames her face. Start by drawing angled lines on each side, beginning from the center between her eyes and extending upwards. Connect these lines beneath her smile to complete the hat shape. Adjust the height and curvature as needed to match Kuromi’s unique style.


Step 4 – Outlining Kuromi’s Head

 Kuromi Drawing Step 4

To complete Kuromi’s head shape, begin by tapering out from the hat lines and drawing a large, curving outline. Take your time to ensure the proportions are just right. Don’t worry about any mistakes at this stage; we can always make adjustments later.


Step 5 – Creating Kuromi’s Ears

 Kuromi Drawing Step 5

Kuromi’s face wouldn’t be complete without her iconic pink skull in the center. Start by drawing two points in the middle and connect them with curved lines to form the skull’s teeth. Above the teeth, add oval-shaped eyes. These features give Kuromi her signature look. Furthermore, Kuromi has adorable, droopy ears that add to her charm. Begin by drawing two angled lines from the sides of her head, then connect them at the top with curved lines. At the top of each ear, add small circles for extra cuteness.


Step 6 – Adding Kuromi’s Collar and Body 

 Kuromi Drawing Step 6

Extend angled lines from Kuromi’s head to create her collar. These lines should extend outward and connect with three or four points to form the collar shape. Beneath the collar, draw a curved line to indicate her body. Keep it simple and elegant


Step 7 – Sketching Kuromi’s Feet

 Kuromi Drawing Step 7

For her feet, draw rounded shapes at the bottom of her body. Take your time to get the proportions just right.  


Step 8 – Sketching Kuromi’s Hands

 Kuromi Drawing Step 8

Kuromi’s hands and feet are small and rounded, adding to her adorable appearance. Extend curved lines from her shoulders to create her hands, and add simple fingers.


Step 9 – Finalizing Kuromi’s Tail 

 Kuromi Drawing Step 9

To complete the drawing, add Kuromi’s tail. It should curve outwards and widen slightly at the end. Lastly, add a small triangle shape at the tip of the tail. Congratulations! You have successfully drawn Kuromi.


Step 10 – Let’s Color

 Kuromi Drawing Step 10

In step 10 of your Kuromi drawing, it’s time to bring this mischievous character to life with colors! Start by coloring all of Kuromi’s body black, which is her signature color. This will give her a bold and striking appearance. Next, add some pink to highlight certain details. You can incorporate pink on any areas you want to emphasize. This touch of pink adds a playful and feminine touch to Kuromi’s overall look. Additionally, feel free to use other colors of your choice to further enhance the drawing. You can experiment with different hues to add pops of color to her accessories, background, or any other elements you’d like to include.


Your Kuromi Is Complete!

In this tutorial, we’ve learned how to draw Kuromi step-by-step, capturing her playful and mischievous personality. By following the detailed instructions from, you’ve created a charming depiction of this beloved Sanrio character. Drawing Kuromi can be a joyful and rewarding experience, allowing you to tap into your creativity and bring a beloved character to life on paper. If you enjoyed drawing Kuromi, you might also be interested in exploring other Sanrio characters, like My Melody or Hello Kitty. Additionally, you can try experimenting with different poses or outfits for Kuromi to showcase your creativity.


Tips On How To Draw Kuromi  

Adding your personal touch can be as simple as incorporating your preferred art style, using vibrant colors, or incorporating elements that reflect your own creativity and imagination.

Kuromi has a few distinctive features that you’ll want to include. Draw her floppy bunny ears and her large, toothy grin.  Kuromi is known for her wide range of expressions, from cheeky grins to sly smirks. Experiment with different mouth shapes and eyebrow positions to capture her lively and mischievous personality.

Kuromi is often seen wearing a black bow on her head, so make sure to include that in your drawing. You can also add other accessories like a skull-shaped necklace or a bag with a skull emblem, depending on the reference image you’re using.


FAQ On How To Draw Kuromi  

Can I incorporate other Sanrio characters into my Kuromi drawing?

Absolutely! Feel free to include other Sanrio characters in your Kuromi drawing. You can create delightful scenes or interactions between Kuromi and characters like My Melody or Hello Kitty, adding depth and storytelling to your artwork.

Can I draw Kuromi in a different style?
Absolutely! While it’s helpful to reference the original character, you can experiment with different styles and interpretations. Feel free to add your own creative touches and make the drawing unique to your style.

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Kuromi, with her mischievous smile, alluring black-and-white color scheme, and unique origins, has become an iconic figure in the realm… View More