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    Latest How To Draw

    How To Draw A Banana  

    In today’s tutorial, will show you how to draw a banana. But before we begin this artistic journey, let’s take a moment to understand the origin and meaning of this fruit. Banana, scientifically known as Musa, is a popular fruit worldwide. The origin of bananas can be found in Southeast Asia, especially in the...

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    How To Draw A Milkshake  

    Is it possible to find someone who doesn’t like milkshakes? The world of beverages is extremely diverse and full of creativity due to the birth of many new drinks, unique combinations of ingredients, and processing methods. Among them, milkshakes are popular with many diners, especially young people. Nowadays, when we look at the menus of...

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    How To Draw Mike Wazowski

    Welcome back to, my friend! Today, we will embark on an artistic adventure as we learn how to draw Mike Wazowski, a beloved figure in the world of animation known for his one big eye, green skin, and charismatic personality.  Mike Wazowski first came to life on the screen in the animated film Monsters,...

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    How To Draw Oggy 

    Oggy is a cat with a light blue body, green eyes, a gray belly, and white legs. He is also a trustworthy friend. He is always ready to help and support those around him. Oggy would be the happiest cat in the world if three cockroaches, Dee Dee, Joey and Marky (named after members of...

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    How To Draw Mr.Bean

    Created by the talented British comedian Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean has become a beloved figure across the globe.  Mr. Bean made his first appearance on television screens in 1990, captivating audiences with his silent antics and expressive face. He quickly became a cultural phenomenon, beloved for his childlike innocence, mischievous behavior, and distinctive physical comedy....

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    How To Draw A Ghost

    If you believe in ghosts, you are not alone. Cultures around the world believe in souls surviving death to live in another world. Long-standing beliefs about life after death are one of the things that make many people believe that ghosts are real. Today, will show you how to draw a ghost. These spectral...

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