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Yellow Color: The Color Of Joy And Creativity

Did you know that yellow color is the brightest color the human eye can perceive? So, what is the true meaning of this color, and what kind of psychology or personality does a person who loves yellow have? Let’s explore this in the blog below!

I – The Psychology Of Yellow Color

Yellow color evokes many emotions and influences human behavior.

1. What emotions does the yellow color evoke?

In psychology, yellow is seen as the color of happiness and wealth. It also creates a sense of royalty and prestige when used in interior design and paintings.

Yellow color is a fantastic color palette to use in art and interior decoration. This color will highlight the cheerfulness and dynamism of the artwork and the room, awakening optimism and a zest for life in you. It is also a color commonly used in paintings and children’s bedrooms.

However, you should be aware that you should not overuse yellow in the same space. Too much yellow can cause feelings of restlessness and insomnia and can easily stimulate mood swings.

2. How does the yellow color influence human behavior and decisions?

When understanding the meaning of yellow, you can quickly perceive that it manifests enthusiasm and increased energy in life. In fact, the color yellow plays a significant role in influencing the daily mental life of each person. More specifically, yellow is the color of communication in color psychology, contributing to your confidence and optimism.

Yellow is perceived to be related to learning and human brain thinking because it is a unique color that resonates with the left or logical side of the brain, thereby stimulating the psychology and cognition of each person. This color also has the characteristic of inspiring thought and arousing curiosity and creativity in your mental perspective.

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II – Shades Of Yellow Color

Yellow has various shades and can be combined with many colors.

1. Yellow Color Palette And How To Mix Yellow

Goldenrod: If you have a tube of brown, mix brown and yellow in a 1:1 ratio to create the goldenrod shade. Add a few drops of red and blue to enhance the hue if the colour looks a bit beige or pale.

Mix red, blue, and yellow evenly to make brownish yellow: Mix red and blue in a 1:1 ratio to create a green shade. Then, mix this green mixture with yellow to make a warm, dark yellow. If you want a brighter yellow, you can continue to add yellow until you achieve the desired shade.

Mix black, red, and yellow evenly to create a deep yellow. Start by creating a warm brownish-red by mixing black and red. Then, add yellow to lighten and brighten the mixture gradually. This way, you will have a shade close to natural yellow.

Adjust the hue by adding yellow, red, blue, or white. If you want to adjust the yellow you just mixed, add the primary colors and white. Red will help increase warmth, while blue adds a calm tone to yellow. The yellow color will help balance colours that are too hot or cold, while white makes the mixture brighter.

2. Different Shades Of Yellow Color

Like other colors, yellow is also divided into different color shades. Each color tone carries a meaning and represents a different significance.

– Copper yellow helps soothe the senses and creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere. This color does not bring the bright brilliance like the brilliant yellow range. Instead, it gets a sense of sophistication and luxury and is suitable for many different design styles, from classic to modern.

– Lemon yellow represents brilliance and brightness and is extremely eye-catching. Therefore, lemon yellow is favoured and used extensively in the design field, from interior design to fashion, and graphic design,… However, when using this color, you must balance other colors to create harmony for your space or design.

– Earth yellow is also among the favorite yellow tones in graphic design today. Red earth represents peace, peace, and security. Sometimes, red earth is used in gold, copper, etc.

– Similar to earth yellow, brown yellow also brings a luxurious look and suggests wealth but is more prominent. Thanks to this feature, designers often apply it in logo designs to highlight and impress the brand. In addition, brown-yellow furniture is also popular to create a cozy and relaxing space for your home.

– Orange yellow is a color that suggests brightness, youthfulness, and dynamism. Orange yellow is appropriate for those who love and pursue this style. This is also a prominent and easily noticeable color, so businesses often use it to choose colors for company uniforms.

– Cream yellow always attracts viewers with its precise, gentle, and natural color, not causing eye strain or being too dull. In interior design or graphic design, it is often combined with colors such as brown and dark beige to create a space/design with a gentle, cozy atmosphere.

– Gold is considered an exceptional and valuable color for logo design. Designers often use this color in designs related to brand identity to create a luxurious feel and attract viewers. This is also a favorite color of the upper class because it brings a sense of nobility and wealth.

– Gold is most commonly seen in jewelry, unlike the purest yellow, but emits a sparkling light that attracts the viewer. Typically, gold is widely used in interior design, home decoration, or in the art of gilding. It is also commonly used in temples and pagodas to create a solemn, respectful, warm space.

– Sand yellow is not a very prominent color but is known through many motorcycle or car designs. Car owners often carefully consider the car’s colour before buying to bring luck and success.

– The last color in the series of yellow shades is turmeric yellow. This color also brings a sense of calm and warmth and is often used in home decoration (living room, kitchen) or fashion design.

III – The Uses Of Yellow Color

Yellow color benefits many fields, such as design, fashion, and interior…

1. Yellow Color In Graphic Design And Website

In graphic design, the color wheel is used to mix colors. Accordingly, you can follow rules such as monochromatic color mixing, analogous color mixing, contrasting color mixing…

2. Yellow color In Fashion and Makeup

When choosing yellow clothes, you can combine with other colors such as black, green, orange, gray, or white… Only then can you create a harmonious feeling about color, helping you become luxurious and prominent in front of the crowd. 

IV – Yellow Color Meaning

Yellow color carries many symbolic meanings, both positive and negative.

