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How To Draw Toad From Mario

Step into the whimsical world of Mario and meet one of its most beloved characters, Toad.  Originally introduced in the classic game “Super Mario Bros.” for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Toad quickly became a fan favorite. Known for its unwavering loyalty to Princess Peach and its helpful nature, Toad has become a trusted companion to Mario on his countless adventures. Its mushroom-shaped head, adorned with spots and a wide smile, is instantly recognizable and has become an iconic symbol of the Mario series. Toad’s vibrant colors and upbeat personality bring joy and positivity to players of all ages

In this tutorial, will show you how to draw Toad from Mario. From sketching Toad’s iconic mushroom-shaped head to adding its characteristic spots and features, each step will be carefully explained to ensure an enjoyable drawing experience. Get ready to bring this lovable character to life on the page with the help of’s step-by-step instructions.


How To Draw Toad

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.

Step 1 – Creating Toad’s Face

 Toad Drawing Step 1 

Imagine a big letter “U” in the center of your paper. This will be the shape of Toad’s face. Then, connect the top parts of the “U” with a curved line that extends a little bit past his head on both sides. This will form the top of his head, like a cute little mushroom cap.


Step 2 – Drawing Toad’s Eyes

 Toad Drawing Step 2

Toad has big, expressive eyes. Draw two tall oval shapes inside the head shape we just made. These will be his eyes. Now, don’t forget to color them in! Leave a small area at the top of each eye blank to create a shiny white reflection. It’s like Toad’s eyes are saying, “Hello, I’m ready for an adventure!”


Step 3 – Adding Toad’s Mouth

 Toad Drawing Step 3

Let’s give Toad a happy smile! Draw a curved line right below his eyes. This will be his mouth. To make Toad even more adorable, add two lines on each side of his mouth to represent his cheeks. Toad is so joyful that he can’t help but show off his cute smile! But wait, Toad’s mouth is open, like he’s about to say something exciting! Draw another “U” shape beneath the initial curved line we made for his mouth. This will be his tongue. Toad is always ready to share a friendly greeting or a funny joke!


Step 4 – Shaping Toad’s Hat

 Toad Drawing Step 4

Let’s finish drawing Toad’s head and give him that iconic mushroom shape! We’re going to draw a large oval shape that extends from Toad’s left cheek to his right cheek. Imagine it like a big, round mushroom cap! Start from one cheek and curve your line gently upwards, then curve it back down to the other cheek. To make Toad’s head look just right, let’s make the top slightly flat. Imagine the mushroom cap being gently pressed from above, creating a little indentation. So, at the top of the oval shape, draw a slightly straighter line instead of a smooth curve. This will give Toad’s head that special mushroom-like appearance. Great job so far! You’re bringing Toad to life with each step.


Step 5 – Outlining Toad’s Hat

 Toad Drawing Step 5

Draw a circle in the middle of Toad’s hat. Now, on each side of Toad’s hat, let’s sketch a “C” shape. These “C” shapes will represent another circle, but only half of it will be visible. Why? Because these circles wrap around Toad’s head, making his hat snug and cozy! Imagine his hat hugging his head and keeping him warm on his adventures. Don’t forget to repeat this step on the opposite side of his hat as well. So, draw another “C” shape on the other side, just like we did before.


Step 6 – Constructing Toad’s Body

 Toad Drawing Step 6

Toad needs a front foot, so let’s start by drawing an oval shape starting from his foot. This oval shape will be like a cute little foot pad for Toad. Imagine it like a soft cushion for him to hop around on! To connect Toad’s body to his foot, draw two lines underneath his chin. These lines will represent the outer edges of his vest. Right next to the first line you drew, add another line to create a golden yellow border around his vest. This border will make Toad’s vest look extra eye-catching!


Step 7 –  Defining Toad’s Vest and Waist and Feet

 Toad Drawing Step 7

Extend a diagonal line from under Toad’s chin, forming a V shape to outline the right side of his vest. Connect it back to his head. Within the V shape, draw another V shape close to the first line, representing the border of Toad’s vest. Finally, draw a curved line over his belly to depict his waist. Draw a U shape for Toad’s right foot, ensuring that only a portion of the oval shape is visible since it is positioned behind his body. Complete his left foot by adding the bottom of his shoe, which consists of another oval shape placed inside the foot.


Step 8 – Adding Toad’s Arms and Hands

 Toad Drawing Step 8

To create Toad’s arms, let’s draw two lines extending from his body. One line should start near his shoulder and go down towards his wrist. The other line should start a little lower, closer to his wrist. Imagine these lines as Toad’s arms, ready to wave and give high fives! Now, let’s add some super cool details to his hands. Toad has a thumb and four fingers on each hand, just like you! Draw a curved line for his thumb sticking out from the side of his hand. Then, draw four more curved lines next to it for his fingers. Wow, look at Toad’s hands! They’re ready to hold things, play games, and give friendly waves to all his friends. You can make Toad’s hands as big or small as you like. Maybe he has big hands to give the best high fives, or maybe he has small hands that are perfect for picking up tiny objects.


Step 9 – Let’s color

 Toad Drawing Step 9

Toad’s vest is like a clear blue sky on a sunny day. It’s a beautiful shade of blue that will make him look even more cheerful and friendly. Imagine the color of your favorite blue crayon or the waves of the ocean. Use this magical blue to color Toad’s vest. Now, let’s move on to Toad’s pants. His pants are as white as fluffy clouds floating in the sky.  Make sure to color inside the lines, and don’t forget to leave some space for his cute shoes! Color the shoes brown. We can’t forget about the spots on Toad’s cap! These spots add a special touch to his cap and make him even more unique. To make them stand out, choose a contrasting color. You can use a bright and fiery red, just like a juicy apple or a ladybug. Or maybe a lovely light yellow, like the warm sunshine on a summer day. The choice is yours!


Your Toad Is Complete!

Hooray! You did it! You’ve learned how to draw Toad from the amazing world of Mario! Just imagine, now you can create your very own adventures starring Toad. You can draw him running through the Mushroom Kingdom, jumping on platforms, and even helping Mario rescue Princess Peach. The possibilities are endless! 


Tips On How To Draw Toad

Superhero Toad: Imagine Toad with a superpower! You can transform him into a mighty superhero by using bold and powerful colors. Give him a shiny red cape, golden boots, and a mask to hide his secret identity. With your coloring skills, you can make Toad the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Nature-inspired Toad: Toad loves spending time in nature, so why not color him with earthy tones? Use shades of green for his vest to make it look like leaves, and brown for his pants to resemble tree bark. You can even add little flowers or mushrooms around him to create a whimsical forest scene.


FAQ On How To Draw Toad

What are some other popular characters from the Mario series that I can try drawing?

Oh, there are so many amazing characters you can draw from the Mario series! Besides Toad, you can try drawing Mario himself, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, and even Donkey Kong! Each character has their own unique features and personalities, so have fun exploring and bringing them to life on paper.



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