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How To Draw Clarence

Are you looking for how-to drawings of your most beloved characters from the Clarence animated series? You do not need to look no further than our online tutorial on how to draw Clarence, which has a vast compilation of instructions to help you turn your rough sketches into polished, professionally done artwork. Today, we will show you how to draw Clarence from the Clarence show. The main character of Clarence is Clarence Wendle. He is a happy boy who enjoys doing all he can to improve the state of the world.  Whether you are an experienced artist or just starting out, our lessons on how to draw Clarence are made to give you all the advice you need to achieve amazing outcomes. Simple directions, step-by-step sketches, and a finished image for reference are all included in each tutorial. So pick up a pencil and some paper, and begin bringing these well-known characters to life!


How to Draw Clarence

Step 1 – Drawing the eyes

Clarence Drawing Step 1

We are going to start at the top of the face. We start with the eyes. Now, start with the one on the left. Start at the very top and draw a circle. We will curve around to the bottom and then back up to the top. From here, let’s draw on the pupil. So, we have the eye looking that way. Next, we draw a smaller circle, just tucked beside the right line. Then, color that in black. Now, let’s draw that exact same eye over on the right side. Make a little space in the middle. That space will be about the same width as an eye. So, we are just going to  draw the right side eye, starting at the top, having the same height curve around to the bottom, then back up to the top. Let’s go ahead and draw that pupil. We will draw a smaller circle and color it black.

Step 2 – Drawing the face

Clarence Drawing Step 2

From there, we draw in the nose. The nose is actually stuck right beside the left eye. It is basically a curve. Start at the top, curve around and come down for the nostrils. All we want to draw are two little short lines inside that point. Let’s go ahead and draw the cheek. Directly below the right eye, right in the middle, we are going to draw a curve coming down. From here, let’s draw in the mouth. So it starts with a curve, going right just underneath the nose. We are going to curve up and just tuck that in behind that cheek. Then, from that point, we are going to curve in the opposite direction. Come down and then tuck that in underneath the cheek. Let’s go ahead and draw some teeth. So, up on the left side, draw a little curve for one tooth. On the right side, we are just going to tuck one behind that cheek.

For the tongue, we are going to start in the middle of the mouth, at the bottom. Just curve along behind that cheek. From there, let’s draw in the cheek. On the side there, just under the eye, we are going to bring a curve just below the mouth. So, start underneath the left eye and curve out.


Step 3 – Drawing the head

Clarence Drawing Step 3

Then, just underneath that mouth, we just want to bring the chin down. Just a little bit now from this part. We are going to go back up to the top of the eye and draw a curve, coming to the top of the head and to the back of the neck. So, the head is quite wide. We want to bring the back of the neck probably somewhere around there. So, start at the top of the left eye and curve up. Now, we are going to turn this curve all the way around. Just gradually curve this back and start to come straight down. 

Now, we want to make sure that the back of the neck and the front of the neck are roughly the same height so we probably want to bring this down just a a little bit more. We are going to connect those two points with a slight curve, coming down in the middle and then back up on the right side. We will draw that hairline across top. That is basically four little curves that go all the way across. Start at the front, curve up. One, two, three and then this last one will just tuck in the back of the head.

Step 4 – Drawing the belly

Clarence Drawing Step 4 

Let’s get into the body. The body is quite simple. It is basically comes down and it bulges out around the belly. So, at the front there, just curve down the front edge of the chest. The chest is really high. And the belly takes up most of the body. Next, we bulge out the front of the belly. But, we want to leave enough space in between there for the legs. Start at the front and bulge out the front.

Step 5 – Drawing the hand

Clarence Drawing Step 5

We are going to draw the arm in an L shape or reverse L shape with the hand and the finger pointing up. So, in the back, we are just going to bring that line down just a little bit. We are going to start by drawing the shoulder and the upper arm. That is where the inner part of the elbow would curve in towards the body and then round out the arm socket. We want to draw in the bottom of the arm. So, we are just going to go straight across the bottom, just kind of stop right about there. Let’s draw on the sleeve. Up there, just on the left of the back of the body, draw a curve for the sleeve. Let’s go into the forearm. We are going to do a slight overlap and go straight up towards the wrist. From there, let’s draw on the thumb. We are going to draw the hand like that.  Right now, we are going to draw on the thumb. Draw a curve, going up to the thumb. We will round up the thumb and then we are going to draw that little meaty part of the thumb. We are just curving down. 

