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How To Draw Oggy 

Oggy is a cat with a light blue body, green eyes, a gray belly, and white legs. He is also a trustworthy friend. He is always ready to help and support those around him. Oggy would be the happiest cat in the world if three cockroaches, Dee Dee, Joey and Marky (named after members of the Punk band Ramones), did not decide to reside in his house. They met Oggy to create funny situations in the movie. The three cockroaches were cunning, always thinking up mischievous tricks to tease and disrupt the two cats, Oggy and his brother Jack. The war between them seems to never end. Each episode is a battle in which the losing part almost always belongs to Oggy. The adventures and mischief of this group of cockroaches not only cost Oggy his job but also caused this cat to face many funny and awkward situations. However, Oggy is never depressed and will always find a way to overcome all difficulties to have a joyful and happy life. Today, let’s learn how to draw Oggy with Grab your sketchbook and let’s set sail on this artistic adventure!

How To Draw Oggy   


Ensure you have the following supplies ready:

Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils are available for sketching and shading.

Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.

Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.

Reference images: Gather images of the character.

Coloring tools: use colorful crayons to bring the character to life


Step 1 –  Drawing The Eyes

Oggy Drawing Step 1 

Oggy’s eyes are the window to his playful personality. Begin by drawing two large ovals, slightly tilted inward. Add smaller circles inside each eye to depict the pupils.  


Step 2 – Drawing The Face

Oggy Drawing Step 2

Oggy’s nose is small and round, nestled just above his mouth. Draw a tiny oval shape between his eyes and mouth, emphasizing its cuteness and adding depth to his face. Next, position your pencil just below Oggy’s mouth, where his tongue would naturally rest. Imagine a gentle curve that mirrors the shape of his mouth, extending downward. This curve represents the base of his tongue. Draw a small, curved line that emerges from the base of the tongue curve, curving slightly upward.


Step 3 – Creating Oggy’s Unique Head Shape 

Oggy Drawing Step 3

 Sketch a circle below the eyes, connecting them smoothly. Pay attention to the proportions to ensure a faithful representation of Oggy’s unique facial structure. Oggy’s ears are his distinguishing feature. Draw two elongated, curved triangles on each side of his head, pointing upward. These ears add a touch of charm and character to your Oggy drawing.


Step 4 – Creating The Whiskers And Teeth

Oggy Drawing Step 4

Oggy’s whiskers are a charming detail that adds to his cat-like qualities. Below the whiskers, draw a curved line to form Oggy’s mouth, capturing his cheerful and friendly expression. We’ll draw them as not-too-thick lines that fan out from his cheeks on either side. Make  sure to add Oggy’s teeth right beneath his upper lip, giving his smile an endearing touch.


Step 5 – Drawing Oggy’s Body And Shaping Oggy’s Arms

Oggy Drawing Step 5

Begin by drawing a gentle curve below his head, which naturally leads to his neck. Extend this curve to create his body, rounding it off and connecting it at the bottom. Oggy’s body should have a slightly plump appearance. For the arms, draw short, slightly curved lines extending from his body. These lines end with paw-like hands. Oggy’s limbs are relatively short and rounded. Sketch two curved lines on each side of his body to represent his arms. 


Step 6 – Draw Oggy’s Other Arms

Oggy Drawing Step 6

Oggy’s limbs are relatively short and rounded. The key here is to keep the shapes simple yet expressive.


Step 7 – Let’s Draw The Legs

Oggy Drawing Step 7

Now let’s draw the legs. As for the legs, create them with a slight curve, making sure they appear thin and elegant in contrast to his round body. This balance adds to the charm of your Oggy drawing. Draw two longer and slightly curved lines extending from the bottom of his body. Add small rounded shapes at the end to depict his paws.


Step 8 –  Capturing Playful Tail

Oggy Drawing Step 8

Oggy’s tail is one of his fun and exaggerated features. Create a playful, wavy tail that adds to his character’s whimsy. The tail should have a carefree and spontaneous appearance, reflecting his adventurous spirit.


Step 9 –  Detailing Oggy’s Belly

Oggy Drawing Step 9

Oggy’s belly features a unique curving pattern, resembling a swirl. This detail adds to his distinctive appearance and should be drawn with a light, playful touch.


Step 10 – Let’s Color!

Oggy Drawing Step 10

Use his iconic color scheme, and make sure to pay attention to the shading to create depth and dimension.  Oggy’s tongue should be a shade of pink to reflect its natural color. Use your favorite pink shade or blend different shades to achieve the desired effect.


Your Oggy Is Complete!

Congratulations on completing the 10-step process of learning how to draw Oggy! In this tutorial, we’ve explored the world of Oggy and learned how to draw this lovable cat step by step. Oggy’s playful features, from his oversized nose to his cheerful grin, have been captured with precision. If you enjoyed drawing Oggy, you can explore other characters from the “Oggy and the Cockroaches” series. Each character offers its own unique challenges, making it an exciting opportunity to further improve your drawing skills.


Tips On How To Draw Oggy 

Take the time to observe Oggy’s various expressions in the animated series. Pay attention to how his eyes, eyebrows, and mouth convey different emotions. Practice replicating these expressions to enhance the liveliness of your Oggy drawings.

To make your Oggy drawings more immersive, consider incorporating elements from his world. Draw his cozy home, his favorite furniture, or even his mischievous mouse enemies. These details will add depth and context to your artwork.


FAQ On How To Draw Oggy 

What sets Oggy apart from other cat characters?

Oggy’s unique design combines cartoonish features with a touch of realism. His round face, expressive eyes, and playful expressions make him instantly recognizable and endearing.

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Oggy is a cat with a light blue body, green eyes, a gray belly, and white legs. He is also… View More