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How To Draw Luigi

Luigi, the younger brother of the legendary Mario, has become an endearing and iconic character in the world of video games. With his distinct green cap, charming personality, and unwavering loyalty, Luigi has won the hearts of millions of fans around the globe. His journey began in the early days of gaming and has continued to captivate players of all ages. In this tutorial, will delve into the fascinating origin of Luigi and guide you through the process of drawing him!

Originally designed as a palette swap of Mario to serve as the second player, Luigi quickly gained his unique identity. With his taller, leaner physique and distinct green color scheme, he became an instant hit among players. As the years went by, Luigi’s character continued to evolve, taking on a more prominent role in various Mario games and spin-offs. Known for his timid nature and occasional bouts of anxiety, Luigi embodies the underdog who overcomes his fears to save the day.

How To Draw Luigi

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:

Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.

Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.

Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.

Reference images: Gather images of the character


Step 1 – Draw The Face Features

 Luigi Drawing Step 1 

Let’s start by drawing Luigi’s nose. Imagine a curved shape that looks like the letter ‘C’. This will be his big nose. Next, draw two circles for his eyes. Color them in. Moving on, let’s draw Luigi’s mustache! Start by drawing a small curve that comes out from the bottom of his nose and goes just past his eye. Add a little point where the mustache meets the nose below it. Next, draw another curve starting at the end of his nose and extending outward. Then, draw a curve that comes down below the point we made and curves back up, connecting to it. This forms the left side of Luigi’s mustache. Repeat the same steps to draw the right side, creating a ‘U’ shape that connects both sides. 


Step 2 – Draw The Ear

 Luigi Drawing Step 2

Starting in the middle of his mustache, imagine a curved shape that looks like the letter ‘U’. It comes down and then back up, creating his cheerful smile. Inside the mouth, add a small curve to represent his tongue. Luigi is always ready to greet you with a friendly “hello”.  Then, draw his ear. Jump over to the side and draw a curved shape that is similar to his nose, but in reverse. Inside the ear, draw a smaller ‘C’ shape and turn it into the letter ‘E’. Great job! Luigi’s hat is looking awesome!


Step 3 – Draw The Hat

 Luigi Drawing Step 3

 Draw the brim of his hat by starting from his ear, drawing a curve. Draw his sideburns, which are the parts of his hair that come down in front of his ear.. Draw a curved line that goes up near his eye and then back up, like a sideways ‘J’. Then, add a smaller ‘J’ shape going back into his hat to create  his sideburns. Go back to where his sideburn comes out and draw the front of his hat. Draw a curved line that starts from there and goes up to his forehead. This makes the front part of Luigi’s hat. Now, let’s draw the top of his hat. Draw a big upside-down ‘U’ shape. It goes up, curves back down, and almost touches his ear but stops just before it. Lastly, draw a big curve coming down from the top of the hat and connecting to his ear. This gives his hat a special bump. Oh, and don’t forget to draw a circle.


Step 4 – Finish The Face

 Luigi Drawing Step 4

Luigi doesn’t really have a big, pointy chin like some other characters. His chin is more subtle and gentle. Moving on to his neck, start from his ear and draw a curved line that comes down and gets close to the front of his head. This line defines the shape of Luigi’s neck. Behind his ears, we’ll add a little curve coming down. And to give his head more dimension, let’s draw two bumps going back into his head. These bumps represent the back of his head. Luigi’s face and neck are looking great.


Step 5 – Let’s Draw His Arms

 Luigi Drawing Step 5

Draw a curved line that starts from his neck and comes back up to where we started. Then, draw another curve that matches the first one but gets wider apart. This shows the movement of his arm as he dashes through the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi is full of energy! Next, draw his glove. Draw a small curve that connects those two lines together. Moving on to his thumb, draw a big curve that starts from the glove, goes all the way around, and connects to his thumb. Add a small curve for the wrinkle in his gloves. On the back of his gloves, draw two raindrop shapes next to each other.


Step 6 – Draw His Shoes

 Luigi Drawing Step 6

Draw a big oval shape, leaving a small space at the end. This space will be connected to his hand. Next, draw the top of his shoe by creating a curved line that goes around and connects back in. This line forms the part of his shoe where he puts his foot in. Luigi’s shoes are comfortable and perfect for all his adventures! Now, draw the bottom of his shoe. Draw another curve that comes out and matches the bottom or the side of the oval. Don’t forget to add a small bump for the back of his shoe. This little detail adds a touch of style to his footwear. 


