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How To Draw Robin

Today, we will show you how to draw Robin from Teen Titans Go. Robin is a legendary figure that is worth drawing since he goes from being Batman’s sidekick to the Teen Titans’ leader.   He is a beloved character in the world of superheroes, has captured the hearts of fans for decades. With an interesting origin story and a rich history, Robin has become an iconic figure in popular culture. In this tutorial, will take you on an artistic adventure as we learn how to draw Robin from Teen Titans Go. Let be your guide as we delve into the world of this dynamic and charismatic character.

Robin made his first appearance in Detective Comics #38 in 1940, created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson. He was introduced as the young sidekick of Batman, bringing a new dynamic to the Dark Knight’s crime-fighting adventures. Robin’s presence added a sense of youthful energy and relatability, resonating with younger readers who could see themselves in his shoes. Over the years, Robin has evolved, with different characters taking on the mantle. Robin’s popularity soared, not just because of his association with Batman, but also due to his own unique qualities. He embodies the spirit of bravery, resourcefulness, and loyalty. Robin brings a sense of optimism and lightness to the often dark and brooding world of superheroes. His acrobatic skills, intelligence, and leadership abilities make him an integral part of the Teen Titans team. Robin’s character has been further popularized through various adaptations, including the animated series Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go, where he has captured the hearts of audiences with his humor and relatable struggles.

How to Draw Robin

Step 1 – Drawing the eyes

Robin Drawing Step 1

Let’s begin today’s lesson in the center of the page with the top edge of the eyes. We start right in the middle. Let’s start with a point. We are going to curve up and out towards the left.  Go back to the center of the bend. Up and out towards the right. Now, from the outside, we want to curl the eye coming down. We will bend that back up towards that center point all the way down towards the bottom. Round that out and then pull that up. Now, trace the eyes along the inside. The same curve comes in and follows that curve. Coming down towards the bottom. Nowgo back and fill that trim on the outside.

Step 2 – Drawing the face

Robin Drawing Step 2

Let’s move in between the eyes and draw a curve for the notes. We will start on the left. Then, there is up and then back down. We are going to move down and draw a curve of the mouth coming down and back up. Now we want to move out and draw the lower half of the head for the top point of the eye. Let’s step out and curve around the eye. Bend that in towards the jaw. Then, from the jaw, we are going to come down and then in toward the center point, along the chin, we will work our way around the hairline. It starts from the top angle, going down and out towards the side. Curve this up and then in. You want to leave a gap in the middle. Let’s go back over towards the left side and come down and in. Let’s add one more curve coming down and just pull that up towards the right side. 

Step 3 – Drawing the ears

Robin Drawing Step 3

Let’s place the ears on the side of the head and start on the left. Because it is up and out, bend this out and then down towards the side. Then, bring the ears back down and in towards the side of the head. 


Step 4 – Drawing the hair

Robin Drawing Step 4

We are going to work our way around the outside of the hair. Let’s start on top of the ear. Bend this around and then in. And we want to add a point with a small curve coming back in. Let’s add another point going up within that.  Come down with a short line now on the left. We are going to go up and bend that in towards the middle. Let’s add a point with a straight line. Come down and bend that around. Now, let’s close off the right side. Go all the way across and then back down.  Let’s switch to an ultra thick black marker and fill the inside of the hair.

Step 5 – Drawing the neck

Robin Drawing Step 5

Now, from here, we can work our way down the body. Let’s start with the neck you need. Gap in the center and draw two lines coming down the side. And draw a straight line going out across the top of the shoulders. Bend this down and in towards the center and it will fill that area in black. 

Step 6 – Drawing the body

Robin Drawing Step 6

Now, let’s move down and draw the side of the body. We start on the left side. Cut the bodyguard around, then in. Go over towards the right and do the same thing in between the hips. Let’s move to the center and draw a circle and a belt buckle.  Draw a smaller circle in the center. Then, from the hips, we are going to angle it down. Then, towards the side of our circle, let’s go back out to the hips. Draw a straight line coming down. Angle is up and in towards the side of the buckle, add two lines coming down on either side. Let’s add some more detail to the body for the side and go down and in. 

