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Marker Drawing Ideas: Explore Unlimited Creativity

You’ve just stepped into the world of painting. You’ve just bought a set of marker pens but don’t know how to complete a beautiful painting and discover marker drawing ideas? Then this article is for you. Let’s explore with  right now!!! 

I – Overview of marker color

1. What is a marker?

Those who rarely use different types of paint will undoubtedly wonder what a marker pen is. This is actually a type of ink used in painting. Because this material has characteristic properties, it has been manufactured as pens for easier use.

2. What are coloring tools with markers?

Although not too new, many people still do not know what a marker pen is or what types it has? Understanding the nature of each type will help you find the right pen for your needs.

  • Alcohol-based Markers

For marker pens made from alcohol, they have many standard features: quick-drying and water-resistant. Therefore, your drawing paper is almost dry, even though you intentionally overlay many layers of color.

After drawing on paper, Marker ink will leave a little alcohol scent, but not as strong as other types of soluble ink. Therefore, to ensure safety for health and prevent irritation, you should draw in well-ventilated places.

If you want to choose a good alcohol marker, you can choose brands like Prismacolor, Letraset Tria, and Copic. When the pens of these brands run out of ink, you can add more color to your drawings using markers.

  • Water-based Markers

Water-based marker pens will not smell, so many parents often buy them for their children. Children and adults can also use this pen type to create their own paintings.

If nothing changes, all types of water-based marker pens own a pen tip made from flexible nylon or foam, creating strokes that are not inferior to traditional brushes. You will find this type of pen friendlier if you have been familiar with drawing with brushes before; according to personal experience, this type of pen is very suitable for creating calligraphy, diaries, and paintings, especially in finding marker drawing ideas.

If you like these marker pens, you can choose brands like Staedtler Marsgraphic 3000 Duo, Pitt Artist Pens, Pentel Brush Pens, and Marvy Brush.

  • Markers from other solvents

This is not only stopping at alcohol and water materials but also many marker pens on the market made from other solvents; many brands can use them to make the color dissolve in many kinds of markers. Typically, these solvents can be xylene, butyl acetate, or methyl isobutyl ketone.

The impressive thing about this type of marker pen is the ability to bring bright, extraordinarily long-lasting and good anti-smudge strokes to users; this type of pen is often used to draw on rough surfaces.

When using this type of marker pen, you should note not to smell too much of the color when it is not dry. So you should only use it in a well-ventilated space.

In terms of characteristics, oil-based colors will produce a more beautiful final product, with more uniform strokes and faster drying when painting. Those who want to practice color mixing or landscape painting should choose water-based colors due to their distinct layering and lower price.

Because the nature of this type of color has much more distinct layering,. Not only that, the cost of water-based colors is also cheaper compared to oil-based colors. Moreover, water-based colors will be suitable for those new to painting.

On the other hand, color sets made from oil have characteristics that are suitable for professional painters. Therefore, customers can choose the appropriate color depending on their needs and levels.

II – Techniques and Practice Drawing with a marker

1.  Marker Techniques

To use marker colors durably and to produce beautiful paintings, you should not use them indiscriminately. The first thing you need to do is to sketch the painting with a pencil. Then, create a complete layout of the marker art ideas.

Then, you will use colored pens to illustrate the more precise lines of the painting. This is a crucial step in creating a complete painting. At the same time, it will definitely bring beauty and high aesthetic value to painting.

In addition, during the coloring process, you should pay attention to filling in the border part. These borders are sketched beforehand to create a beautiful painting. For the central part of the painting, you use a marker to draw color on the painting.

Note that you can choose the primary color tones for the painting. However, you should avoid creating too dark or bright colors during coloring. Next, you must pay attention to the background of the painting you are coloring. Usually, you should use gray as the leading color tone to make the color fresher and more harmonious.

By this stage, you have almost completed the painting. Finally, you can use colored pencils or crayons to create small strokes. From there, create harmony and unity for the painting. In addition, you can use a pencil to create the faintness of the far side of the marker drawing ideas.

2. Practice Coloring

Coloring simple shapes: When practicing drawing with a marker, begin with simple shapes such as geometry, patterns, or basic objects.

Coloring solids: Practice coloring basic solids such as squares, circles, or triangles. This will help you get used to using marker pens and control the color area.

Coloring patterns: Coloring simple patterns is also a great way to practice. You can practice combining colors and creating simple but beautiful drawings.

Coloring complex shapes: After getting used to simple shapes, you can move on to coloring more complex shapes such as landscapes, animals, or characters.

Coloring landscapes: Try coloring simple landscapes like the sky, trees, or mountains. This will help you practice elaborating on large areas and combining different colors.

Coloring animals: Coloring animals is also an exciting challenge. You can practice coloring small details, creating feather textures, and combining colors to create a realistic effect.

III – Marker Drawing Ideas – Things to draw with markers

1. Drawing with a marker – What to draw with markers?

Drawing Graffiti: Combine vibrant marker colors to create impressive graffiti drawings, expressing your style and creativity.

Abstract Art: You can unleash your creativity in abstract art with markers. This is an opportunity to explore new shapes, colors, and emotions.

Decorative Art: Markers are also great for creating impressive decorative artworks. Explore these marker drawing ideas to make your living space vibrant and colorful.

Decorating Household Items: You can use markers to decorate household items such as plant pots, trays, or wardrobes. Use simple drawings, vibrant colors, and impressive patterns to create unique decorative works.

2. Marker Art Ideas – Easy Marker Art

If you are new to markers, start with simple shapes. This will help you get used to using marker pens and control the lines. Here are some coloring pages to help you get familiar with marker colors.

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1. What surfaces can markers be used on?

Markers can be used on various surfaces, but some work better than others due to absorbency, texture, and durability. 

2. How to preserve markers?

The customer is a child, so errors will inevitably occur during use. Mainly many do not know how to preserve pens for efficiency. Because when not preserved and used carefully, the pen will be damaged or not inked. Therefore, the following information we will share and how to preserve it best:

– The mother should remind the baby to tightly close the pen cap when not used.

– Next, the pen needs to be preserved in dry places and limit exposure to sunlight.

– During use, avoid collisions or heavy objects on the pen body.

– The pen should be placed horizontally on the plane of the table. And need to limit the situation to put the pen standing straight up to the sky.

3. Are there any tips for creating special effects when drawing with markers?

You can experiment with mixing colors or using alcohol to create blurry and flowing color effects. Drawing with marker pens is a diverse and exciting art. You can create colorful and impressive artworks with creative marker drawing ideas, sound techniques, and continuous practice. Are you ready to experiment and create your own marker art pieces? Start today and share your creativity with us!


You’ve just stepped into the world of painting. You’ve just bought a set of marker pens but don’t know how… View More

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