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How To Draw King Boo

What’s up, everyone! Today, we will show you how to draw King Boo. It is a character from Super Mario. King Boo is the chief nemesis of the Luigi’s Mansion series and the ultimate leader of all the Boos. King Boo is nearly as dangerous as Bowser and is undoubtedly one of the most evil and gloomy characters in the entire franchise—at least when contrasted to the version from the original series. Because of his ability to conjure up illusions and provide his army of Boos with Spirit Ball power, King Boo is also known as “The Master of Illusions.” This is such an amazing character. That inspired us to make this tutorial on how to draw King Boo. Let’s begin today’s lesson in the center of our page!  


How to Draw King Boo

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.


Step 1 – Drawing eyes

King Boo Drawing Step 1

With the front brow, we will start right in the middle and draw a curve that comes down, then just pull that up on the right side. We want to draw the right brow coming down a little bit lower. And we will bend that back up now. We draw a half circle underneath the brow, starting along the side, coming down toward the bottom. Run this out and then pull that up. 

And we will draw two small ovals underneath each curve. Let’s start on the left. Come down with an oval up, and do the same thing on the right. Now, you fill that inside area in black.

Step 2 – Drawing mouth

King Boo Drawing Step 2

Now we are going to move down and draw the top edge of the mouth. Let’s start

all the way over on the left side for the mouth to come down. We will just bend that up. Let’s go back to the left side. Start drawing the bottom edge of the mouth as it comes down. And then, now, I want to layer the tongue on top of the mouth. Come down towards the edge of the tongue and bend that up along the outside. 

Let’s tuck this back in on the left side of the mouth. Let’s go back to the right side curve, the knot coming down. And then back in. Let’s add the top row of teeth and start with two large fangs on either side. We are just going to bend this down and in this in and up underneath the mouth. And we will draw two more teeth along the inside, just curving this in toward the tongue. Just pull that up in the middle and it will fill the inside of the mouth in black.

Step 3 – Drawing face shape 

King Boo Drawing Step 3

Now, we want to draw the outside of the head along the top and right sides. From the eye, let’s go all the way over toward the left. It is at the top of the circle going up. We are just going to round up the head. Bring that down right now. We are just going to tuck this back down and then in behind the tongue.

Step 4 – Drawing one hand

King Boo Drawing Step 4

Let’s go back over towards the left side and overlap the arm on top of the head. We are just going to step in, crease up and across around at the hand come down and then bend that in. Let’s add a fold underneath the arm. 


Step 5 – Drawing tail

King Boo Drawing Step 5

Come down in and step back up, then the tail going up. Now you want to round up the tail. Come down along the bottom and then up underneath the tongue, aiming towards the right side of the body. Just bend that in. 

Step 6 – Drawing the other hand

King Boo Drawing Step 6

Now, you want to take that same arm and flip it over behind the body. So, let’s line this up and up and out the arm. Come down and then back in.

Step 7 – Drawing Hat

King Boo Drawing Step 7

Now, we are going to add the crown on top of the head. Start over left with a short angle line going up. Step across, draw that same length line. Close off the top with a curve. Now, from the top corners of the crown, angle up and out toward the side.

Let’s go to the center and draw a straight line going up. Now you need to connect each of these lines with a straight line going across the bottom edge of the jam from the outside angle gem going up. And in the center, draw a straight line going up and then we will close off the top with a straight line. Let’s add a couple points of the crown from the center and let the left side go up and then back down. Then draw the same thing on the right side.

Step 8 – Let’s color!

King Boo Drawing Step 8

Now, we are going to grab a purple marker and fill in the tongue. You will use that same color along the bottom half of the gem. We need a bright pink on the left side along the top. And then we use a lighter pink on the right side. Now, we grab our yellow and fill in the bottom of the crown. Now, use the light purple to add a highlight along the top right side of the tongue. We will start with a circle and then just blend that out. 

We are going to surround the eyes with this glow using our pink pencil crayon. And these are purple markers to add some shadows across the bottom of the body, down along the bottom. Also, add the shadow across the bottom edge of the brow and the right side of the teeth. 


Your King Boo Drawing Is Complete Now!

That’s how to draw King Boo. Now King Boo has been present on your paper. Enjoy it! We hope you like our guides on how to draw King Boo. Hopefully, with our tutorial on how to draw King Boo, you have found out that drawing is not that complex and difficult, but simple and a lot of fun.  


Tips on How to Draw King Boo

Feel satisfied with the result? Yes, it is really great after finishing something, especially an art. But remember that you can continuously enhance your drawing ability. Below are some of our tips to help you achieve that.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice

If you want to get better at drawing King Boo, you will need to practice. Start with simple sketches and then move on to more challenging pieces. The more you practice, the better your King Boo drawing will be.

  • Experiment

Do not be afraid to experiment! Try different colors, techniques, and even materials to create unique variations of King Boo. The possibilities are endless and you might just discover some surprises along the way.

  • Keep It Loose

Although it is important to be precise, do not get too caught up in the details. Your King Boo drawing should look effortless and, above all, be fun to make. So, keep it loose and enjoy the process.


FAQs on How to Draw King Boo

  1. What are King Boo’s crucial features?

Pay attention to these details in your drawing in order to effectively convey Boo’s essence:

  • The long, flashing tongue and the broad, spooky mouth
  • Its wide eyes, which give it an air of eternal astonishment
  • The stubby, short arms that heighten its spectral appeal

For a realistic drawing of Boo, start with light pencil strokes to establish the basic forms, and then you can progressively add depth. 

  1. Is it easy to draw King Boo?

It need not be hard to draw King Boo. You will have no trouble bringing the King to life if you adhere to this straightforward advice and method on how to draw King Boo. You and your friends will be able to enjoy the artwork you make, whether you use pencil, paint, or a 3D application. So feel free to give it a shot!

  1. What are the art supplies for drawing King Boo?

Here is our advice for a simplified drawing kit: 

  • Drawing paper 
  • Pencil
  • Colored pencils: crimson, blue, pink, grey 


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What’s up, everyone! Today, we will show you how to draw King Boo. It is a character from Super Mario.… View More