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How To Draw A Monkey

Do you like animals? And are you having a couple of minutes now? We have a fun way for you to spend your free time. It is drawing a funny monkey. Remember trying to draw animals in your childhood? Yes, our guides on how to draw a monkey are simple for you to follow. After sketching the position, we will add body volume, facial details, and all the fur. No particular expertise is needed—the instructions are going to be fairly basic! Now, let’s get started and learn how to draw a monkey.   



How to Draw A Monkey

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.
Coloring tools: use colorful crayons to bring the character to life

Step 1 – Drawing the head shape

Monkey Drawing Step 1

We are going to first start by drawing a little bit of hair on top of his head. Draw basically like a zigzag, so it is just going to go up, down, up, and down. It is kind of like a slanted M. Then we are going to start to bring it around with a big curve for his head. Just keep going round nice and wide, like a dumpling shape. Once again, just narrow at the top wide and then just bring it in with a nice soft curve. Then, from there, let’s come down to the center. We are just going to give a little point and we are going to go up a curve. Next, we are going to end at the same spot and level on the other side and bring down our curve.

Step 2 – Marking the face area

Monkey Drawing Step 2

Then, from there, we are going to come in, so this is kind of like drawing Mickey Mouse. We are just going to follow the above line to bottom line and draw that nice curve that comes towards the bottom and connect.

Step 3 – Drawing the ears

Monkey Drawing Step 3

Now we can come in and draw his ears. We will pop out these two big ears and come out. Next, we are going to draw a big curve all the way around. And then come inside and just follow the outside line for the inside of the ear. Now, draw the other one. Let’s go across  and just give yourself some points. Go all the way across, it will not be exactly the same. Then we are just going to come out once again with a big curve and come back in just come in and follow your your outside line and bring in a curve.

Step 4 – Drawing the face and hand

Monkey Drawing Step 4

Then, from there, let’s draw those cute eyes. But before we do that, let’s draw the little nose first so that we can better gauge where to put the eyes. So, we are going to come straight down towards the center. That would mark where the eyes would be and come down. We are going to draw a little oval right in the center. And then, from there, we can draw the eyes. We are going to fit our eyes right in between the little spots. We are going to do the same thing on the other side. Then let’s make them so cute. Add two small circles at an angle and a curve line at the bottom, shading the top and the lines at the bottom. And add the same thing, two small circles with a curved line and shade at the top and lines at the bottom. So, we are going to give a little curve to anchor the eyes. Of course, we are going to give him a cute smirk. So, come down, bring a little curve up, and cap it off. Now, we  finally got his face in.  Let’s start to draw his hands towards the bottom


Step 5 – Drawing the banana

Monkey Drawing Step 5

We are going to draw his hands, and it is simplified, so it’s just going to be kind of like a paw. And it is just going to come out. And then, we are going to bring it around and back up, so it is very simplified. We are going to draw the beginning of his other hand. Then, we are going to put in a banana right in the hand. Before we finish this hand, we are going to draw a curve. Then, start to draw our banana. We are going to go all the way up, however big or small you want your banana. That part is going to be the stem. We are going to make that a little bit thicker and bring it in a little bit straighter. Then we are going to curve it out. Then you must start to curve out for the round part of the banana and bring it in. We are going to finish off his hand and it overlaps where he is holding a banana. We are going to draw a curve and connect it. Then, let’s finish our banana and just darken the ends a little bit and the stem area. 

Step 6 – Drawing the upside down body

Monkey Drawing Step 6

Now, let’s go and draw the rest of his body. So, this little monkey here is hanging upside down and so we are going to do this backwards. We are going to draw his body hanging upside down. You need to come to the top of his head and just draw a curve that goes up. 

Add the same thing to the other side. Nice and simple, we just wanted to draw something very easy for you guys to follow and draw. So, we are going to come up a little bit more. And then we are going to bring out one foot. Once again, the foot is a very simplified version, so bring it in. So, let’s do the same thing on the other side. Come out, then come back around. 


Step 7 – Drawing the tail

Monkey Drawing Step 7

We are going to dip in towards the center so we keep coming about the center where your little tail is going to be and we are going to draw a little tail that goes up so right from the center, bring up a nice long tail however long you want it. And, we are going to start flaring it out. Next, hook it like us. Then, let’s finish off the other side. Just follow the same curve all the way up and around. 

Step 8 – Drawing the vine

Monkey Drawing Step 8

Then, to finish off the tail, let’s imagine it being overlapped. It is going to come around. And, let’s bring in a little tail. And then, from there, let’s draw a little vine, so we are going to come in and hook a little vine under the tail. That is being overlapped, and so this is just the vine that our monkey is hanging on. 

Step 9 – Let’s color!

Monkey Drawing Step 9

And then, if you want, you can come in and just draw some leaves for your vine.  Now, grab your colors and fill your cute monkey with a lively set of colors. There is no rule for choosing which colors to use. You can express your creativity now with your creative color choices. You can use our coloring suggestions. Color the monkey in brown and yellow. The banana is of course yellow. Put some green into the drawing, for the vine.


Your Monkey Drawing Is Complete Now!

Thus, everything is finished. We sincerely hope that you like this tutorial on how to draw a monkey. You may now see how simple drawing is. With any luck, our guide will inspire you to love sketching and get more practice drawing whatever you want.

Tips on How to Draw a Monkey

Drawing monkeys is a bit of a difficult task. If you are not confident in your drawing ability, you can try sketching on some draft paper. Once you think you are ready, start moving your hand across the drawing page. The outcome will surprise you if you draw it step-by-step based on our advice on how to draw a monkey. So let’s get your creative journey started right now.

Also, we want you to remember to purchase high-quality drawing supplies so you can draw a monkey well. A good pencil allows you to draw parts of the monkey well. You can add fantastic colors to your monkey by using a good kit of colors. Therefore, the appearance of your monkey will surely improve.

FAQs on How to Draw a Monkey

  1. What supplies are needed to finish this monkey drawing?

Before you know how to how to draw a monkey, this is the drawing toolkit that you need:

  • A piece of blank paper
  • A pencil
  • Colors: gel pens, crayons, colored pencils,…

Do not forget to purchase top-notch drawing supplies. Let’s start toasting on paper now!


  1. What are the tools for drawing a monkey?

You should use these tools for your drawing:

  • First, good drawing paper allow you to draw well
  • Secondly, good pencil with firm tip helps you draw more complicated lines
  • Finally, solors: you can use various types of coloring tools such as crayons, colored pencils, gel pens,…
  1. How can I draw a beautiful monkey?

First, we want you to be confident about your abilities. Perhaps, at some first trials, the results are not what you expect. Please do not worry. Every great thing starts with a small and simple step. Feel free to learn from your mistakes. They are necessary for improvement in your drawing ability.

And, of course, you should follow our guides on how to draw a monkey. We are confident that our guide is suitable for you to try with a bit of patience. 

Finally, do not forget to enjoy your drawing time. Good emotion is really important if you want to finish your drawing of your beautiful monkey.

  1. What should I be mindful of when sketching the monkey?

There are some steps that are more complex to sketch for this monkey. Please try not to give up. You ought to put in more practice. And then, on your paper, the precise lines will be drawn. Last but not least, please read our tutorials on how to draw a monkey carefully before you start.


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