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How To Draw A Baguette Bread

Are you a fan of baguette? If you are, our guide on how to draw baguette bread is the right stuff for you today.  Or if you are not, you can still try our guide on how to draw baguette bread. It is really simple to follow. Now, grab your pencil and draw after us.

How to Draw A Baguette Bread

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.
Coloring tools: use colorful crayons to bring the character to life

Step 1 – Drawing the curve

Baguette Bread Drawing Step 1

To draw this cute baguette, let’s first start by drawing a big curve at the top.  We are going to start with a big curve, so it all depends on how wide you want to make your baguette. We are going to make ours a little bit wider so it is a little bit cuter. We are going to round it off. Come straight down, so the same thing straight down. And now we are about the same level. We are going to go ahead and connect with a curve.


Step 2 – Drawing the scarf

Baguette Bread Drawing Step 2

So that curve is going to be where his necktie is. We have this big curve in. Let’s pop out this necktie that he has. It is just a little bit rounder right there.  And just to make it easier to draw, we are just going to draw the ends. The tail is like two leaves. If you like, you can add a center knot as well, but it will just make it a little bit easier. Add two little curves inside, and let’s go ahead and connect them. Now we have that.


Step 3 – Drawing the other half of the baguette

Baguette Bread Drawing Step 3

Let’s bring this baguette down. It is all up to you how long you want to make your baguette. We cannot make ours too long because we really do not have that much space. We will go ahead and bring it in and so the same thing for the other side. Next, round it off and connect at the bottom.  Now we have our wobbly baguette and that is slightly tilted.


Step 4 – Drawing the feet and the hat

Baguette Bread Drawing Step 4

Let’s go ahead and, right at the bottom, draw two curves for some silly feet. Let’s come back to the top and give our baguette a chef’s hat.  We are just going to draw two angle lines and we are going to go up the curve towards the top and bring it right back down.  Then there are some details. You can add some of these curves there to make it poofy for the hat.


Step 5 – Drawing the markings

Baguette Bread Drawing Step 5

Then, from there, let’s draw three ovals. We will do it this way, basically drawing three of these ovals as slant. One, two to definitely turn your paper if you need to, and three. Now we have the markings on our baguette.

Step 6 – Drawing the face

Baguette Bread Drawing Step 6

 Let’s see here. Now we bring this baguette to life, of course. We are going to draw a circle for the eyes. And the same thing on the other side. Let’s come in there with two small circles for highlights, a curved line at the bottom, shade at the top, and lines at the bottom. And add the same thing over there.  So this baguette plush was totally inspired. Also, draw a little curve and, of course, a sweet smile right in the center.

Step 7 – Drawing the hands

Baguette Bread Drawing Step 7

Now, let’s draw the hands. We are just going to add some tiny hands. There is a curve as well on two sides, just to simplify it. 


Step 8 – Let’s color!

Baguette Bread Drawing Step 8

We are going to put a heart somewhere. Let’s put it over there on the side. Okay. So that is all for drawing your baguette bread. Now, what’s next? Let’s color it! Color your baguette in yellow or brown. The little is in red or pink, of course. Color the eyes in blue. Do not forget the pink cheeks. Then, color its scalf in red.


Your Baguette Bread Is Complete Now!

So that is pretty much it for this cute little baguette. We really hope we inspired you to draw it too with our guide on how to draw baguette bread. We tried to make it fun and easy for you to follow along. Now you see your baguette bread. Do you like it? We really hope you have gone through an exciting activity and know how to draw baguette bread. We are sure that you will feel relaxation and refreshment after finishing this small but exciting activity.

Tips on How to Draw Baguette Bread

You may find there are quite a few steps on how to draw baguette bread. Do not worry, because it is really simple when you take it step by step. Let’s start with the first step, and you will understand its simplicity.

Next time, try not looking at our guide on how to draw baguette bread; draw baguette bread on your own. And you can add new input to your drawing so it can represent your own style. 

FAQs on How to Draw Baguette Bread?

  1. How can I advance my baguette bread drawing?

If you want to add more advanced features to your baguette, you can try some new coloring techniques. For example, instead of coloring the baguette plain, you can try layering your colors. Also, you can try blending colors. It would be really exciting to look at your baguette in a new covering.

  1. Is it difficult to draw baguette bread?

It is absolutely easy to draw the baguette. Follow our guides on how to draw baguette bread and let the baguette bread come in front of you. When you finish, you will get “a sense of Paris” in your surroundings. Let’s practice.

  1. How can I draw without depending on guides?

If you are not good at drawing, we still suggest you follow our guides first. They are easy and quick steps for you to make your own drawing of a baguette. When you see guides, you will understand how a drawing is shaped. That will gradually enhance your imagination. And when you want to draw something new, you may find it easier to figure out how to start and what parts should be included in your drawing.


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