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How To Draw Captain America

In recent years, superheroes have become really popular! These days, they are appearing in every kind of media. Captain America was once thought of as a B-tier hero. However, after several successful films, the character has gained a lot of popularity and recognition. To symbolize their national hero, his admirers frequently prefer to learn how to sketch Captain America. Captain America, or Steve Rogers, was a regular soldier in the army before receiving the super soldier serum. This guide is meant for you if you belong to the Captain America fan base! We will show you how to draw Captain America in a couple of steps, so you can make some awesome artwork with this vibrant hero. So, let’s get started to learn how to draw Captain America .

How to Draw Captain America

Step 1 – Drawing the head

Captain America Drawing Step 1

With Captain America, we are going to start by drawing the top of his head. So, we are going to draw a curve and come down on the other side.  Next, we are going to draw the wings on his head. Let’s add a curve and a straight line curve.  On the other side, draw the exact same thing. Just flip it, curve it up straight and connect.  Now, we are going to finish off drawing his head. Let’s continue the line and come down. Then, curve in the same thing on the other side. Come down and curve in. Then connect it.


Step 2 – Drawing the mask

Captain America Drawing Step 2

Now, we have the main shape of his head. We can draw the cutout on his mask. We draw a curve on both sides. Let’s find the center. So, about the center, just put a little dot. That is where to connect it. Connect it to the top. Next, add the same thing to the other side as well. Then, go back down. So, we have his mask in the cutout.

Step 3 – Drawing the face

Captain America Drawing Step 3

Now, we can draw his eyes. Add two cute eyes. One on each side. So we will draw such cute eyes. Draw two small circles for highlights. Add a curved line at the bottom and shade at the top and lines at the bottom.  Then, add the same thing on the other side. Two small circles, highlights, and lines sat at the bottom. Shade in the top and lines at the bottom. 

Let’s give our Captain America a very cool smile. Give a slight curve that goes up a little bit and another little curve to finish the smile.  Now, let’s draw the A on his outfit. Let’s find the center. Right there, we draw a straight line for the top of the A. Let’s come down on both sides with straight lines. Then, connect it. Now we can draw the inside. Draw a straight line and a triangle.  Now, we got the head in.

Step 4 – Drawing the shield

Captain America Drawing Step 4

Let’s draw the body. But, before we do the body, let’s draw his shield first. So it is  going to be a big circle. So, let’s start by drawing a circle, then another circle.  Draw perfect circles and another one for all the different colors band in his shield. And inside his shield, let’s draw the star.  Then, connect it. 


Step 5 – Drawing the upper body

Captain America Drawing Step 5

Now, we can draw his body. We are going to draw a curved line that comes down. We are going to draw the bottom part of his crotch area. Go down and go back up. For his other side of his body, we are going to draw another line to indicate where his other arm is. It is holding the shield. Now, we can finish the other side of his arm. We just need a curved line. Next, we can draw the gloves that he is wearing since his hands are on his hips. Just that easy way of drawing hands is enough. 

Step 6 – Drawing the lower body

Captain America Drawing Step 6

We can finish his legs now. Let’s continue the line. Go down to where the crotch area and draw another curved line. Let’s finish it off by connecting them. Next, draw the cuffs on his boots. Draw the same thing with the other side.

Step 7 – Drawing the boots

Captain America Drawing Step 7

Now, we can just finish drawing his boots. So, very simple boots like that. And draw the same thing on the other side. Let’s curve and connect it.

Step 8 – Drawing the belt

Captain America Drawing Step 8

Now, we can draw the details on his outfit. Let’s draw his belt. Add a curved line that follows the body. He has some buckles and straps, the little details that you can add in.  There is another line where the red and white stripes are. Just curve the lines a little bit  to follow the body. So, it is not perfectly straight. Of course, draw a star in the middle of his chest. 

Step 9 – Drawing the ground

Captain America Drawing Step 

Let’s just give our Captain America a ground to stand on there. So simple. You just need to add a line behind him. 


Step 10 – Let’s color!

Captain America Drawing Step 10

You have now finished your outline for Captain America. This well-known comic book character can be colored now.  His attire is primarily blue with white and red accents. Similarly, his shield has a blue inner circle surrounded by red and white stripes.

Your Drawing Is Complete Now!

Thanks so much for reading. With our guide on how to draw Captain America, we hope you had a fantastic experience designing one of the most well-known heroes of recent years! Because of their precise dimensions and extensive amount of detail, superheroes shown in this traditional manner are frequently difficult to draw. We really hope that our guide on how to draw Captain America helped you overcome these challenges with ease and enjoyment! Now know how to draw Captain America, you can make sure he will always be there for you.


Tips on How to Draw Captain America

Now, you may understand how to draw Captain America. We suggest you add your own original styles to continue the fun. Captain America is a superhero who carries a vibranium shield shaped like the American flag and dresses in a costume. This sketch of the American flag can be used in your photo.

FAQs on How to Draw Captain America

  1. How can I add originality to my Captain America drawing?

Captain America, as he appears in the vintage comic books, is depicted in this illustration. Although you might portray a different version of him if you choose, this is an iconic appearance for him. When doing this, you would have a wide range of sources to pick from. You could, for instance, decide to sketch an alternative version of the comic. Alternatively, you might make him appear as he does in movies. Which Captain America outfit is your favorite?

  1. Is it difficult to draw Captain America?

It depends. But do not worry. If you follow our guides on how to draw Captain America, there are just 10 steps to make him appear on your paper. We try to simplify the drawing process so you can follow even if you are a beginner. And remember to spend time practicing drawing. Through practicing, you will sharpen your skill and, therefore, produce better drawings. 

  1. What are the materials for drawing Captain America?

You do not need fancy materials to finish your Captain America drawing. 

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:

  • Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
  • Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
  • Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
  • Reference images: Gather images of the character.


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In recent years, superheroes have become really popular! These days, they are appearing in every kind of media. Captain America… View More