Step 7 – Draw His Body

 Luigi Drawing Step 7

Moving on to his body, draw a big ‘J’ shape. Start at the top and come around, connecting it to the shoe. It should look like a backwards ‘J’. Then, draw his back by starting at his armpit and connecting it to the middle of the oval. Let’s draw his overalls and suspenders. Right next to his shoulder, draw a smaller backwards ‘J’ shape that represents the outside of his body. Then, draw two lines for the suspenders, and connect them at the bottom. Add big buttons on his overalls by drawing a circle and an oval that’s squished to match the height.


Step 8 – Draw His Other Shoe

 Luigi Drawing Step 8

Next, draw his other shoe. Draw two lines coming out of his belly, just like the ones we drew for the first shoe. Make sure the distance between these lines matches the distance between the lines of the previous shoe. Then, draw a curve that comes up and almost touches the top line. Now, draw another oval shape. Make it the same size as the right shoe we drew earlier. This oval shape will be connected to the top part of the shoe we just created. Connect it to the bottom by drawing a line and adding a bump at the end.


Step 9 – Let’s Draw His Other Arm

 Luigi Drawing Step 9

Start at the top and draw his thumb coming out of his visor, making it an upside-down ‘U’. Then, draw two bumps for the rest of his fingers. These bumps represent his other fingers, which are ready to give high-fives and perform cool actions. Next, draw the rest of his glove by coming down and curving in, almost touching his nose. Finish the bottom of the glove by extending it just past his nose and connecting it to his head. Connect the glove down to his body by drawing his arm all the way down and connecting it. Lastly, add one more line to the glove for the rest of his fingers. This line represents the separation between his fingers in the glove.


Step 10 – Coloring Luigi

 Luigi Drawing Step 10

You did it! We’ve successfully finished drawing Luigi. Now, let’s make him even more amazing by adding some colors. Fill in his hat with a bright green, Luigi’s hat is his signature, and it’s so cool to see it in a lively shade of green. color his shirt and the brim of his hat. Choose a slightly darker green color and carefully color in these areas. This darker shade adds depth and makes his outfit look even more stylish. Move on to Luigi’s face, hands, and overalls. use a lighter shade of green for these parts. Finish by coloring his shoes in a matching color, such as brown. 


Your Luigi Is Complete!

Congratulations, this step-by-step tutorial has guided you through the process of drawing Luigi, capturing his iconic features and playful personality. By following these steps, you can create your own rendition of Luigi and showcase your artistic skills. Remember to have fun and embrace the creative process while drawing.


Tips On How To Draw Luigi

Pay attention to Luigi’s body proportions, emphasizing his tall and lean figure compared to Mario’s more compact shape.

Expressive Body Language: Luigi’s body language can convey a lot about his personality. Experiment with different poses and gestures to capture his playful, timid, or adventurous nature. You can make his arms wide open in excitement or slightly hunched over to show shyness.

If you enjoyed drawing Luigi, you might also be interested in exploring other characters from the Mario universe, such as Mario, Princess Peach, and Yoshi. Additionally, you could try drawing iconic items like the Super Mushroom or the Green Shell, adding more depth to your Mario-themed artwork.


FAQs On How To Draw Luigi

Does Luigi have a secret dance move?

Absolutely! Luigi’s secret dance move is called the “Super Spaghetti Shuffle.” It’s a combination of twirling, foot shuffling, and tossing imaginary spaghetti in the air. Don’t forget to incorporate this epic dance move into your drawing for some extra flair!

Can I create a background that tells a story about Luigi’s adventures?

You can draw him exploring haunted mansions, jumping over obstacles in a challenging level, or even racing against Mario in a kart. Let your creativity guide you in bringing Luigi’s exciting adventures to life.

Can you sum up all of the steps?

To draw Luigi, follow these steps: Begin with his face by drawing a curved nose, two circles for eyes, and a mustache. Add a smile, an ear, and then create his hat by drawing the brim, sideburns, and the front and top parts. Define his neck, add bumps for the back of his head, and proceed to draw his arms with gloves. Draw his shoes by sketching ovals with curves for the top and bottom. Connect the shoes to his body with a “J” shape, and draw his overalls, suspenders, and buttons. Complete the other shoe, draw his other arm with a glove, and add details like fingers. Once the drawing is complete, color Luigi as desired.


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