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How To Draw Pokemon Eevee

We are going to draw Eevee from Pokemon. You will discover how to draw a Pokemon Eevee using these simple and step-by-step sketching tutorials.  Gen I Pokémon of the normal type are called Eevee. In the television show “The Battling Eevee Brothers,” Eevee made her screen debut. Eevee is special because, with the right training, it may develop into any one of eight different Pokémon.  Do you want to sketch a cute Eevee? Prepare your eraser, pencil, and paper along with your Pokéballs because this simple, step-by-step drawing lesson on how to draw a Pokemon Eevee will show you how to do it. Let’s see how to draw a Pokemon Eevee


How To Draw Pokemon Eevee

Step 1 – Drawing eyes

Drawing Pokemon Eevee Step 1

To drag your Evie, let’s draw her eyes. You must draw a big oval and then come right next to it and draw another one. Then, let’s come up and draw another oval for a highlight and the same thing for the other eye.  Now, come in and color a little bit. Let’s finish the drawing first and let’s come back and just draw a slight slanted line.

Step 2 – Drawing mouth and nose 

Pokemon Eevee Drawing Step 2

Then, in between the eyes, you must draw a little triangle for her nose, which is right in the center. Next, come down to the center and then draw two curves coming out for a happy Eevee. So now we have that.

Step 3 – Drawing head

Pokemon Eevee Drawing Step 3

Let’s go ahead and frame the face. Come to the top of the eye. We are basically going to draw something like the bottom of a U. Let’s come around the eye. We will slant it out a tiny bit and then round it in for some cheeks. Then, come in. We are going to go ahead and draw a curve. Now, we have that in. Let’s go up. We are going to go up a tiny bit. We are starting to turn in now and same thing here just turn it in and we have these ears. We need to draw but before we do that, let’s just imagine where the ears are. We are just going to skip a little bit of space and then come continue this curve.

We are just going to draw a bunch of zigzags for the top. It is all up to you how many of these you want to drop. You just want to fill the top area with these, sometimes smaller, maybe a bigger one and then just bring it in. If you are using a pencil, just connect it first and make it a little bit easier. Now, we have two open spots. We are going to go ahead and draw Eevee’s ears.

Step 4 – Drawing ears

Pokemon Eevee Drawing Step 4

We are going to draw an angle line. We are going to go out. Take a look at how big you want to make her ears but wherever you are, you just want to make this at the right angle. Make sure there are these two angles right in the center of the angle that you are pointing to. 

Then, let’s bring it in, nice and long. Then round it off and then bring it in.  Next, we are just going to draw two more zigzags right in the center. Let’s just go ahead and draw the inside, so just follow your outside. 

So, we have one big ear there. Then, let’s draw the other one. Good thing is that we do not have to match the exact same angle; we can change it up to make it extra cute. But, we are just trying to make it about the same size so it will make it a little bit straighter. We are just going to go up and draw the inside. So, just follow your outside and come in and just draw two tufts of fur on the inside.   Now, we are done with that. 


Step 5 – Drawing neck fur 

Pokemon Eevee Drawing Step 5

Let’s go ahead and we are going to draw some fur around the neck area. Start to zigzag. Let’s do the same thing on the other side. We are just going to poof it around and bring it back to the center. So that is our goal. We are just going to go around a little bit more hair, nice and poofy. And I will bring it out to the same thing  so zigzag coming in. There is another one. Then just go ahead and connect. So you just want it nicely around the neck, then you can come in and add some more details and extend these lines. You can give it a little bit more definition.

Step 6 – Drawing front legs

Pokemon Eevee Drawing Step 6

We can go ahead and draw the legs. We are just going to draw two angle lines. Then, you should go thicken these front legs. Then, we are just going to go ahead and come out curve it out and connect.


Step 7 – Drawing more details

Pokemon Eevee Drawing Step 7

You can come in with two little curves for some detail on whatever space you have. Just go ahead and connect it.

Step 8 – Drawing hind legs

Pokemon Eevee Drawing Step 8

Then, let’s draw the back leg. Draw a curve coming in towards the front legs. Add same thing two little curves on the other side. We are going to bring down a curve all

the way, and then pop it out, and connect them. 


Step 9 – Drawing the tail

Pokemon Eevee Drawing Step 9

Then, from there, let’s draw her beautiful tail. We are going to round it off. Just add two curves for the tip of her tail to mark different colors. We believe that is pretty much it. 


Step 10 – Let’s color!

Pokemon Eevee Drawing Step 10

Now, give your Eevee some color. Usually, she is portrayed as brown with tan highlights. Grab your colors and start coloring your Pokemon Eevee. 


Your Drawing Is Complete Now!

So, that is pretty much it for our drawing here of Eevee. We really hope you love how she turned out and we helped you draw her fun and easy today with our guide on how to draw a Pokemon Eevee

Tips on How to Draw Pokemon Eevee

It is essential to comprehend the unique characteristics of Eevee prior to delving into the tutorial on how to draw a Pokemon Eevee. By doing so, you will be able to capture the essence of its appearance and produce a better drawing. Here are a few characteristics that set them apart:

  • A little, brown-furred fox-like creature
  • A muzzle resembling a cat and a tiny, black nose
  • Long, rabbit-like ears and round, brown eyes
  • Its neck features a fluffy, cream-colored ruff, and its tail is bushy and brown with a cream-colored tip.
  • Little paws with three toes each 


FAQs on How to Draw Pokemon Eevee

  1. How can I improve the realism of my Eevee drawing??

Take note of the minute elements, such as the hues and tones, the fox-like proportions, and the fluffy tail. These features make up Eevee’s appearance. The realism is enhanced by every small detail.


  1. How can I get better at understanding the ratios?

Having trouble with proportions is normal, particularly if you are just starting to draw. Consider dissecting the picture into more basic lines and forms. We suggest you make a preliminary sketch using them as a guide, and then polish as you go.


  1. Can I draw different Pokémon with this tutorial?

You can draw different Pokémon, like Pikachu or Squirtle, etc., using the techniques you learn in this guide,how to draw a Pokemon Eevee, like recognizing the character’s traits, sketching out a basic sketch, and fine-tuning the details. You can modify the instructions to fit the special traits of the Pokémon you like to sketch, or you can select an alternative tutorial from our library.


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We are going to draw Eevee from Pokemon. You will discover how to draw a Pokemon Eevee using these simple… View More