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Top Creative Halloween Drawings 

Halloween is a major festival held on October 31 every year to commemorate saints and those who have passed away. This is also an opportunity to educate people to stay away from bad things and not to play with “demons” – evil, deceitful personalities. On Halloween, there are a number of interesting activities, such as: masquerades, pumpkin carving, knocking on doors to ask for candy, getting apples, organizing parties, etc. Among them, the masquerade is the most important activity. Everyone can dress up as their favorite images, such as: cartoon characters, elves, ghosts, etc. Let’s join to explore the top 20 creative Haloween drawings about this interesting holiday.



Pumpkins are considered an indispensable symbol of Halloween. Pumpkins often have the shape of a devil’s face. And place it inside or outside the house to create a spooky atmosphere. Traditionally, jack-o’-lanterns associated with Halloween come from the Irish legend “Jack O’Lantern”, about a farmer nicknamed “Stingy Jack” – a person who specializes in cunning. cunning to trick people. Until he dies, his soul still wanders in the human world and can only carry an ember in the dark night. Since then, villagers have created versions of lanterns to ward off “Stingy Jack” and other demons. 

Pumpkin With Cat Halloween

Halloween Pumpkin Image 

Picture Of Halloween Pumpkins


One of the most common and enjoyable activities for children during Halloween is asking for candy. Accordingly, on Halloween night, children will dress up as strange characters and knock on each door and ask the question: “Trick or treat.” The host will send delicious candies into the candy boxes of special guests.

Candy party

Trick or treat


With the inherent mystery of mummies, you are truly a character for Halloween this year. It is considered the most ideal costume for Halloween because no one can recognize you behind the tight fabric around your body. Therefore, you can freely mess around and create “sensational” jokes without fear of anyone finding out who you are.

Scared Halloween Mummy

Pictures Of Halloween Mummies

Mummy Halloween Decorations

The Witch

The witch is a popular Halloween character that many people choose. This is a character imbued with the spirit of mystery, darkness, and a sense of fear.

Pretty Witch

Happy Halloween Witches

Baby Witch

Vampire Dracula

The vampire character Dracula is truly indispensable when mentioning the Halloween festival. The image of this character has become a classic symbol of the evil world.

Halloween Party Coloring Pages For Kids

Pretty Halloween Party


Zombies, also known as zombies, are often the main characters in horror movies and a Halloween symbol, representing zombie culture originating from Haiti. Therefore, Haitians believe that people can fall into a state of insanity like the corpses on the screen. That’s why zombies are one of the favorite Halloween characters to transform into.

Zombie Halloween Cartoon

Printable Zombie 


 Halloween is also an occasion when many people want to transform into ghosts, creating a scary and mysterious image. A bed sheet can also become an effective tool to help you turn into a ghost with mysterious eyes.

Halloween Party With Ghost

Cute Halloween Drawings

Cute Halloween Clipart


According to folk beliefs from ancient times, bats have become a Halloween symbol that brings misfortune and is closely related to witches. 

Halloween Bat


Parents can print these drawings and give the kids coloring tools, such as colored pencils and coloring gels, and let them be creative when they complete them. If you are a young artist interested in painting, invite your friends to participate in this coloring activity

Halloween is a major festival held on October 31 every year to commemorate saints and those who have passed away.… View More

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