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8 Fun Coloring Activities Help Children Develop Creativity

Drawing is one of the best activities to create a colorful and happy childhood for every child. Besides bringing joy to children, coloring also helps them explore and create unique works of art. In this article, join to discover fun coloring activities that young children can participate in to develop their creativity!

1. Coloring with numbers:

Coloring with numbers is not only a hobby for adults but is also very beneficial for children, enhancing their aesthetic thinking and drawing abilities. This is one of the great coloring activities for young children to learn to concentrate and learn about different mixes of colors. All you have to do is provide your children with a picture with numbers corresponding to different colors. Children need to color according to the numbers written on each area of the picture to create a complete work. This helps children recognize and coordinate colors accurately. Painting a painting at many levels will gradually help the artist learn the correct color combination and feel the spirit, artistic thinking, and how to develop the layout of the painting.

2. Coloring with water:

Using water while coloring provides a fun and magical experience for young children. Using markers, brushes, or watercolor, children can color pre-drawn pictures with water. When water comes into contact with the painting, color magically appears. This encourages children to explore and learn about the interaction between water and color. You can learn how to use watercolor in the following article Watercolor Techniques To Create Masterpieces.


3. Coloring with thermal crayons:

Creating with melted crayons is one of the most simple and fun coloring activities for those who enjoy new experiences in art. The method is very simple but brings extremely unique results. That is why this method is so popular. You can use a hair dryer and a glue gun to create a painting from melted crayons. Besides, of course, you must have crayons and canvas. Both methods can get messy, and the results will be slightly different, but they’re both fun and produce beautiful work.

4. Color by hand: 

Hand coloring is an interactive activity and helps children develop their grasping skills. Give your child a white sheet of paper and some colored jars. They can color by using their hands to dab or spread the colors directly on the paper. This encourages children to create creative effects and learn about using their fingers to create unique strokes. Coloring activities will help your baby develop his or her grasping ability, finger muscles, hand muscles, and wrist muscles while holding a pen. Developing motor skills in the hands will greatly support your child when typing, playing sports, etc. when they grow up.


5. Outdoor coloring:

Take children outside and explore the world around them through coloring activities. Have children color on natural surfaces such as rocks, sand, leaves, or tree bark. This not only helps children enjoy outdoor spaces and natural environments, but also encourages them to explore and be creative in using natural materials to create unique works of art. 

6. Coloring on different materials:

In addition to paper, children can also color other materials, such as wood, fabric, ceramic, or plastic. Give children different pictures or materials to color, explore, and create on a variety of surfaces. This encourages children to learn about the properties and interactions of colors on different materials.

7. Coloring activities with friends:

Organizing group coloring activities is a great way for children to connect and share ideas with each other. You can organize family coloring sessions, classes, or get-togethers with friends. Children can exchange ideas and create unique works together. This not only encourages children to develop social skills but also creates a very good environment for children’s creativity.

8.  Online coloring pages

Online coloring is a popular trend today, bringing many benefits and interesting experiences to participants. Online coloring allows you to color right on your computer screen or mobile device without searching for and printing traditional paper coloring pages. You can color whenever you want and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Some online coloring pages use smart coloring technology, allowing you to color easily and quickly. Just choose a color and apply it to the area that needs painting; the technology will automatically recognize and color it for you. This saves time and provides a smooth coloring experience. With a variety of themes, gives you a variety of choices for expressing your creativity.

You can start coloring online at our Coloring pages


At the age of three, children start doodling on the walls in the house. What parents can do is start introducing pictures, pens, and colors to their babies. If encouraged correctly, children can reveal their drawing talents. Coloring not only brings joy to children but is also a way to support creative development, logical thinking, and the ability to concentrate. From coloring by numbers to watercoloring, heat crayons, and outdoor coloring, there are many fun coloring activities that children can enjoy. Besides, coloring is also an interactive and connecting activity in groups, helping children develop social skills. At, you will find a lot of useful materials to guide you in coloring creatively. You can also explore advanced techniques to create special effects and enhance your paintings.


Drawing is one of the best activities to create a colorful and happy childhood for every child. Besides bringing joy… View More

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