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How To Draw RJ 

Welcome to the enchanting world of RJ, an adorably fluffy character from the popular BT21 universe! RJ’s origin can be traced back to the collaboration between BTS and LINE Friends, a global character brand. Each member of BTS had the opportunity to create their own unique character, representing their individual persona. Jin, known for his warm-hearted and caring nature, crafted RJ as his alter ego. Thus, RJ embodies the essence of Jin’s personality, radiating kindness, purity, and gentleness. What sets RJ apart and contributes to its immense popularity is its captivating design. RJ’s round face, fluffy body, and innocent expression have an undeniable appeal, making it instantly endearing to fans of all ages. Its soft and cuddly appearance evokes a sense of comfort and warmth, creating an immediate connection with those who encounter it.

In this tutorial, will guide you step by step in drawing RJ, allowing you to bring this captivating character to life on your canvas. From outlining the head to adding the smallest details, we’ll take you through each step, ensuring a rewarding and enjoyable drawing experience.

How To Draw RJ    

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.


Step 1 –  Drawing RJ’s Head

 RJ Drawing Step 1 

Let’s start by drawing RJ’s adorable head! Imagine drawing a big curve in the center, like the top of a rainbow. This curve represents the top of RJ’s head. Then, create a series of smaller curves around the top curve, shaping RJ’s head. Think of these curves as soft and gentle like fluffy clouds. Make sure they flow smoothly to capture RJ’s cuddly and lovable appearance.


Step 2 – Shaping the Ears

 RJ Drawing Step 2

 Now it’s time to add RJ’s cute ears! At the corners of the head, imagine drawing two ears. They should be the same size and fit nicely with the head. RJ’s ears are like little triangles that add to its playful and curious personality. Double-check that the ears are symmetrical and proportional to the head’s size. RJ is ready to listen to all the fun adventures happening around!


Step 3 – Bringing RJ’s Face to Life

 RJ Drawing Step 3

RJ’s face is what makes it so special and full of character. Let’s add some facial features to make RJ come alive! Imagine drawing a small, curved line slightly below the center of the head. This line represents RJ’s cute little nose. Then, connect the nose to the center of the head with a straight vertical line, like a tiny pole. This line represents RJ’s mouth. Curve the ends of the line upwards to create a gentle smile that captures RJ’s friendly and cheerful nature


Step 4 – Expressive Eyes

 RJ Drawing Step 4

Imagine drawing two large circles above the nose, like two shiny marbles. Make sure they are the same size and evenly spaced. Inside each circle, draw a smaller circle to represent the iris—the colorful part of the eye. But wait, we need to make RJ’s eyes sparkle! Leave a small section unshaded within the iris to create a highlight. To enhance RJ’s expression, draw two curved lines above each eye, like gentle rainbow arches. These lines form the eyebrows and should slant upwards, adding a sense of warmth and innocence to RJ’s face.


Step 5 – Drawing the Neckerchief

 RJ Drawing Step 5

Below the head, imagine drawing a curved line that forms the shape of the neckerchief. It’s just like a fancy handkerchief tied around RJ’s neck. But we can’t forget the special touch—add two ends to the neckerchief shaped like leaves. They give RJ’s outfit a nature-inspired flair.


Step 6 – Drawing the Body

 RJ Drawing Step 6

RJ’s body is as charming as its head! Starting from the neckerchief, let’s draw RJ’s body using gentle curved lines. Begin at the neck and gradually build the curves to create the round shape of the body. Imagine RJ as a fluffy cloud or a soft pillow. Keep the lines smooth and flowing.


Step 7 – Drawing the Hands and Hoofs

 RJ Drawing Step 7

J’s hands and hoofs are cute and playful! To draw the hands, imagine creating two curved lines in the center of the body. These lines should be close together, like two friends holding hands. Then, draw two more curved lines on each side to complete the hands. Now, let’s connect the ends of the hands with curved lines to create the hoofs.


Step 8 – Let’s Draw The Legs!

 RJ Drawing Step 8

We’re almost done with RJ’s fabulous drawing! To finish up, let’s draw RJ’s legs. Remember, RJ loves to run, jump, and explore new places, so we need to make sure its legs are just right! Start by extending the curves we drew downwards to complete RJ’s body. Imagine drawing long and curvy lines that go down from the body, like two graceful tree trunks. At the bottom center, add a small curve to show where the legs separate. This is where RJ’s legs meet the ground. Now, let’s connect the curves on each side to form RJ’s body shape. Imagine drawing smooth and flowing lines that bring everything together.


Step 9 – Let’s Color!

 RJ Drawing Step 9

To start, let’s color RJ’s body white, just like fluffy cotton candy or a marshmallow cloud. It will make RJ look super cuddly and soft. Next, let’s color the neckerchief a beautiful shade of orange, like a juicy, ripe orange fruit. This will give RJ a vibrant and stylish look. For the cheeks, let’s use a pretty pink color to bring out RJ’s adorable and rosy cheeks. And don’t forget about the hoofs! Let’s color them brown, like the color of chocolate or a cozy tree trunk. It will make RJ’s hoofs look strong and ready for exciting adventures! As a final touch, you can also consider adding a heart-shaped accessory or a fancy bowtie around RJ’s neck to make it even more unique and personalized. Now, let your creativity shine and enjoy coloring your RJ drawing with all the colors of the rainbow!


Your  RJ Is Complete!

Your journey with RJ is complete! RJ’s round face, adorned with those adorable rosy cheeks, exudes a sense of innocence and purity. The eyes, reflecting a glimmer of personality, draw you in and invite you to explore the depths of RJ’s gentle soul. 


Tips On How To Draw RJ  

Transform RJ’s Environment: Instead of a traditional background, reimagine RJ in unique settings. Place RJ in outer space, underwater, or even inside a teacup—let your imagination run wild!

Environmental Storytelling: Use RJ’s surroundings to tell a visual story. Depict elements that hint at its character traits or interests. For example, show RJ amidst books, paints, or musical instruments to portray its passions.


FAQ On How To Draw RJ  

How can I add personality and expression to my RJ drawing?

Facial expressions and body language play a significant role in portraying RJ’s personality. Experiment with different eye shapes, eyebrow positions, and mouth expressions to convey emotions. Consider the tilt of the head or the pose of the body to add a sense of character and liveliness

Are there any specific techniques to draw RJ’s fur?

To depict RJ’s fur, consider using short, overlapping strokes to create a sense of texture and volume. Start with lighter strokes and gradually build up layers of shading to add depth. Reference images of real rabbits or other furry animals can provide guidance on rendering realistic fur.

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Welcome to the enchanting world of RJ, an adorably fluffy character from the popular BT21 universe! RJ’s origin can be… View More