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Outdoor Coloring Game:  Scavenger Hunting For Kids

If you want your kids to explore the world around them and experience colors in nature, an outdoor color hunt is a great activity. This color activity not only helps the kids recognize and classify colors in a fun way, but also explores colors in nature and creates creativity in activities and coloring games. In today’s blog, will introduce you to an exciting coloring activity: organizing an outdoor coloring game called Scavenger Hunting!


I. How to organize this coloring game

1. Preparation

Prepare a list of colors in advance. You can choose basic colors like green, red, yellow, blue, orange, and purple. Make sure the color list you choose matches the surroundings and is easy to find.

2. Rules of play

The rules of this coloring game are very simple. First, give the children a piece of paper. That sheet of paper includes the colors that the kids need to find. Every time the kids find that color, they will take a photo or mark it on a piece of paper and bring a sample to confirm that they have found that color.

3. Bonus

Don’t forget to offer interesting prizes to the winners. For example, you can print out coloring pages and give them to the kids so they can practice coloring.


II. Activities to help the kids explore colors

1. Coloring activity:

After the coloring game is over, instruct the kids to color the color images they found in the previous color “hunt” activity. The kids can use colored pencils or watercolors to color, and they can get creative with the colors they find. Prepare some coloring pages with many different topics, then give them to the kids so they can practice coloring.

2. Coloring game – classification

Prepare some items with diverse colors and guide the kids to classify them by color. This helps the kids recognize and classify colors in detail and develop observation and classification skills.

3. Explore colors in nature

Take the kids outside and explore the colors in nature. Instruct the kids to observe flowers, leaves, rocks, rainbows, or any natural object with a variety of colors. Ask the kids about the colors they see and encourage them to describe their feelings about the colors.

4. Creative art activities:

Give the kids some art materials such as paper, pens, watercolors, and crayons, and guide them to create creative works of art using the colors they have found in the coloring game. This encourages the kids’s creativity and artistic thinking.


III. To make the color hunt more interesting, you can add the following challenges:

1. Increase complexity in finding colors

Instead of using basic colors like red, blue, and green, you can introduce variations of colors. For example, instead of “red,” you can specify “brown red” or “dark red.” This will require the kids to have more detailed knowledge of colors, from which they will learn to recognize advanced colors.

2. Set a time limit

Give the challenge a set time limit and ask the kids to find as many colors as possible. This will make operations more competitive.

3. Provide questions or suggestions

Instead of providing a direct list of colors, create quizzes or hints related to each color. For example, you could give a suggestion like “I am the color of grapes” for purple.

4. Expand the search area

Instead of limiting this coloring game to a specific location, expand your search area (park, neighborhood, etc.). This will get the kids excited to run around exploring.

5. Combine teamwork or competition:

Divide the kids into groups and turn this coloring game into a friendly competition. Each group is given a list of colors to search for, and the group that finds all the colors first or finds the most colors in a certain amount of time wins. This will promote teamwork, collaboration, and healthy competition.

6. Add additional challenges

  • Create a colorful mosaic using natural materials.
  • Create a short play involving colors.
  • Tell a story about found colors.
  • Tell about how the process of “hunting” for colors took place
  • Don’t forget to design certificates to encourage children to win

This outdoor hunting coloring game is a great color activity that helps the kids explore colors and the world around them. It not only helps the kids recognize and classify colors in a fun way but also encourages the kids’s creativity and thinking. By organizing a coloring game, you can bring fun and excitement to the kids and help them discover the beauty of colors in nature.

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