We will close off the bottom. Step down and draw another line going across and down the side. Close the block. Let’s add that emblem on the right side. Start with a circle going all the way around. And we will add that R in the center starts with a straight line on the left. Go up to the top. Round of the top. Angle is down. Trace the inside of the r then fill the outside area in black. 

Step 7 – Drawing the legs

Robin Drawing Step 7

Now, directly underneath the Buckle, let’s add a curve going up and then down. Leave a gap in the center. Go to the left side. Bend the leg, going out down toward the left heel and over towards the right. Go out and down towards the right heel. Let’s round out the bottom of the feet and start from the left heel, then the foot coming down. Then, up on both sides now, with a thick sole on the outside of the foot, start from the outside, angle is up and in. That is going to curve this down and into the middle of the foot. Then, come straight down.  From this point, let’s step down, turn  this in and bend that up. 

From the outside of the foot, let’s step in for the foot going up and then in towards the top. Then, bend this in and then down towards the sole. Let’s go back up to the hips, curl the leg going out and then down towards the knee. And curl this out and then down behind the shoe. Let’s add a trim across the leg and it will fill the bottom of the leg in black.

Step 8 –  Drawing the hands

Robin Drawing Step 8

Now, we are going to go back up and draw on the arms. Let’s start halfway down the side of the body, then the arm going out and then down towards the wrist line that is up on the right. Now, from the wrist, we will draw a small half circle coming in and out for the thumb. Close off the end with a bracket. Now, you want to add three fingers on either side. Let’s start from the bottom of the thumb, come down, and bring that up. Step down, go out, and then up. And then, the third finger. We will go out, pull that up, and then go in towards the top of the glove. 

Let’s go back to the left side and curl the glove coming in and then down towards the inside of the arm. Let’s go back up to the shoulder. We are going to curl the arm coming down behind the glove. A little overlap on the outside.

Step 9 – Drawing the trim

Robin Drawing Step 9

Let’s go back up to the top and add a trim. Firstly, let’s add the cape in behind the body, coming out towards the right side. Start from the side of the arm, come up, and then down. Let’s bend the bottom of the cape going around down and then in. And it will curve the cape back in towards the body. So, go in behind the hand. Continue that in behind the body. Let’s draw the edge of the cape. Start from the side of the arm, it is  going to taper this down towards the bottom. Do the same thing on the inside. We will fill that trim in black. 


Step 10 – Let’s color!

Robin Drawing Step 10

And it will finish off by starting our art and adding a splash of color. Color his gloves, sleeves and pants in green. His clothes on his upper body are red. The details, his belt and the R are in yellow. Gray color is for his shoes, with black shocks. His skin is beige and his hair is black.


Your Drawing Is Complete!

That is how we draw Robin from Teen Titans Go. We hope you enjoyed our lesson. It has been thrilling to start learning how to draw Robin


Tips on How to Draw Robin

We hope you will take this tip on how to draw Robin permanently. Practice is the key for everything. You may not draw and color Teen Titan’s perfectly at first try. But do not worry. You will get better next time you draw. Take our guides and tips on how to draw Robin. Keep going and practicing. We are happy to see your progress after each picture you draw. 

FAQs on How to Draw Robin

  1. What are any helpful hints for drawing the belt and clothing details?

The utility belt consists of multiple pouches. Draw an even belt line first, then space out the rectangular pouches at predetermined intervals. Regarding the costume, take note of the folds, seams, and the unique “R” symbol. The character’s clothing has more depth when these elements are drawn.

  1. What are Robin’s features?
  • Signature Look: Green elbow-high gloves, black ankle-high steel-toed boots, and green tights. His distinctive yellow letter “R” is displayed above his left chest on a prominent red armored vest.
  • Caped Crusader: A sleek black cape with a striking yellow lining gives a dramatic touch.
  • Face Forward: His spiky black hair contrasts well with his black-and-white domino mask, which is a standout feature.
  • Utility & Function: His readiness for action is demonstrated by the yellow utility belt around his waist.
  1. What are the materials for drawing Robin?

The tools for drawing are simple. Ensure you have the following supplies ready:

  • Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
  • Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
  • Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
  • Reference images: Gather images of the character. 

And remember to take our guide on how to draw Robin to draw this character simply and effectively.


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Today, we will show you how to draw Robin from Teen Titans Go. Robin is a legendary figure that is… View More