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How To Draw Squishmallows Cow

Squishmallows is the land of cute and cuddly toys! This has become popular in recent years. These toys include many characters for all age groups. Do you love Squishmallows? Do you like to learn how to draw them? We have good news for you. You have come to the right place! Today, we will let you know how to draw a super cute cow from Squishmallows. We really hope you love this cow.  We will walk you through the necessary methods, supplies, and advice on how to draw Squishmallows cow in this blog article, so you can produce your own original artwork.

Get your sharp pencil ready and your piece of paper and let’s get started. Our easy step-by-step lesson will show you how to draw a Squishmallow cow. Together, let’s go out on this fascinating artistic adventure!

How to Draw Squishmallows Cow

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.

Step 1 – Drawing face

Squishmallows Cow Drawing Step 1

Let’s first start by drawing the body of the squishmallow. We draw a big curve for the top of the head. It is kind of like your basic dumpling shape. Bring that down. It is going to get wider as it comes down. Let’s keep going and drawing pretty big. We will start to bring it in. Finally, we are going to connect it at the bottom with a shallow curvethere. Finally, all done. So that is the basic shape that you want to draw. It is okay if yours is a little bit shorter or longer. It really does not matter if you just want a little bit thinner at the top. 

Step 2 – Drawing eyes and nose

Squishmallows Cow Drawing Step 2

Then, from there, let’s bring this cow to life. Towards the area a little bit above the center, we are going to draw a big curve. So, this is going to be the snout area. We are just drawing this big one right in the center. And we are going to round it off to draw our oval and connect.

There is now a big oval there. Round it off a little bit more. We will come inside and just draw two circles for the nostrils. And then, the eyes. We are going to come to the side area and draw a big circle and the same thing on the other side. So now, the eye is in. Let’s come in and make them. Draw such cute eyes. So two small circles inside for highlights. And a curved line at the bottom and shade in the top. Then, draw the same thing on the other side.  Then, let’s come above each eye. We are going to draw a soft curve above each eye. 

Step 3 – Drawing horns

Squishmallows Cow Drawing Step 3

We do not really know it looks like a cow right now unless we add some ears and some horns. So, let’s do that and let’s come to the top, right above the eye. We are going to add these little horns. Just curve right off the tip. So, just nice and soft. Next, draw the same thing on the other side. Go up and round it off right above the eye.

Step 4 – Drawing ears

Squishmallows Cow Drawing Step 4

Then, let’s draw the ears. It comes a little bit lower. We are going to pop out these ears. Come out and curve it a little bit. Come out and round it off. Bring it right back in. And then for some details inside, you can just draw a curve and tuck it in.  Of course, put the same thing on the other side. Once again, put the same curve and taper in for the ears.

Step 5 – Let’s Decorating

Squishmallows Cow Drawing Step 5

Finally, we need to give this cow a marking so we know for sure it is a cow. So, let’s come up and we will start with one big patch. Curve down and one more down. And once again, just curve. And, of course, we will add a heart. So, now, it is our squishmallow cow. 

Step 6 – Let’s Color 

Squishmallows Cow Drawing Step 6

 Bright colors are a hallmark of Squishmallows cow. Use your coloring tools to add color and life to your line design after you are happy with it. Examine the reference image and make an effort to replicate the color scheme as precisely as you can. Feel free to use your imagination and try out different color combinations or even come up with a special color scheme for your Squishmallows cow.


Your Drawing Is Complete Now!

We have covered all you need to know to start drawing Squishmallows cow in this blog post! We really hope you love how this drawing of the squish fellow cow turned out. Now, you know how to draw Squishmallows Cow


Tips on How to Draw Squishmallows Cow

Drawing the already-existing Squishmallow characters is entertaining, but you may be as creative as you want to be. You are welcome to alter already-existing designs or even create your own Squishmallows cow. Just be careful not to sacrifice the adorable and cuddly look that makes Squishmallows cow unique.

And keep practicing to enhance your ability. Next time, we hope you can draw your favorite characters faster and better. We hope that our post on how to draw Squishmallows Cow will grow your interest in drawing and improve your drawing skills. 

FAQs on How to Draw Squishmallows Cow

  1. How do I begin sketching a Squishmallows cow?

Start by drawing the simplest forms that comprise the Squishmallows cow in a gentle manner. For illustration purposes, begin with a huge oval for the body and smaller ovals for the head. Now is not the time to add details; instead, concentrate on getting the proportions just right. That is how to draw Squishmallows Cow in the first place.

  1. How can I make my Squishmallows cow drawing more detailed?

Once the fundamental shapes are established, proceed to incorporate the details. Pay particular attention to the facial characteristics, distinctive patterns, or accessories that help distinguish the character. Light, quick strokes should be used to gradually add these elements. Keep in mind that Squishmallows cow has a straightforward, simplistic style, so make it tidy and adorable. Take our recommendations and you will know how to draw Squishmallows Cow with more details.

  1. What are the materials for drawing Squishmallows Cow?
  • Sketch paper
  • Pens
  • Black Marker
  • Markers

With our guides and the above recommended materials, you will know how to draw Squishmallows Cow from guides to practice. 


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Squishmallows is the land of cute and cuddly toys! This has become popular in recent years. These toys include many… View More