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How To Draw Shooky 

Shooky’s fame stems from its association with the globally renowned South Korean boy band BTS. BT21, a collaboration between BTS and LINE Friends, gave birth to a unique universe where each band member designed their own character. Shooky, created by BTS member Suga, instantly won the hearts of fans with its playful charm and irresistible personality.  But what makes Shooky so special? With its mischievous grin, expressive eyes, and endearing features, Shooky embodies a sense of fun and adventure. Its playful nature resonates with fans of all ages, making it an icon in the world of K-pop and character merchandise. Shooky’s popularity extends beyond the realm of music, transcending cultural boundaries and captivating fans around the globe.

In this tutorial, invites you to embark on a journey of creativity and learn how to draw Shooky in the simplest way. Get your pencils ready!

How To Draw Shooky    

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.


Step 1 –  Drawing the Head

 Shooky Drawing Step 1 

Are you ready to draw Shooky, the mischievous and playful character? Great! We’ll begin by focusing on Shooky’s unique head shape. Take your pencil and imagine a big oval in the center of your paper. Start at the top, gently curve down the sides, and continue towards the bottom. This oval will be the foundation for creating Shooky’s adorable appearance.


Step 2 – Shaping Shooky’s Mischievous Mouth

 Shooky Drawing Step 2

Now, let’s give Shooky its famous smile! Find the center point of the oval you drew in the previous step. Imagine a straight line that goes across the top of the oval for Shooky’s mouth. Leave a little gap on the sides. Starting from the left side, draw a straight line that goes across. Then, curve it down and in towards the ends on both sides. Complete the mouth by connecting the ends with a straight line at the bottom. This will give Shooky its cheeky grin!


Step 3 – Adding Shooky’s Cheeky Teeth

 Shooky Drawing Step 3

 Shooky’s mischievous smile wouldn’t be complete without its teeth. Let’s draw them now! Imagine the teeth in the center of Shooky’s mouth, leaving a little space in the middle. Begin by drawing a straight line that comes down from the left side. Repeat the same on the right side. Connect the bottoms of the teeth with a straight line. Now Shooky’s smile is even more delightful with those cute teeth!


Step 4 – Drawing Shooky’s Playful Eyes

 Shooky Drawing Step 4

Now, let’s give Shooky its expressive eyes! Imagine two big circles above the mouth for Shooky’s eyes. Start at the top left and gently curve your pencil around until you reach the top again. Repeat this process on the right side to create perfectly round eyes that shine with Shooky’s playful spirit. Fill in the eyes with black.


Step 5 – Shaping the Eyebrows

 Shooky Drawing Step 5

To capture Shooky’s mischievous expressions, we’ll focus on its eyebrows. Above the left eye, draw an angled eyebrow that comes down. Start at the top and angle it down and in, reflecting Shooky’s playful and cheeky nature. Repeat the same length line one step up to add depth and make it even more expressive. Close off the top and bottom of the eyebrow with gentle curves, ensuring Shooky maintains its friendly demeanor. Fill in the left eyebrow with black to enhance its defining features. Now, moving to the right eyebrow, draw a straight line above the eye to create a distinct arch. This eyebrow is slightly narrower than the one on the left. Close off the inside and outside with curves, ensuring a harmonious balance. Fill in the right eyebrow with black, adding character and symmetry to Shooky’s expressive face.


Step 6 – Outlining Shooky’s Playful Feet for Adventure!

 Shooky Drawing Step 6

Let’s give Shooky a solid foundation by drawing its playful feet. On the left side, draw a half oval shape that starts from the outside. Curve it down, round it out, and pull it in, giving Shooky a sense of movement and excitement. Repeat the same process on the right side, making sure the feet are at the same height and connect gracefully underneath Shooky’s head. Now Shooky is ready for all sorts of fun adventures!


Step 7 – Adding the Arms

 Shooky Drawing Step 7

Now, let’s bring Shooky to life by drawing its adorable arms. Starting from the outside, curve out and round up the left arm. Pull it in behind the head to create a dynamic posture that shows off Shooky’s playful personality. Mirror this on the right side, ensuring symmetry and balance. The arms add a playful and energetic touch to Shooky’s overall appearance, making it even more lovable!


Step 8 – Let’s Color!

 Shooky Drawing Step 8

Congratulations! You’ve done an amazing job drawing Shooky. Now it’s time to make it even more vibrant and exciting by adding color! Use your favorite colors to bring Shooky to life on the paper. You can use browns for its cookie-like body, black for its mischievous eyes and eyebrows, and any other colors that make Shooky shine with joy. Let your imagination run wild as you bring this adorable character to life with your coloring skills!


Your  Shooky Is Complete!

Well done, budding artist! You’ve carefully followed each step and brought Shooky to life on paper with your creative skills. Shooky looks so adorable and mischievous with its cookie-like appearance. With its round shape and sweet expression, Shooky looks like the tastiest cookie that has come to life. Imagine the fun adventures Shooky can have with its cookie friends! It might bounce around in a cookie jar, peeking out mischievously and planning its next sweet escapade. Or perhaps Shooky will join a group of other delicious treats, like cupcakes and ice cream, on a dessert party adventure


Tips On How To Draw Shooky  

Add Texture to Shooky’s Body: Shooky is like a cookie, so think about how you can create a textured effect on its body. You can use cross-hatching, stippling (tiny dots), or even small circular strokes to mimic the texture of a cookie. This will make Shooky look even more realistic and delicious!

Background Elements: Consider adding elements to the background that reflect Shooky’s mischievous nature. You can draw cookie crumbs flying around, or even incorporate other BT21 characters in the scene. This will create a playful atmosphere and tell a story within your artwork.


FAQ On How To Draw Shooky  

Can I give Shooky a cookie crown?

Absolutely! Shooky would be thrilled to sport a cookie crown fit for a mischievous cookie character. Decorate it with sprinkles and icing for maximum cookie royalty!

How do I capture Shooky’s mischievous aura in its eyes?

Shooky’s mischievousness lies in the twinkle of its eyes. Draw tiny cookies instead of pupils, so it’s always looking for its next cookie caper!


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Shooky’s fame stems from its association with the globally renowned South Korean boy band BTS. BT21, a collaboration between BTS… View More