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How To Draw A Lion

Roaring through the vast savannahs and ruling over their prides, lions have captured our imaginations for centuries. These majestic creatures, with their golden coats and regal manes, are known as the kings of the animal kingdom. Have you ever wondered about the fascinating origin of lions and why they hold such a special place in our hearts? Lions, scientifically known as panthera leo, trace their roots back to ancient times. They have been depicted in cave paintings, revered in mythology, and celebrated in various cultures around the world. Their presence is not just limited to the wild plains of Africa; it has also captured the attention of people worldwide. From ancient Egyptian sculptures to modern-day films and literature, lions have become iconic symbols of strength, courage, and leadership.

In this tutorial, we invite you to explore the world of lion drawing, as will take you on an artistic journey to learn how to draw a lion. With step-by-step instructions and helpful tips, will guide you in capturing this magnificent creature on paper.

How To Draw Lion   

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.


Step 1 –  Drawing The Head

 Lion Drawing Step 1 

We’ll begin by drawing the lion’s head. Draw a soft curve on top to create the shape of the head. On each side of the head, draw a curved line that gracefully rises up and then curves back down. These lines will form the lion’s ears, alert and ready to catch any sound in the savannah breeze. Make the ears tall and proud, just like the lion itself.


Step 2 – Complete The Head

 Lion Drawing Step 2

Let’s add the details to the ears. Follow the outer shape of the ears you drew earlier and draw the inner curves with gentle lines. Next, imagine a graceful curve that goes through the lion’s head. Begin drawing the face by making it longer vertically rather than wide. Then, bring the lines inward to create the lion’s snout. Connect the lines to complete the shape of the face, and now you have the foundation for our roaring masterpiece!


Step 3 – Complete the Face

 Lion Drawing Step 3

Now, let’s give our lion a pair of captivating eyes! Draw two circles slightly above the nose, one on each side. These circles will become the lion’s eyes. Make them slightly larger than the nose, as lions have big, beautiful eyes. Inside each eye, draw two smaller circles to represent the highlights, adding a touch of sparkle to the lion’s gaze. Below the highlights, draw a curved line to create the iris of the eye.

Next, let’s shape the lion’s nose. Place a curved line slightly below the midpoint of the head. Make the nose wider and curved at the top, tapering to a point at the bottom. To make it more realistic, add a small highlight at the top of the nose. Then, shade the rest of the nose, giving it some shadow. Now, it’s time to draw the lion’s mouth. Starting from the nose, draw a straight line and then curve it outward. This will be the upper part of the lion’s mouth. Complete the mouth by adding a curved line at the bottom, forming a friendly smile. 


Step 4 – Unleash the Majestic Mane

 Lion Drawing Step 4

To transform our drawing into a magnificent lion, let’s add the crowning glory -the lion’s majestic mane! Extend a line upwards from the lion’s mouth, starting at the center of the head. This line will be the beginning of the lion’s glorious mane. Now, curve the lines outwards, as if the mane is flowing in the wind. Tuck the lines neatly behind the ears you drew earlier, giving the mane a natural and seamless appearance. Finally, connect the lines to create the bottom of the mane. Repeat this process on the other side.


Step 5 – Adding Whiskers, Body, and Paws

 Lion Drawing Step 5

Now, let’s give our lion some adorable whiskers! Add two small whiskers on each side of the lion’s face. These whiskers add a touch of charm and playfulness to our regal friend. Moving on to the lion’s body, draw a curved line on each side, extending from the head. These lines will create the shape of the lion’s body. Inside the body shape, draw some curved lines to form the arms. Connect these lines to create the paws, which are like little hands for our lion. Repeat this step on the other side. Repeat this step on the other side. 


Step 6 – Crafting the Hind Legs and Toes

 Lion Drawing Step 6

Next, draw the hind legs. Start by drawing a curved line downwards from the body, creating the first hind leg. Add a small curve at the back of the leg to give it some shape and dimension. Connect the lines to create the paw, which is like a furry foot for our lion. Repeat this process for the other hind leg, ensuring that our lion is well-balanced and ready to roam the savannah. To make the paws look even more realistic, add some curves inside them to represent the lion’s toes. 


Step 7 – Draw  Lion’s Tail

 Lion Drawing Step 7

Finally, draw the lion’s tail. Let’s draw it with care and attention to detail. Start by extending a curved line from the lion’s back, going upwards. As you draw, taper the line to make it thinner at the end, resembling the shape of a brush. This will be the foundation of our lion’s tail. Now, draw another curved line resembling the bristles of a brush, connecting it to the first line. This will complete the tail, adding volume and texture.

To make the tail look even more majestic, add some details and lines to it, indicating the fur and its flowing movement. Our lion’s tail is like a regal flag, waving proudly in the breeze! You can also draw a heart shape near the lion to make it look cute. Then, to complete the drawing, add some grass around the lion and a few dandelions. 


Step 8 – Let’s color

 Lion Drawing Step 8

Lions are known for their golden or tan fur, so let’s use shades of brown, orange, and yellow to color the lion’s body and magnificent mane. You can add darker shades for shading and lighter shades for highlights, giving our lion a three-dimensional and realistic look. Don’t forget to color the lion’s eyes with a vibrant shade of amber or yellow, making them truly captivating.

To make our lion’s world even more enchanting, let’s create a visually appealing background. Consider depicting the lion in its natural habitat, such as a vast savannah or a lush and dense jungle. Experiment with drawing elements like towering trees, moss-covered rocks, or a vibrant sky with fluffy clouds. Or you can draw simple grasses around the lion and add a few dandelions and flowers like guide you.


Your  Lion  Is Complete!

And there you have it, a cute lion drawing! Congratulations! You have successfully completed your lion drawing. In this step-by-step tutorial, we learned how to draw a lion. We started by sketching the head, adding the mane, and drawing the facial details. Then we moved on to shaping the body, sketching the legs and paws, and adding the tail. We refined the features, outlined the drawing, and added shading and colors


Tips On How To Draw Lion 

Explore Different Lion Species: While drawing a traditional African lion is popular, don’t forget to explore other lion species as well. There are different types of lions, such as the Asiatic lion or the Barbary lion, each with their own distinctive features and characteristics. Drawing different species can add variety and broaden your artistic skills.


FAQ On How To Draw Lion 

Can I merge the lion with other elements or creatures in my drawing?

Absolutely! Feel free to explore your imagination and merge the lion with other elements, creatures, or even symbolism. For example, you can create a lion with wings, incorporate floral patterns in the mane, or fuse the lion with mythological creatures.


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Roaring through the vast savannahs and ruling over their prides, lions have captured our imaginations for centuries. These majestic creatures,… View More