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How To Draw Raven

Known for her mysterious aura and formidable powers, Raven has become an iconic figure in the realm of superheroes. Raven’s origin story is as intriguing as the character herself. Created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, Raven made her first appearance in DC Comics’ “DC Presents” #26 in 1980. Born as the daughter of a human mother and the interdimensional demon Trigon, Raven’s lineage bestows upon her a unique blend of darkness and light. Raven’s popularity soared with the animated series “Teen Titans” and its comedic spin-off, “Teen Titans Go!” Her brooding personality, dark yet relatable struggles, and unwavering loyalty to her friends have endeared her to fans of all ages. Raven’s multifaceted nature, coupled with her visually striking design, has made her an icon among comic book enthusiasts and animation lovers alike.

Now, prepare to unlock your artistic potential as guides you through the process of learning how to draw Raven. With a focus on simplicity, this tutorial will help you capture the essence of Raven’s captivating persona, from her piercing gaze to her iconic hood.

How To Draw Raven   

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:

Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.

Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.

Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.

Reference images: Gather images of the character


Step 1 –  Drawing the Eyes

 Raven Drawing Step 1 

Start by drawing the eyes in the center of your page. Leave a gap in the middle. Draw a line across the left side, starting from the outside and pulling it towards the inside. Repeat the same on the right side, drawing a line of the same length. Connect the ends of the lines with a half-circle shape.


Step 2 –  Complete The Eyes

 Raven Drawing Step 2

 Draw the pupils by starting halfway along the top of the eyelid. Come down and then curve it up. Repeat this on the right side. Trace the half-circle on the inside. On the right side of each pupil, add a curved line coming down and out to create a highlight. Fill the left side of the pupil in black.


Step 3 – Drawing the Face

 Raven Drawing Step 3

 Move to the bottom of the eyes and draw a point in the center. From this point, angle the lines up and out towards the left and right sides. From the top, curve the lines out and bring them down towards the chin on both sides. Round out the bottom with a curved line going down and back up. Place the mouth just below that point and create a curved shape by bending it up and then down.


Step 4 – Complete the Face

 Raven Drawing Step 4

Working around the inside of the hood between the eyes, add a point and curve the lines up and out towards the top left and right. Go back to the center and bend the lines up and out towards the right. Curve the lines around the eyes, starting on the left and going out. Bend them down to the right point. Repeat this on the right side. Connect the ends with a curved line, coming down just under the chin, rounding it out, and pulling it up on the right.


Step 5 – Color The Face

 Raven Drawing Step 5

Use a thick black marker to fill in the head around the eyes and mouth area.


Step 6 – Drawing the Hood

 Raven Drawing Step 6

Moving outward, draw the outside of the hood. Start from a point and curve the lines down, pulling them towards the center. Bring the lines out and up on the right side, going a bit further. Curve the side of the head, coming in and bending it up. Round up the side, come up, and then move in towards the top. Repeat these steps on the left side, curving it in and going up along the side of the head. Fold the hood down on the right side. Start from the top, go across, and then bend it down. Bend it down on the side as well. Curl the end back up, come down, and move in towards the side of the head.


Step 7 – Drawing Raven’s Medallion

 Raven Drawing Step 7

Move to the center of the body and draw a medallion. Start with two straight lines coming down, then curve them in towards the center. Draw two lines coming down, closing off the bottom.


Step 8 – Complete Raven ’s Hood

 Raven Drawing Step 8

Move to the side and start on the left. Bend the lines out and then down towards the bottom of the body. Repeat this on the right side, coming down and bending it out to the same height. Close off the bottom with a curved line. Go up to the top in the middle and create a seam coming down. Bend it out towards the right. Add two folds, one on the right coming down and out, and another on the left.


Step 9 – Time to Add Color to Raven

 Raven Drawing Step 9

She is often associated with dark and mysterious tones, so deep purples, blues, and blacks will play a significant role in bringing her character to life. By adding the purple color to Raven’s cloak, you infuse her character with an air of mystery! You have now reached the stage where Raven truly comes alive through the power of color.


Your Raven Is Complete!

Congratulations on completing your drawing of Raven! By following these simple steps, you’ve captured the essence of this captivating Teen Titans Go! character. You’ve successfully captured the essence of this enigmatic character with her brooding expression, flowing dark hair, and distinctive costume. The attention to detail in her facial features, from the intense gaze of her piercing eyes to the subtle curve of her lips, brings her to life on paper. The dynamic pose you chose, with her cloak billowing and her hair in motion, adds a sense of energy and intrigue to the composition. Well done on bringing Raven to life through your artistic skills!


Tips On How To Draw Raven 

Raven has long, dark hair, so make sure to capture its flow and volume. Then, draw her costume, which typically consists of a dark cloak or dress. Pay attention to the folds and drapery of the fabric.

Raven is often depicted with a serious or brooding expression. Pay attention to her eyebrows and mouth to capture the intensity of her emotions.

Use shading techniques to add depth and dimension to your drawing. Observe the light source in your reference image and apply shadows and highlights accordingly. This will help give your drawing a more three-dimensional appearance.


FAQ On How To Draw Raven 

How can I depict Raven’s mystical energy?

Experiment with ethereal effects, such as wisps of energy or subtle glows, emanating from her hands or surrounding her. Play with transparent or translucent elements to create an otherworldly atmosphere.

Can I draw Raven in a different style?
Absolutely! While it’s helpful to reference the original character, you can experiment with different styles and interpretations. Feel free to add your own artistic flair and make the drawing unique to your style.

Should I focus on capturing every detail of Raven?
It depends on your preference and the style you’re aiming for. If you want a more realistic or detailed drawing, pay attention to capturing the smaller details. However, if you’re going for a more stylized or simplified approach, you can emphasize the essential features and characteristics that make Raven recognizable.

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Known for her mysterious aura and formidable powers, Raven has become an iconic figure in the realm of superheroes. Raven’s… View More