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Toplist Christmas Drawings For Everyone

Christmas – the most festive season of the year, is coming. It would be a great idea for us to welcome this festive season by giving our relatives and friends gifts. Today, will introduce some interesting Christmas drawings that you can use to give to the people you love!


Santa Claus

When talking about Christmas, how can we miss “Santa Claus” – the god of children’s dreams. The legend of Santa Claus was started by a Saint named Nicholas. He often disguised himself to bring gifts to poor children. When mentioning Santa Claus, people immediately think of the sleigh and reindeer traveling around the world with him to deliver gifts to good children. The image of Santa Claus can represents the meaning of Christmas: bringing love to everyone.

Rudolph Reindeer

“Santa Claus whistled and shouted and called their names: Come on Dasher! Come on Dancer! Come on Prancer and Vixen! Go Comet, go Cupid! Go Donder, Blitzen and Rudolph! “Rudolph” is the 9th reindeer added since 1939 (Originally there were only 8 reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh). Its mission is to light the way thanks to its bright red nose. Anyone who often watches cartoons will see a very active reindeer called Rudolph.


Christmas trees, snowmen,… are indispensable things in Christmas holidays in all countries around the world.

Christmas tree

On Christmas, people often buy a pine tree and decorate it with stars, baubles, sparkling glitter, flowers… The pine tree is considered a symbol of hope and new vitality during the New Year celebration.


Jingle Bells

Bells have long been closely associated with Christian churches. In many parts of the world today, bells are still rung every Sunday and during holidays. That’s why bells are a familiar symbol during the Christmas season.

Christmas Gifts

Gifts express people’s love for family and friends. For some people, Christmas gifts also have a deep religious meaning. It is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the gift that God gave to humans.

Gingerbread Man

Do you know when Christmas is coming to town? That’s when your kitchen smells like the gingerbread just baked and cake shops start selling fun human-shaped cookies. Ginger cake is still famous as a delicious cake with the main ingredient from ginger powder and above all, anyone can make it in the kitchen. That may be the reason why children in Western countries often make this cake with adults as gifts to send to relatives every Christmas.

Christmas elves

Christmas elves are small elves who live with Santa Claus at the North Pole and act as his helpers. Christmas elves are often depicted as green or red with large, pointy ears and pointy hats. Santa’s elves are often shown making toys in Santa’s workshop and taking care of his reindeer.


For a long time, adults and children alike have believed that on Christmas Eve, if we hang stockings next to the furnace, Santa Claus will visit and put the gifts we wish for. Since then, stockings have been one of the most influential images in traditional Christmas culture. It’s not necessarily that expensive Christmas gifts are meaningful, but simply giving each other socks to feel warmth and bring blessings.

Cat Christmas Stocking

Letting a mischievous cat climb into the sock is also a good idea, right?

Letters For Santa

People often write down good wishes for each other and what they wish for and then hang them on the Christmas tree to hope it comes true.

Merry Christmas Greeting Card

Every Christmas, people exchange beautiful cards with loving wishes

Christmas wreath

Laurel wreaths have long been one of the indispensable things at Christmas. Since the birth of Christ, the Christmas wreath made from ivy branches has become a symbol of the victory of life throughout the winter months.

Dog Cute Christmas

This dog has put on a hat, a shirt and is ready for a grand Christmas party, what about you?

Funny Christmas Penguin

This penguin also put on an extremely warm scarf and a snowflake-shaped hat to attend Christmas!

Cat With Christmas Candy Cane

This cat quickly takes everyone’s candy cane!


Christmas Gingerbread House

A house surrounded by countless types of candy, how sweet!


Candy cane

The candy cane represents the love and sacrifice of Jesus. The white color of the candy represents the purity and innocence of God. Then, the three small stripes symbolize the pain that Jesus endured before he died on the cross. A bold stripe to symbolize the blood that God shed for humanity.

Unbox the presents

What could be better than being surrounded by countless gifts?


The challenging penguin

Instead of coloring right away, has a challenge for you. Let’s connect the numbers together to create a complete picture of this cute penguin. You can then proceed to paint it creatively! Let’s try this number-matching challenge!

Parents can print these drawings and give the kids coloring tools, such as colored pencils and coloring gels, and let them be creative when they complete it. If you are a young artist interested in painting, invite your friends to participate in this coloring activity.

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