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How To Draw Batz Maru  

Welcome to the captivating world of Batz Maru! This beloved character has captured the hearts of millions with its endearing charm and mischievous nature. Batz Maru’s fame stems from its interesting origin as a creation of Yuko Shimizu, a talented designer from Sanrio. Introduced to the world in 1993, Batz Maru quickly became a sensation among fans of kawaii characters. Its unique design and playful personality have contributed to its immense popularity.

In this tutorial, will be your trusted guide to help you embark on an artistic adventure of learning how to draw Batz Maru. With step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn how to bring this lovable character to life. Grab your art supplies, let your creativity soar, and allow to accompany you on this joyous journey. Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Batz Maru!

How To Draw Batz Maru 

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.

Step 1 – Sketching the Eyes

  Batz Maru Drawing Step 1 

Let’s start by focusing on Batz Maru’s super expressive eyes! Imagine drawing two long, curved shapes for the eyes. Make sure to add a smaller curve underneath to form the bottom part of the eyes. These curved lines give Batz Maru that special mischievous look we all love. Repeat this on the other side to make both eyes match!


Step 2 – Adding Eye Highlights

  Batz Maru Drawing Step 2

Now, let’s make Batz Maru’s eyes come alive by adding some highlights! Draw a curved line inside each eye, closer to the top. These highlights add a little sparkle and personality to Batz Maru’s gaze. If you prefer, you can even color the entire eyes black to make them really stand out!


Step 3 – Drawing the Beak

  Batz Maru Drawing Step 3

Next, it’s time to draw Batz Maru’s beak! Place a deep curve between the eyes, pointing it downward. This forms the top part of the beak. Then, add a shallow curve at the bottom to complete the beak’s shape. To connect the curves, draw a line to define the beak’s outline.


Step 4 – Outlining the Face

  Batz Maru Drawing Step 4

Now, let’s outline Batz Maru’s face. Draw a curved line around the eyes, creating the bottom part of a wide “U” shape. This outlines Batz Maru’s cheeky face. Extend the line underneath the beak to form the chin. You can choose to continue the line all the way around or leave it as is. This defines the shape of Batz Maru’s face and makes it really adorable!


Step 5 – Adding Spiky Hair

  Batz Maru Drawing Step 5

Time to make Batz Maru even more playful by adding some spiky hair! Draw four spiky lines starting from the center of the head and curving them in different directions. Each spike should be rounded at the tip, giving Batz Maru a cool and energetic hairstyle.


Step 6 – Shaping the Body

  Batz Maru Drawing Step 6

Let’s move on to Batz Maru’s body. Draw slightly angled lines on each side, starting from the head and coming down. Connect these lines at the bottom with a rounded shape, giving Batz Maru’s body a wobbly and bouncy appearance.

Step 7 –  Sketching the Feet

 Batz Maru Drawing Step 7

Don’t forget about Batz Maru’s adorable little feet! Add some curved lines on each side of the body to represent the feet. These curved lines should be small and simple, just like cute little paws. These feet give Batz Maru a sense of balance and cuteness. They are perfect for jumping and exploring!

Step 8 – Defining the Tummy


  Batz Maru Drawing Step 8

Now, let’s give Batz Maru a nice, rounded tummy! Draw a curved line that starts from the bottom of the head, goes towards the center, and comes right back down. This curved line defines Batz Maru’s tummy and adds a soft and cuddly touch to its appearance. Batz Maru’s tummy is like a big hug waiting to happen!

Step 9 – Draw the Wings

  Batz Maru Drawing Step 9

Imagine your pencil as a magical wand, ready to bring these wings to life. Start by drawing two small curves on either side of Batz Maru’s body, like delicate rainbows. These wings will be as gentle as a whisper and as light as a floating feather.

Step 10 –  Let’s Color

  Batz Maru Drawing Step 10

Color the entire body black, making it look sleek and stylish. Color the legs and the beak black too for a consistent look. For the tummy, use a bright white color to make it stand out and look super cute! With the right colors, Batz Maru will be ready to spread joy and mischief wherever it goes! There you have it – your very own Batz Maru masterpiece!


Your Batz Maru Is Complete!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to draw Batz Maru by following this step-by-step tutorial. hopes that this guide has made drawing Batz Maru easy and enjoyable for you 

Tips On How To Draw Batz Maru 

Add Dynamic Poses: Give your Batz Maru drawings some action by experimenting with dynamic poses. Whether it’s leaping in the air, striking a confident stance, or even hanging upside down, these poses can bring a sense of energy and liveliness to your artwork.

Adding Props and Accessories: Enhance the storytelling aspect of your Batz Maru drawings by including props and accessories. Whether it’s a skateboard, a cupcake, or a playful gadget, these elements can add depth and character to your artwork, allowing Batz Maru to engage in various activities and adventures.


FAQ On How To Draw Batz Maru 

How can I make Batz Maru’s eyes more expressive?

To make Batz Maru’s eyes expressive, focus on the shape and size. Experiment with different eyebrow positions, eyelash lengths, and pupil sizes to convey different emotions.

What are the key characteristics of Batz Maru’s design that I should focus on while drawing?

Key characteristics to focus on while drawing Batz Maru include its spiky hair, round face, expressive eyes, and minimalist appearance.

Are there any particular poses or actions that are iconic to Batz Maru and should be included in my drawing?

Iconic poses and actions for Batz Maru include jumping or bouncing to convey energy, striking a pose with arms crossed for confidence, interacting with objects like balloons or toys, and sticking out its tongue for a playful touch.

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Welcome to the captivating world of Batz Maru! This beloved character has captured the hearts of millions with its endearing… View More