Let’s draw the index finger. So, right about halfway through that thumb, draw a curve. Go up and then down. We are going to overlap some fingers. So up there, do a curve for one finger. Do another overlap and just curl this behind that finger. Then, start just underneath this finger and curve out, come straight down. Now, we just want to do a nice curve. 

From there, let’s go back down to the body. We want to make our way to the back. Come down and it is going to bulge out somewhere around. So, curve out the back and end off at the same height as the front. From that point, let’s draw on the top of the shirt. We are just going to come up a bit there. Just draw a curve coming down in the middle and then back up on the right side. We are going to draw a little bit of a belly line. So just following that same curve, we are just going to draw a curve like that.

Step 6 – Drawing the legs

Clarence Drawing Step 6

From there, let’s get into the legs. We are going to draw down. So the legs are roughly the same height as the body. Start at the front. Come down towards the ankle. From here, we just want to draw the foot. We are going to draw a curve coming down to the toe. And we want to bring this back, just far enough. Then, from there, we are going to go straight up. Now, we want to imagine a line, a curve going around the belly. It is going to be closed. Just draw a little curve, splitting the legs. Then, go straight up and we are probably going to do a little overlap. Let’s draw on the shorts. We are going to draw a curve coming down then back up and then for the boot or the shoe. We are going to come down the middle and back up. Let’s draw that exact same thing on the right side. We are going to go straight down, making sure it is about the same height.

Then, draw the front of the shoe. Go back and draw a straight line coming down. Let’s draw the top of the short line and the top of the shoe.

Step 7 – Drawing the other hand

Clarence Drawing Step 7

Let’s draw the arm on the side. This is going to just curve around to the hip. We are going to draw the hand right up in the shoulder area. We are going to draw a curve going out to the elbow. We are going to draw the back meat of the hand.  Draw a little bulbs like us. We are going to draw fingers. Go up a little bit and draw a curve. Do another overlap and just draw one more finger. Tuck that in behind the body, we will draw the elbow. Draw a curve and then we will probably just draw the upper arm line going across and then the top of the shirt sleeve. Just a little curve going behind the body.

Step 8 – Let’s color!

Clarence Drawing Step 8

Now, let’s give Clarence a cartoon vibe by coloring it. Just some simple coloring, and you will have a complete, funny Clarence. He goes with bronze hair, green T-shirt, blue pants and black shocks. Also, color his skin in pink.

Your Drawing Is Complete Now!

Now, we have it. There is Clarence in your paper. hopes you enjoy this lesson on how to draw Clarence.

Tips on How to Draw Clarence

There is no other tip for you other than practice. Yes, it is true. You should practice from time to time. With consistent practice, you can draw better pictures as time passes. Practicing drawing can help you relieve stress. Of course, you will improve your drawing after consistent practice. Try our guides on how to draw Clarence, then spend extra time to practice it. 

FAQs on How to Draw Clarence

  1. What are Clarence features that I need to know?
  • Physical appearance: Clarence’s notable obesity captures his cheerful demeanor.
  • Face Features: His short blond hair and two noticeable front buck teeth are instantly recognizable. Recall that Clarence is devoid of ears.
  • Clothes: His outfit is basic but eye-catching, consisting of a neon green T-shirt with purple sleeves, blue shorts, and dark blue boots.
  • Additional Information: When sketching, pay attention to distinctive details like Clarence’s pink skin and the tan lines that stand out.
  1. Is it difficult to draw Clarence?

Of course, not. You can understand that when you read through our guide on how to draw Clarence carefully. Also, we hope you spend some time during your spare time to practice drawing. Thanks to practicing, you can enhance your ability to draw. 

  1. What are the materials for drawing Clarence?

You can find these materials right on your desk:

  • Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
  • Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
  • Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
  • Reference images: Gather images of the character.

Also, choose materials of good quality. Therefore, you can make sure that your Clarence can be drawn correctly and effectively. 


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