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Let your child become a child artist on our website by sending us your/your child’s work as well as other information Here (all information about you/your child will be kept closed if you want according to our policy.)

You/your child can download Coloring Pages (Here), decorate them with your skills and imagination, and then submit them back to us. By that, we can help others recognize your/your child’s talent. You on or our Group on FB as well as our other social media channels.

Starting in January 2025, we will implement a policy to deliver presents and awards to Artist Juniors who have the most colorful and well-liked paintings. Please make sure you complete the details we require when submitting you/your child’s work correctly so that these presents can reach you as soon as possible.

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Alisa Nguyen


Alisa Nguyen

Hi, I'm Alisa you can call me Aliz. I am an artist as well as an English teacher for kids from 6 to 15. With my knowledge and experience, I believe I can inspire you to create your works of art.

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