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How To Draw Orange From Roblox Rainbow Friends

We will teach you how to sketch and paint Orange, the lizard- or raptor-like orange monster that appears in Roblox’s Rainbow Friends game. Players must feed Orange to keep it from arriving or to hide under your box. Orange first arrives on the third night of the game.

First of all, you need a good pencil to draw your Orange. Then, use crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color your character.

Now, let’s get started exploring how to draw Orange, the cool monster. 


How To Draw Orange From Roblox Rainbow Friends

Step 1 – Drawing half of’s Orange mouth

Orange Drawing Step 1

Let’s first start by drawing a big curve at the top. So we are going to come right here and this is going to be the top of the mouth there. 

And then we are going to bring it down so we are going to come in a little bit. It is just like drawing an alligator’s mouth right there. Then we are just going to round it off and connect right there. So nice a long snout right there. 

Step 2 – Continuing to draw the mouth

Orange Drawing Step 2

And then, from there, come in about right there, where we started. We are going to pop out a little curve right there and then we are going to bring this all the way down for the bottom part of the mouth so bring it down at a nice steep angle. Have you recognised our Orange? Let’s move to the next step to add other parts to the Orange. 


Step 3 – Adding eyes

Orange Drawing Step 3

We are going to set the eyes and so on this part right on the above part of the mouth. We are just going to go ahead and nice round like half of a circle all the way across  same thing here. Just right in here, pop in this big half circle there. And then we are going to come to the center. And we are  just going to draw this lizard eyes. It is  just kind of this little oval in  the center and shade this in and same thing there, right in the center.  


Step 4 – Adding teeth

Orange Drawing Step 4

Let’s go ahead and we are just going to tentatively draw very lightly and follow the curse of the mouth. First, we made for the bottom of the mouth. We are going to draw two fit in two of these bottom fangs. Then we are just going to go ahead and whatever space we have left. So now that we have a mouth full of monster teeth.


Step 5 – Drawing legs

Orange Drawing Step 5

Let’s go ahead and draw the body. So right underneath the mouth, we are just going to go ahead and let’s draw this cylindrical shaped body. Nice and simple, right there. We are just going to curve it out. We will start the legs, so let’s imagine. This is the body, so we are going to come about right there and just draw a curve, so this is where the legs are going to start. So let’s bring this out and curve down the same thing on the other side. So let’s bring this down so it’s wider towards the bottom. To end this step, just draw three pointy lizard feet for each leg.


Step 6 – Drawing arms

Orange Drawing Step 6

One, two and three… And then, for the arms, let’s come back to where the mouth is started. Let’s come up a little bit. We are just going to pop out  this curve and come right there and just thicken up these arms. Come right there, we are  going to do the same thing. One, two and three fingers. So let’s draw the same thing on the other side.  That’s what’s nice about these rainbow friends. They are very simple, so let’s go same thing, one, two and three there. 


Step 7 – Simply add a tail

Orange Drawing Step 7

Finally, let’s draw a tail. Just a little indication of a tail and then bring it in there and that is pretty much it for this drawing of Orange from Roblox rainbow friends.


Step 8 – Let’s start coloring Orange

Orange Drawing Step 8

Now let’s move to the most satisfying step for your Orange. Grab your colors and fill in the blanks. Do not forget to keep the iconic color for your Orange. 

We really hope we helped you draw this character here fun and easy. Now, it is the time to enjoy your picture. 


Tips on how to draw Orange

As you can see, it is not difficult to produce your own Orange on paper. Simply follow our steps. We have a simple tip to help improve your experience. Because our tutorial is simple to follow, you can set your time limit to finish your drawing. 5 minutes or even 3 minutes to finish your Orange. Dare you try?

FAQs on how to draw Orange

  1. How can I get better at drawing when I am not good at it?

Practice makes perfect. So do not let your fear prevent you from raising your drawing ability. Please keep a fresh mind and follow our steps. You will never know how easy it is to draw before you try our tutorials. 

  1. Is it fine if I use other material than pencils to draw Orange?

Yes. You can try different drawing materials. They are colored pencils, markers, coloring pens, etc. But we want to warn you that the colored tools will be more difficult to erase. Therefore, if you are a beginner at drawing, we suggest you use pencils so you can easily fix your mistakes. 

  1. Can children draw this character?

Of course, our instructions on drawing Orange are really simple. You can instruct your child to use pencils to draw different parts of Orange. Then, when they finish drawing, they can color their drawing. For drawing, it can be more challenging for small kids. That is when you should help your child. Start by teaching your child how to hold a pen correctly. Then you can hold their hand to help them draw the line of Orange. 

It is really great if parents and children can spend time together on a creative activity. 

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We will teach you how to sketch and paint Orange, the lizard- or raptor-like orange monster that appears in Roblox’s… View More