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How To Draw Piranha Plant

Prepare to enter a world of captivating creatures and thrilling adventures as we dive into the fascinating origins of Piranha Plant, one of the most iconic adversaries in the Mario series. Created by legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Piranha Plant was introduced as one of Mario’s primary adversaries. With its sharp teeth, vibrant colors, and the ability to emerge unexpectedly from pipes, Piranha Plant added an element of challenge and surprise to the gameplay. What sets Piranha Plant apart and contributes to its fame is its unique and memorable design. The combination of its carnivorous nature and the juxtaposition of a dangerous creature residing in a pipe resonated with players, making it an unforgettable character in the Mario universe

With its distinctive appearance, Piranha Plant has become an iconic symbol of the Mario series. In this tutorial, will guide you step-by-step in learning how to draw Piranha Plant.

How To Draw Piranha Plant

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.

Step 1 – Drawing the Mouth

 Piranha Plant Drawing Step 1 

To bring the mighty Piranha Plant to life, we’ll start by creating its ferocious mouth. Now, right in the middle of the paper, draw a magical shape that resembles a rounded letter “V.” Make sure that the bottom part of the “V” is curved and not pointy. It’s as if you’re drawing a special cone-shaped hat, but instead of pointing upward, it points downward. Now, get ready to add more details and make it even more spectacular!


Step 2 – Adding the Inner “V”

 Piranha Plant Drawing Step 2

Now, imagine a smaller version of the first “V” shape we drew. This mini “V” will fit perfectly inside the larger one, like a puzzle piece. It’s like creating a mouth within a mouth, adding a touch of magic and dimension to our Piranha Plant. To complete the lips of the Piranha Plant’s mouth, we’ll connect the sides of the two “V” shapes at the top. Picture a little rainbow line that gracefully arcs from one side to the other, like a colorful bridge. This lovely line will give the mouth a playful and inviting appearance.


Step 3 – Drawing the Head

 Piranha Plant Drawing Step 3

Let’s embark on the next exciting step of our drawing adventure. Moving on to the head, imagine a big and round circle that starts at one side of the mouth and gracefully continues until it meets the other side. This circle will form the outer structure of Piranha Plant’s head. 


Step 4 – Sketching the Teeth

 Piranha Plant Drawing Step 4

Inside the big circle we drew for the head, we’ll create the perfect set of teeth using a special letter as our guide. Imagine the letter “M” lying on its side, just like a playful acrobat. Each peak of the “M” should point upward, as if the teeth are eagerly waiting to take a bite out of some tasty adventures!

Repeat this pattern of the sideways “M” on each side, creating a row of teeth that will make our Piranha Plant look delightfully menacing. It’s like creating a toothy smile that’s ready to playfully chomp on anything that gets in its way!


Step 5 – Adding the Stem and Drawing the Tube

 Piranha Plant Drawing Step 5

Let’s focus on the bottom part of the head circle. Imagine a tiny bump right at the bottom. This magical bump represents the stem from which our amazing Piranha Plant emerges. It should be placed right below the teeth, in the center of the circle. To draw this connecting tube, start by creating a wide line that extends from the stem we just drew. This line represents the tube that houses our Piranha Plant. The width of the line can be as wide as you desire, depending on the size of your drawing and the grandness of the Piranha Plant’s habitat.


Step 6 – Draw the Tube

 Piranha Plant Drawing Step 6

Now, let’s add some more fascinating details to the inside of the tube. Imagine two vertical lines that are parallel to each other, drawn slightly inside the tube. These lines start from the top of the tube and gracefully extend all the way down to the base. They create a sense of structure and depth within the tube, making it look even more realistic


Step 7 – Create the Leaves

 Piranha Plant Drawing Step 7

Picture two curves, like gentle arches, placed on top of our plant’s head. These curves will form the first leaf. Repeat this pattern again to create the second leaf.  You can make these curves as big or as small as you desire, depending on the size and shape of your Piranha Plant.


Step 8 – Color Piranha Plant

 Piranha Plant Drawing Step 8

First, let’s focus on those sharp and menacing teeth. Picture them gleaming and ready to take a bite out of some exciting adventures! How about giving them a brilliant white color, just like shiny pearls? It’ll make them stand out and showcase the fierce nature of our Piranha Plant. Now, let’s move on to the beautiful leaves of our plant. Imagine them in a vibrant shade of green, as if they’re filled with the energy of lush forests and meadows. We can’t forget about the mesmerizing body of our Piranha plant. Picture it in a swirly shade of red, like a mesmerizing dance of flames. 

Your Piranha Plant Is Complete!

Congratulations again on completing your Piranha Plant. Now, let’s talk about the amazing details you’ve added to your drawing. The stem of your Piranha Plant looks so realistic, with rough lines giving it a bark-like texture.

And those leaves! They’re so lush and green, with delicate veins running through them. It’s as if your Piranha Plant is ready to snap and chomp at any moment! Piranha Plant is often seen emerging from pipes or lunging forward to attack. Experiment with different poses to give your drawing a sense of movement and action. Play around with the angle of the head, position of the leaves, and overall posture to make your Piranha Plant come to life. 


Tips On How To Draw Piranha Plant

Consider adding background elements that complement the Piranha plant. You could depict a Mario-themed scene, such as underground pipes or a lush jungle environment, to create a more immersive drawing.

If you’re struggling with certain details or want to get a better understanding of the Piranha Plant’s anatomy, it can be helpful to use reference images. Look for official artwork, screenshots from games, or even real-life plant references to guide your drawing process.


FAQ On How To Draw Piranha Plant

How can I make Piranha Plant’s teeth look sharper?

To make the teeth stand out, emphasize their angular shapes and add small details like thin lines or shading to create the illusion of depth and sharpness. You can also experiment with using different shades of white or off-white to give them a more realistic appearance.


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