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How To Draw Bartleby Cat

Welcome to this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Bartleby Cat! Once upon a time, in a world filled with whimsy and wonder, there was a remarkable feline named Bartleby Cat. Bartleby Cat wasn’t your ordinary kitty; she possessed an intriguing origin that set her apart from other cats. Legend has it that Bartleby Cat was born under a magical moonbeam, which imbued her with extraordinary powers and a captivating personality.

From the moment Bartleby Cat entered the world, she enchanted everyone who crossed her path. With her vibrant purple coat that seemed to shimmer like amethysts in the sunlight, she became an icon of beauty and grace. People from far and wide would travel just to catch a glimpse of this enchanting creature.

But it wasn’t just her striking appearance that made Bartleby Cat famous. It was her incredible ability to spread joy and laughter wherever she went. Bartleby Cat had a mischievous twinkle in her emerald-green eyes and a purr that could melt even the coldest of hearts. She had a knack for lifting spirits and bringing smiles to the faces of those around her. Whether it was through her playful antics or her gentle cuddles, Bartleby Cat had a way of making everyone feel loved and cherished.

Gather your art supplies, prepare your canvas, and let’s expertise transport you into the magical world of Bartleby Cat. Through your artwork, you will not only capture the essence of this beloved feline but also become a part of her extraordinary story. Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity, imagination, and the sheer joy of bringing a legendary character to life. Let’s dive in and discover the artistry that lies within you, my young artist, with Bartleby Cat as your muse and as your trusted guide.

How To Draw Bartleby Cat  

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:

Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.

Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.

Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.

Reference images: Gather images of the character


Step 1 –  Drawing The Eyes

Bartleby Cat Drawing Step 1 

To begin, let’s focus on Bartleby Cat’s expressive eyes. Start by drawing two large circles for the eyes, positioning them close together. Inside each eye, draw three smaller circles towards the edge, leaving space for a highlight circle. Shade the main circles in black, leaving the inner circles as the eye color. Mirror this placement on the other side to capture Bartleby Cat’s mischievous look.


Step 2 – Adding Facial Features

Bartleby Cat Drawing Step 2

Next, draw a soft curve above each eye, slightly thickening it. These curves represent Bartleby Cat’s eyebrows, conveying different emotions. Repeat the step on the other side to maintain symmetry. Between the eyes, draw a small curved line for the nose, connecting it with a straight line in the center. Use this as a guide to draw an oval around the nose. Now, draw the mouth by thickening the line above the oval and creating a curved shape. You can add a playful tongue if you have enough space.


Step 3 – Shaping The Head

Bartleby Cat Drawing Step 3

Let’s move on to Bartleby Cat’s head. Start at the top of the eye, close to the edge, and draw a curved line that wraps around the eye. Extend the line upwards, following the brow, and create a flat top for the head. Repeat this step on the other side. Bring the lines down, passing the mouth, and round them off to connect, forming the shape of Bartleby Cat’s head. Ensure the head shape is slightly squarish, capturing Bartleby Cat’s distinctive appearance.


Step 4 – Drawing The Ears

Bartleby Cat Drawing Step 4

Bartleby Cat’s ears are an essential feature. Position them at the top of the head, using curved lines to create rounded shapes. Connect the ears to the head, ensuring they are symmetrical.  


Step 5 – Add Bartleby Cat’s Whiskers

Bartleby Cat Drawing Step 5

Don’t forget to add Bartleby Cat’s whiskers on both sides, adding to his playful charm.


Step 6 – Outlining The Body

Bartleby Cat Drawing Step 6

Now, let’s focus on Bartleby Cat’s body. Draw a soft angled line underneath the mouth and round it off to connect with the head, forming the body shape. Keep in mind that Bartleby Cat has a slender and agile body, so be sure to capture that in your drawing.


Step 7 – Sketching The Legs

Bartleby Cat Drawing Step 7

Bartleby Cat’s legs are relatively simple. Start by drawing an angled line on one side for the first leg and round off the bottom. Repeat this step on the other side, positioning the leg on the side. Ensure that the legs are proportionate and capture Bartleby Cat’s playful stance.


Step 8 – Creating The Arms

Bartleby Cat Drawing Step 8

Bartleby Cat’s arms add to his expressive gestures. Begin by drawing a curved line on one side, then thicken it up by extending a line from above, forming the arm shape. Repeat this step on the other side. Bartleby Cat’s arms can convey a range of emotions, so feel free to experiment with different poses and positions. 


Step 9 – Adding The Tail

Bartleby Cat Drawing Step 9

No Bartleby Cat drawing is complete without his iconic tail. Draw a curved line outward and thicken it, then bring it back in, forming the tail’s shape. At the center of the tail, add a heart shape, symbolizing Bartleby Cat’s affectionate nature. Now that the basic structure of Bartleby Cat is complete, take a moment to refine the lines and add any additional details that make your drawing unique. Add fur texture, define the facial features, and adjust any proportions as needed.


Step 10 – Let’s Color!

Bartleby Cat Drawing Step 10

Finish off your drawing by adding four buttons on the left side of the character. Now that you’ve completed the lineart, get ready to transform Bartleby Cat into a fabulous feline with a coat of mesmerizing purple! We’ll make sure every inch of her body is filled with this enchanting color. From the tip of her nose to the end of her tail, we’ll paint her in a shade of purple that’s as deep and mysterious as the night sky. Imagine Bartleby Cat as a majestic purple panther, prowling gracefully through a magical forest. With each stroke of your brush, you’ll bring her to life, capturing the essence of her playful and curious nature. As the purple spreads across her body, it’s as if a sprinkle of stardust has transformed her into a magical creature from a storybook. So, let your imagination run wild, my young artist, and let Bartleby Cat’s vibrant purple hue fill your world with wonder and joy!


Your Bartleby Cat Is Complete!

In this tutorial, we’ve covered the step-by-step process of learning how to draw Bartleby Cat from “True and the Rainbow Kingdom”. By following these simple steps, you can recreate this lovable character on paper, capturing his mischievous personality and playful demeanor. Remember to have fun and experiment with your own artistic style. Now, it’s time to bring Bartleby Cat to life! 


Tips On How To Draw Bartleby Cat

Start with light, gentle lines and gradually darken them as you refine your drawing.

Use references from the show or other images of Bartleby Cat to capture his unique features accurately.

Experiment with different poses and expressions to add your own touch to the drawing.

Practice regularly to improve your skills and develop your unique style.


FAQ On How To Draw Bartleby Cat

What makes Bartleby Cat unique?

Bartleby Cat possesses a vibrant purple coat, so be sure to emphasize this distinct feature in your drawing. Play with different shades of purple to achieve a captivating and eye-catching effect.

How can I add depth to Bartleby Cat’s fur?

Use various shading techniques to create the illusion of volume and texture. Add darker shades of purple in areas where shadows naturally fall, and use lighter strokes to depict highlights on the fur. Use small, short strokes with your drawing tool of choice to create a sense of fur texture. Blend the strokes together to achieve a soft and fluffy appearance.

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Welcome to this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Bartleby Cat! Once upon a time, in a world filled with… View More