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How To Draw A Corgi

One of our favorite dog breeds is the corgi, which is why we love to draw them! They have strange proportions and are quite tiny. We are aware that drawing dogs—or any animal—can appear challenging at times, especially if you have never done it before! How then do you sketch a cute Corgi? Easy. Start by decomposing your topic into basic shapes, then proceed to develop your drawing! If you follow this detailed tutorial on how to draw a Corgi, you will soon learn how to draw a Corgi. So that you can follow this lesson without feeling overwhelmed, we will walk you through our entire procedure in a few easy steps how to draw a Corgi. So let’s get started!  


How To Draw A Corgi

Step 1 – Drawing head

A Corgi Drawing Step 1

With this corgi, we are going to first die by drawing the top of its head. Let’s draw a curve, and from there, we are going to start to bring it down. Do the same thing on the other side. And then let’s continue all the way down. So it is going to get wider as we come down but right in the cheek area. Then, from there, we can start to add a little bit of zigzag just to make it look nice and furry. Just a little bit on the sides, and then from there, let’s bring it around. Then, connect it. So that is the shape that you are aiming for a little bit more narrow at the top, and it flares out a tiny bit towards the bottom. 

Step 2 – Drawing ears

A Corgi Drawing Step 2

Let’s give it these corgi ears. We are going to add a big curve. It goes all the way up.  We will bring it all the way down. So same thing on the other side. From the top point, just drag it all the way up there.  From there, let’s come inside for some details. You can come in and just add some zigzags for some fur and then bring this curve all the way up. So same thing over the opposite side.

Step 3 – Drawing mouth and nose 

A Corgi Drawing Step 3

So, now let’s bring this cute corgi to life. Towards the center, we are going to add his nose. Start with his nose first, so we can have everything nicely anchored. We are going to add a little curve right in the center. Next, we are going to connect it. It looks like a curved V shape. From there, we are just going to give it a little highlight at the top. It is kind of like an oval. And we will just shade this all in. 

Then, from there, we will bring down a small line and the mouth. We are going to come up and give this corgi a very nice, cute smile. So, go all the way up. You can cap it off and then right in the center, let’s give it a tongue. We are just going to come right in the center and add a curve. And from there, we are going to go on the right edge and bring in the tongue.  And then you can come towards the bottom and just fill it up a little bit for his mouth. 

Step 4 – Drawing eyes

A Corgi Drawing Step 4

From there, let’s draw eyes. So we are going to go up. We are going to come up a little bit above the nose. There on the side, draw a circle. Add the same thing on the other side. Once again, go towards the edge and draw a circle. 

Then, let’s draw such cute eyes. Of course, there are two small circles inside for highlights. Curved line at the bottom and shade at the top. And do not forget the lines at the bottom. So we have the eyes now. Let’s just come up right on top and we are just going to add a little curve on top of the eye to anchor it. 

Step 5 – Drawing body

A Corgi Drawing Step 5

Now, let’s draw the corgi’s body. So we are going to come about right there on the face. Start to draw his back. Start to curve it down and then come over towards the bottom of the head. Let’s draw the chest area. You are just kind of aiming for this oval shape around this area under his head, so right there, we are going to come out and just draw some zigzags to indicate that he is very fluffy. 

Then it will come down more, so we are going to bring this curve down more now. And add some more zigzags towards the bottom. So then let’s continue thecurve all the way and if you are using a pencil, you would just go ahead and finish this curve.

Step 6 – Drawing four legs

A Corgi Drawing Step 6

Now, we will put his front paws. You need to add a curve. It is going to be short because corgi have very short legs. That’s what makes them so cute. This curve should go under and come up a little bit.  Then, you should finish off with the back legs. We are just going to add a curve, so just make sure it is kind of at the same level. And you can just go ahead and connect it.  Now, if you just finish off this curve, you can add the legs on the back.

Step 7 – Drawing tail

A Corgi Drawing Step 7

So then corgis right here do not really have a tail. Therefore, we are going to add a little tail, just to make it a little bit cuter. So just a little curve, we are just going to

indicate a tiny little tail like that. And because it is a drastic cute corgi, we are going to add a little heart right on his cutie butt!

Step 8 – Let’s color!

A Corgi Drawing Step 8

Okay, do you know what the final step is? Color it! It must be one of the most exciting steps that we really want you to take to express your creativity. Let’s see the power of harmony in color and let your corgi come in much prettier. 

Your Corgi Drawing Is Complete Now!

You are done now! With this drawing instruction how to draw a Corgi, you should be able to design a cute Corgi using very basic and easy forms.  Check out that adorable snout up top! Simply follow the guide on how to draw a Corgi step-by-step, worry-free, and enjoy yourself in the process. You will finish up with a really nice drawing, we can ensure! right there So that is our drastic, cute corgi. Hope you guys love how it turned down.


Tips on How to Draw A Corgi

Although we provided you with detailed instructions on how to draw a Corgi, you are not required to adhere to them. Use your imagination when creating shapes! Experiment with different forms or even adjust the ratios. You can accentuate the length of the body even further or sketch the head with enormous ears.  You have a ton of options to consider, and we strongly advise you to try them out. This is how you can develop as artists and discover your unique aesthetic!


FAQs on How to Draw Corgi

  1. How can I improve my corgi drawing?

Through trying new things and observing how other artists convey their ideas, you will never stop learning and developing.

You may try searching for further images or checking out the work of other dog and corgi artists. It is always a good idea to do this to get ideas and perhaps even learn and comprehend something new.

Try out our various forms for your Corgi drawings at your leisure. You can definitely acquire corgis that appear funnier or even cuter! Drawing is enjoyable since it allows you to experiment, even with ridiculous looks or noises.

  1. Can I add other expressions to my corgi?

You can, of course! Happy, sad, apprehensive, or afraid. Anything at all is OK. 

If you cannot figure out how to draw expressions on your corgi, you should refer to drawings by others. Let’s learn from them and bring our own style to our drawings. 

Once you are satisfied with your expressions, practice them and add them to the sheet. 

The same reasoning applies to painting expressions as it does to depicting people’s emotions. Positive and happy feelings are quite transparent, and the drawings will reflect that. Negative statements, however, are the contrary!

  1. Is it easy to draw a corgi?

Because of their endearing little legs and expressive expressions, corgi dogs are a popular breed of canines that make for simple yet enjoyable drawing subjects. In order to help you build your own Corgi, we have gone over basic drawing techniques. Just 8 simple steps on how to draw a Corgi and you will get a cute corgi. Now that you have your tools, let’s get going!


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One of our favorite dog breeds is the corgi, which is why we love to draw them! They have strange… View More