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How To Draw Mochi

Mochi, the delightful Japanese treat, has captured the hearts and taste buds of people around the world. Its soft and chewy texture, combined with its charming appearance, has made Mochi a beloved delicacy and a symbol of happiness. In this tutorial, invites you to explore the world of Mochi drawing and create your own adorable Mochi characters. But before we dive into the artistic journey, let’s take a moment to discover the interesting origin and the reasons behind Mochi’s fame.

Originating in Japan, Mochi has a rich history that dates back centuries. Over time, Mochi evolved and became a staple in Japanese cuisine, especially during special occasions and festivals like New Year’s celebrations. One of the reasons why Mochi has gained such popularity is its cultural significance. In Japan, Mochi symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and togetherness. It is often enjoyed with family and friends, bringing people closer and fostering a sense of unity. Mochi’s plump and round shape represents harmony and completeness, while its soft and chewy texture is believed to bring luck and happiness for the coming year. Mochi is incredibly versatile, with various flavors and fillings that cater to different tastes and preferences. From traditional flavors like red bean and green tea to more innovative combinations like strawberry and chocolate, Mochi offers a wide range of options to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Now, let’s embark on a creative journey together. In this tutorial, will guide you step-by-step in learning how to draw Mochi.


How To Draw Mochi  

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.

Step 1 –  Shape the First Mochi

 Mochi  Drawing Step 1 

To begin, lightly sketch a big curve for the top of our first Mochi. Remember, Mochi is all about softness and plumpness, so make the lines gentle and rounded. This initial step sets the foundation for the cuteness that will come to life in your drawing. Now, round off the edges of the curve to create the dumpling-like shape of the Mochi. Keep the lines smooth and gentle, capturing the essence of its soft texture. Feel free to adjust the shape according to your preference, but always aim for that cute and plump appearance. Connect the curved lines smoothly to form the body of the first Mochi.  


Step 2 – Draw the Second Mochi

 Mochi  Drawing Step 2

Move on to the second Mochi. Repeat the same steps as before to create its shape. Remember to position it slightly lower than the first one, maintaining the overall balance of your Mochi stack. Embrace the softness and charm as you bring this new character to life.


Step 3 – Create the Third Mochi

 Mochi  Drawing Step 3

Now, it’s time to draw the third Mochi. Follow the previous steps to shape the body, connecting the lines with a gentle wobble. Each Mochi adds to the charm and personality of the stack, so enjoy the process of creating this adorable trio. To create the final Mochi, draw a curved line below the third one and connect it as well. Connect the bottoms of all the Mochis with a straight line to form the stack.


Step 4 – Add something cute

 Mochi  Drawing Step 4

Get ready to make your Mochi drawing even cuter with a special touch! Now, imagine a little leaf sitting on top of the Mochi stack, just like those adorable Japanese emojis you may have seen before. To draw the leaf, start by creating a long, curved line that looks like a gentle arch. This will be the stem of the leaf. Then, from the top of the stem, draw a soft, rounded shape that looks like the leaf itself. You can even give the leaf some veins by adding some small, curved lines inside it.


Step 5 – Bringing Mochi To Live

 Mochi  Drawing Step 5

Get ready to give your second Mochi some adorable expressions! Let’s start by drawing a curved line to create a big, happy smile on its face. Imagine this Mochi is so joyful and excited to be part of your drawing!  Start with the top one. Draw two circles for the eyes..Add two small circles inside each eye for highlights, and draw a curved line at the bottom of each eye. Shade the top part of the eyes and draw lines at the bottom. Above each eye, draw a soft curve to create the eyebrows. Then, draw a cute smile in between the eyes, slightly raised at the ends.


Step 6 – Continue to add more face

 Mochi  Drawing Step 6

Next, let’s draw its eyes. Just like we did before, draw two oval shapes to represent the eyes. You can make them big, small, or even give them a playful wink. It’s all up to your imagination! Let’s add a tongue sticking out to show just how happy and playful this Mochi is. Draw a small, curved shape peeking out from between the Mochi’s smile. It’s like Mochi is saying, “I’m having so much fun!” This cute little detail will make your second Mochi even more lively and full of character.