1. Positive Meaning Of Yellow Color

Yellow symbolizes the sun, warmth, hope, and optimism. In Buddhism, yellow symbolizes enlightenment and wisdom. Yellow is also a symbol of friendship, joy, and luck.

2. Negative Meaning Of Yellow Color

Yellow color also represents cowardice, deceit, and jealousy. Yellow sometimes makes you judge and analyze based on emotions more than reason, such as self-criticism or criticizing others.

V – Colors Associated With Yellow

Yellow is associated with many other colors in culture and art.

1. Yellow Color In Culture And Religion

In Islam, yellow symbolizes superior wisdom and intelligence. Yellow color is also a symbol for the Chinese Emperor and the Chinese royal family, as well as for countries influenced by Chinese civilization such as Vietnam, Japan, etc., during feudal times. Ordinary people and officials were not allowed to use yellow. Today, the use of this color is no longer prohibited.

In Japan, this color also represents the courage to face danger. In India, yellow signifies the merchant class.

Conversely, this color carries a sense of shame when it appears in ancient Egyptian civilizations. Yellow color also represents the deceased.

In Thailand, yellow is the lucky color for Monday, many Thai people wear yellow on Mondays. Also, in some cases, all teachers must wear yellow uniforms in the first week of December. In Russia, a yellow house is slang for a mental hospital.

In some areas of Mexico, yellow marigold is associated with death. Those sentenced to death during the Inquisition were made to wear yellow, a sign for people to know about their treason. In France, yellow represents betrayal, deceit, and inferiority. In the 10th century, on the door of thieves or traitors, the French would use yellow to draw on.

In Germany, yellow also carries a negative meaning: the color of deceit. In most African countries, yellow is the color of gold bars, so it is only used for people with high social status. This color makes people think of money and success.

However, nowadays, in European countries, yellow-black is often used as the color for taxis. In fact, this color has the effect of awakening vision, attracting customers’ attention from afar.

2. Yellow Color In Art And Coloring Pages

Speaking of yellow in the arts, no one does not think of “Golden Autumn” by I. I Levitan (1860-1900) was a beautiful Russian landscape painter. “Golden Autumn” is a work with a high degree of generalization and condenses all his feelings and impressions about nature, country, and people. The signal and shade of yellow serve to retain human emotions purely, expressing the beauty in the simplicity of nature. Levitan’s landscapes have few human figures, but all speak of the fate and mood of people. The yellow in his paintings is like a symphony in tune with our deep sadness and loneliness.

Yellow color meaning in art? In almost all paintings we see its presence, with the function of being one of the main color scales to create a color system for the work, artists often use yellow to express an idea that makes the attraction of vision. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about the color yellow:

What does yellow mean in love?

With its radiance, yellow color is like the sun, symbolizing proud and passionate love and expressing warmth, sincerity, trust, and joy in love. In wedding rings, the yellow ring symbolizes eternal love and the bride and groom’s desire for a comfortable, whole, and warm life.

What color pants should be paired with a yellow shirt?

Those who like yellow are always cheerful, lively, full of energy, enjoy conversations, and especially always honest in life concepts are those who want yellow. Let’s find out what color pants should be paired with a yellow shirt to attract attention: 

A yellow shirt combined with black pants: you can pair it with long black pants or a black skirt to create an extremely dynamic and personal outfit. To complete the outfit, you can add a hat, belt, or glasses, which are all excellent.

Yellow shirt combined with blue pants: You will become more dynamic, youthful, and stylish than ever if you mix a yellow shirt with a pair of blue jeans. When choosing jeans with a dominant blue color, you should select flared pants, baggy pants, shorts, etc.

Yellow shirt with white pants: Combining a yellow shirt with white pants will make you both luxurious, elegant, and youthful. You can pair it with long white jeans, trousers, or shorts—all very catchy. In addition, you can add some accessories, such as glasses, bags, high heels, etc., to complete your outfit.

Yellow shirt with brown wood pants: Those who pursue a classic style cannot ignore the combination of these 2 color ranges. When coordinating clothes with this color range, you can choose a pair of long brown pants and come with a pair of sports shoes along with a handbag, making you look younger and more dynamic than ever.

Yellow shirt with cream pink pants: You can pair a yellow shirt with long jeans, wide-leg pants, or trousers! The accompanying accessories for the outfit is a woolen hat, crossbody bag, boots, or high heels, all of which are very stylish.

Yellow shirt with gray pants: To reduce the glare of yellow, you should use gray. This color is both luxurious, and elegant, helping your outfit to be harmonious, and more subtle. You can pair them with a pair of gray trousers or jeans! 

Yellow shirt with red pants: Fair-skinned girls can combine yellow and white in the color block style, which will be highly personal and dynamic! However, dark-skinned girls will not suit this style because both color ranges are hot.

Quotes related to the yellow color?

The color yellow is associated with many sayings of famous sages worldwide. Among them, the most prominent are the following maxims:

Jeffrey D. Anderson: Yellow is the color of the east, childhood, and morning.

Vincent Van Gogh: How wonderful the new yellow is. It is the abbreviation of the sun.

Alexander Theroux: Yellow is both vague and radiant.

Vincent Van Gogh: Yellow can charm God.

So, yellow is genuinely a color full of charm and meaning. Hope this blog helps you understand yellow’s comprehensive meaning and how to harmoniously coordinate it. Share this with your friends and relatives so they can also understand and use yellow effectively. If you have any other questions about yellow, please comment below. Thank you for reading this blog!


Did you know that yellow color is the brightest color the human eye can perceive? So, what is the true… View More

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