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How To Draw Tata

Tata, the endearing character from the BT21 universe, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with its charm, lovable design, and intriguing origin story. Created by the globally celebrated K-pop group BTS, Tata’s popularity soared as it became the mascot of the group’s collaboration with LINE Friends. Originating from the planet BT, Tata embarked on an adventure to Earth with a mission to spread love and positivity. With its distinctive heart-shaped head and captivating eyes, Tata quickly became an icon of warmth, friendship, and joy. Its vibrant red color symbolizes passion and energy, while its playful nature resonates with fans of all ages.

Now, in this tutorial, we invite you to embark on your own artistic journey and learn how to draw Tata. We’ll guide you through the process, step by step, to capture Tata’s endearing features and bring this beloved character to life!

How To Draw Tata   

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.


Step 1 –  Drawing the Eyes

  Tata Drawing Step 1 

Let’s start by drawing the eyes of our friendly character, Tata. Grab your pencil and imagine two big, round eyes. Draw them on your paper, making sure to leave a little space between them. Now, within each eye, sketch a smaller circle right in the middle. These circles are like tiny shiny spots, called highlights, that make Tata’s eyes sparkle with excitement! Remember to shade the rest of the eye gently, but leave the highlight area white to make it stand out. Tata is a curious little character, so let’s give them some expressive eyebrows. Right above each eye, draw a straight line that goes a little bit up and down.


Step 2 – Creating the Mouth

  Tata Drawing Step 2

 Imagine a big, cheerful smile that stretches from one side of the paper to the other. Start beneath the eyes and draw a curved line. As you draw, imagine Tata’s happiness radiating through their smile. Dip down a little in the middle, curve the line back up to the other side, completing the smile. Tata’s smile is so friendly and inviting, let’s make it even more charming! Round off the sides of the smile, giving it a soft and gentle look. To make Tata’s face look more lifelike, let’s add some depth. Draw a small curved line right in the center of the smile, making it a bit thicker than the rest. This adds a touch of dimension to Tata’s cheerful expression. 


Step 3 – Outlining the Head Shape

  Tata Drawing Step 3

 To start, lightly sketch an outline of the heart shape. Begin at the top center of the heart and draw a curved line that gently slopes downward on each side. Imagine those lines as Tata’s soft and cuddly cheeks. Keep going until the curves meet at the bottom center point of the heart. Take your time and adjust the curves to make sure Tata’s heart-shaped head looks perfectly balanced. 


Step 4 – Drawing the Body

  Tata Drawing Step 4

Extend two curved lines from the bottom of Tata’s head to create the basic shape of the body. These lines should slightly curve outward. Connect the ends of the lines with a curved line at the bottom to form the rounded bottom part of Tata’s body.  Extend two more curved lines downwards from the bottom of Tata’s body, curving them slightly inward. These lines will form Tata’s legs, ready to take them on exciting adventures. At the end of each leg, draw a rounded shape to represent their cute little feet. These feet should be positioned parallel to each other.


Step 5 – Drawing the Collared Shirt

  Tata Drawing Step 5

Great progress! Now it’s time to draw Tata’s hand, so they can wave hello and give high-fives. Imagine Tata’s arm extending from their body, just like your own arm. Now, on one side of Tata’s arm, create a small curve. This curve will be Tata’s hand.


Step 6 – Add the Hand and Balloon

  Tata Drawing Step 6

On the other side of Tata’s body, imagine an oval shape. This oval will be Tata’s hand, holding something special. Connect the oval to Tata’s head, creating a connection between their hand and body. Now, from Tata’s hand, draw a string extending downward. Picture the string as a magical pathway that connects Tata and their treasure. As the string goes up, give it a fun and curvy shape, making it pass above Tata’s head. Tata has a surprise in store for you! At the top of the string, let’s draw a heart-shaped balloon. Start by drawing a slanted line, then curve downward to create the top of the heart. Feel free to make the balloon as big and colorful as your imagination desires! To complete the heart shape, repeat the process on the other side, creating a symmetrical and love-filled balloon for Tata.


Step 7 – Add Spots

  Tata Drawing Step 7

Let’s add some fun and playful details to Tata’s body. To make Tata’s body even more interesting, we’re going to add spots. Imagine Tata’s yellow body covered in delightful spots like a cheerful polka-dot pattern. Using your pencil, draw several circles and half circles on Tata’s body. You can place these spots randomly, just like a sprinkling of magic dots.


Step 8 – Let’s Color!

  Tata Drawing Step 8

As you add colors to this adorable character, you have the opportunity to bring out your artistic flair. To start, consider coloring Tata’s heart-shaped head and balloon in a vibrant shade of red. This choice can symbolize love, energy, and enthusiasm. Moving on, let’s color his mouth in a cheerful yellow, reflecting a sense of joy and happiness. As for Tata’s body, a bright yellow hue will make him appear lively and playful. Lastly, for his coat, a cool and calming blue can be a great choice


Your Tata Is Complete!

Your Tata drawing is now complete, and it’s absolutely amazing! Creating Tata is such a joyful and exciting experience, especially for all the BTS BT21 fans out there. To draw Tata, start with the eyes by drawing two big, round shapes and adding smaller circles inside for highlights. Give Tata expressive eyebrows with straight lines above each eye. Next, create a big, cheerful smile that stretches across the paper, curving it up and rounding off the sides. Sketch a heart-shaped outline for Tata’s head, imagining soft, cuddly cheeks. Extend curved lines from the bottom of the head to form the body, adding legs and cute little feet. Draw Tata’s hand and an oval shape for the other hand, connected to the head with a string. Complete the drawing with a heart-shaped balloon on top of the string. Add playful spots to Tata’s body with random circles and half circles. Now it’s time to bring Tata to life with colors.  By following these nine steps, you’ve brought Tata to life on your paper. You’ve captured Tata’s lovable personality, warm smile, and playful spirit through your skills. You can hang it on your wall, show it to your friends and family, or even use it as inspiration for more BTS BT21 drawings.


Tips On How To Draw Tata 

Give Tata some wacky accessories to amplify the fun factor. Draw Tata wearing a silly hat, sunglasses, a bowtie, or even a superhero cape. Let your imagination run wild and make Tata stand out with their unique style.

Exaggerate certain features of Tata to create a funny and whimsical effect. Make Tata’s head larger than usual or elongate their limbs to give them a comical appearance.


FAQ On How To Draw Tata 

Are there any specific symbols or patterns I can incorporate into Tata’s design?

You can consider adding stars, hearts, or other symbols that are associated with BTS or BT21. Additionally, you can incorporate patterns like polka dots, stripes, or even floral designs into Tata’s clothing or background.

Can I use different colors for the spots on Tata’s body?

Absolutely, little artist! You can definitely use different colors for the spots on Tata’s body to make them even more vibrant and eye-catching. Maybe you want to use bright and bold colors like red, blue, and green, or perhaps you prefer a softer and pastel palette with shades of pink, purple, and yellow. It’s your artwork, so feel free to express yourself and experiment with different colors. Tata will look even more playful and joyful with a beautiful assortment of colorful spots.

Where can I find more inspiration for drawing Tata?

Explore social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, where you’ll find a wealth of fan art, tutorials, and references for drawing Tata. You can also refer to official BT21 merchandise or the BT21 website for inspiration.


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