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How To Draw A Baby Chick

The Baby Chick, with its fluffy feathers and endearing cheeps, has an interesting origin and has become incredibly famous for various reasons. From its symbolic representation of new beginnings to its association with Easter festivities, the Baby Chick holds a special place in our hearts. In many cultures, it symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and the arrival of spring. As Easter approaches, Baby Chicks are often associated with the joyous celebration of this holiday, adorning greeting cards, decorations, and even Easter egg hunts. Their delightful appearance and playful nature have made them beloved characters in children’s stories and animated films, further contributing to their fame.

In this tutorial by, we have the privilege of guiding you through the process of leaning how to draw a Baby Chick. With step-by-step instructions and easy-to-understand techniques, will help you bring this enchanting creature to life on your canvas.

How To Draw Baby Chick   

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.

Step 1 – Drawing the Eyes

 Baby Chick  Drawing Step 1

Are you ready to draw a cute Baby Chick? Let’s start by drawing its adorable eyes! Take your pen or pencil and draw two circles side by side in the middle of your paper. Imagine these circles as the Baby Chick’s big, bright eyes. Now let’s add some special details to the eyes to make our Baby Chick even more delightful! Inside each circle, draw smaller circles in the top right and bottom left corners. These smaller circles will be the shiny parts of the eyes. Color in the big circles with your favorite color, but leave the smaller circles white. These cartoon eyes will give our Baby Chick that extra charm we love to see in our favorite characters.


Step 2 – Draw the Beak

 Baby Chick  Drawing Step 2

Our Baby Chick needs a beak to chirp and peck with joy! Draw a “V” shape between the eyes, starting from the bottom of one eye and ending at the bottom of the other eye. Then, connect the tops of the “V” shape with a little curved line. This will be our Baby Chick’s cute beak, perfect for pecking at seeds and exploring the world.


Step 3 – Drawing the Head

 Baby Chick  Drawing Step 3

Let’s give our Baby Chick a fluffy head full of personality! Draw a big circle that goes around and back over to the right side of the eyes. You can make the circle bigger if you want. Now, let’s add some fun hair to our Baby Chick. Draw three little loops between the eyes and above the beak. These loops will be our Baby Chick’s stylish and playful feathers.


Step 4 – Drawing the Body

 Baby Chick  Drawing Step 4

Our Baby Chick needs a body to go with that adorable head! Draw a little “U” shape underneath the head. This will be our Baby Chick’s fluffy and chubby body. It’s like giving our Baby Chick a cozy nest to snuggle in.


Step 5 – Drawing the Wings

 Baby Chick  Drawing Step 5

Draw a little “U” shape on each side of the body. These will be our Baby Chick’s wings. If you want, you can even draw our Baby Chick holding something special, like a flower or a worm. It’s all up to your imagination!


Step 6 – Drawing  Baby Chick ’s Feet

 Baby Chick  Drawing Step 6

Our Baby Chick needs some cute little feet to walk and explore the world. Draw a small “U” shape at the bottom of the body. These “U” shapes will be our Baby Chick’s adorable feet. It’s like our Baby Chick is ready to take its first steps and go on exciting adventures!


Step 7 – Let’s Color!

 Baby Chick  Drawing Step 7

Now comes the fun part: coloring our Baby Chick! Use a light yellow or a pale shade of orange to color the body. This will make our Baby Chick look soft and fluffy. Add a slightly darker shade for the wings to give them some depth and make them look like real feathers. Use a bright orange or yellow for the beak and legs to make them stand out. Feel free to explore different color variations and add shading to create depth and make our Baby Chick come to life.


Your Baby Chick Is Complete!

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to draw a charming Baby Chick. Take a step back and admire your creation. Now, let’s think about all the joy and happiness your Baby Chick can bring to the world. With its fluffy feathers, shiny eyes, and cute little beak, our Baby Chick is ready to spread smiles wherever it goes. It might hop around in a garden, chirping happily and making everyone’s day brighter. Or perhaps it will visit a farm, mingling with other animals and becoming the star of the show. Our Baby Chick is a true symbol of cuteness and happiness. is so thrilled to have helped you capture the essence of this charming creature


Tips On How To Draw Baby Chick 

Use Colors to Enhance Cuteness: Choose soft and warm colors to bring out the cuteness of a Baby Chick. Pastel shades of yellow, orange, and cream work well for the body, while brighter tones can be used for the beak and legs.

Adding a simple background to complement your Baby Chick drawing. You can draw blades of grass, a blue sky, or even a basket to place the Chick in.


FAQ On How To Draw Baby Chick 

What are some other cute animal drawings I can try? 

You can explore other baby animals like kittens, puppies, or bunnies.

What do I do once my Baby Chick drawing is complete?

Once your Baby Chick drawing is complete, take a moment to appreciate your masterpiece! You did an amazing job bringing the Baby Chick to life. Feel proud of your artistic skills and keep practicing. Who knows what other adorable creatures you can draw next? The sky’s the limit!



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The Baby Chick, with its fluffy feathers and endearing cheeps, has an interesting origin and has become incredibly famous for… View More