Step 7 – Draw The Last Face For The Third Mochi

 Mochi  Drawing Step 7

Let’s make the last Mochi extra silly! Draw a curved line below it to form plump cheeks. Add small oval eyes with a highlight inside each one. Draw a curved line on top of the eyes. Create a happy smile between the eyes and add a tongue. Shade in the tongue for added cuteness. Your Mochis now have adorable expressions!


Step 8 – Let’s color!

 Mochi  Drawing Step 8

To make your Mochi drawing even more special, let’s add a speech bubble that will let your Mochi express its feelings! Choose any Mochi you like, and near it, draw a big curved oval shape. This shape will be the speech bubble. It’s like a special thought bubble just for your Mochi friend. Inside the speech bubble, let’s write a sweet message. Start at the top of the bubble and write the word “I.” Then, write “love,” “you,” “so,” and finally “Mochi.” Feel free to space the words out nicely inside the bubble. And to show just how excited and happy your Mochi is, don’t forget to add an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence! And let’s not forget about colors! For the lowest Mochi, grab your pink coloring tool and fill it in with a beautiful shade of pink. This Mochi wants to be extra sweet! For the second Mochi from the bottom, use a lighter shade of pink to give it a soft and gentle look. And for the top Mochi, use a lovely shade of green to make it stand out. It’s like a little Mochi tree! Lastly, color the leaf on top of the Mochi tree green to match the color of nature.


Your  Mochi  Is Complete!

Congratulations! has guided you in learning how to draw Mochi characters. Your patience, dedication, and artistic flair have paid off, and now you can proudly showcase your Mochi creations to the world. You can decorate the speech bubble with stars, dots, or any other cute symbols that make you smile. You can also add some patterns or designs to the Mochis themselves to make them uniquely yours. Use your creativity to make your drawing as special and personalized as can be! And let’s not forget the impact your Mochi drawings can have on others. Share your artwork with friends, family, and fellow art enthusiasts, and watch as their faces light up with delight. Your drawings might inspire them to pick up a pencil and explore their own artistic potential, creating a ripple effect of creativity and joy. 


Tips On How To Draw Mochi 

Customize Your Mochi: Mochi characters are highly customizable, so feel free to add your personal touch. Experiment with different facial expressions, such as a tongue sticking out or blushing cheeks. Let your creativity shine and make each Mochi uniquely yours.

Explore different flavors and fillings: Mochi comes in a variety of flavors and often has delicious fillings. Have fun incorporating different colors and patterns to represent various flavors like strawberry, matcha, or red bean. Show the fillings by adding hints of color or small details to enhance the visual appeal.


FAQ On How To Draw Mochi 

Can Mochi drawings bring good luck?

While Mochi is often associated with good luck in Japanese culture, the drawings themselves don’t possess magical powers. However, the act of drawing Mochi can be a joyful and relaxing experience, which in itself can bring a sense of positivity and good vibes. So, grab your pencils and let the good vibes flow!

How can I make my Mochi drawings more dynamic?

Experiment with different poses and actions to make your Mochi drawings more dynamic. Explore gestures like jumping, dancing, or holding objects to infuse energy and movement into your artwork.

Can you sum up all of the steps?

First, we’ll shape the first Mochi by drawing a big, gentle curve for its top. Make the lines round and soft, just like a fluffy dumpling. Then, round off the edges to create that cute and plump Mochi shape. Repeat these steps for the second and third Mochis, making sure to position them lower to keep the balance. Now, let’s add a little leaf on top of the Mochi stack, like a cute emoji. Draw a curved stem and a rounded leaf shape. Don’t forget the veins! Next, it’s time to give the Mochis their expressions. Draw big smiles, happy eyes, and even a tongue sticking out. Finally, grab your favorite colors and bring these delightful Mochito life!


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Mochi, the delightful Japanese treat, has captured the hearts and taste buds of people around the world. Its soft and… View More