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How To Draw Mang 

Let’s embark on a wonderful artistic adventure as we learn how to draw Mang! Mang is a special character that was born as part of the BT21 project, a magical collaboration between the incredibly talented Korean boy band BTS and the adorable LINE Friends. Each member of BTS put their creative minds together to bring their own unique characters to life, and Mang was lovingly designed by the talented J-Hope. Mang is an embodiment of J-Hope’s bright and cheerful personality, radiating with positive energy and spreading joy wherever it goes. With its playful nature and lovable appearance, Mang has captured the hearts of fans all around the world.

Together, we’ll learn how to draw Mang and create a masterpiece that celebrates the magic of this beloved character. Are you ready? Let’s dive in and discover the joy of drawing Mang!


How To Draw Mang    

Ensure you have the following supplies ready:
Pencils: A variety of graphite pencils for sketching and shading.
Erasers: Regular erasers for precision.
Paper: High-quality paper or a sketchbook.
Reference images: Gather images of the character.

Step 1 –  Drawing Mang’s Eyes

 Mang Drawing Step 1 

Let’s start bringing Mang to life by drawing the most enchanting eyes! Begin by imagining two magical circles. Use your pencil to draw the first circle, starting at the top and gently curving it around towards the bottom. Then, complete the circle by moving your pencil back up to the top. This circle will be Mang’s eye shape. Inside the big circle, draw a smaller circle, making sure it’s perfectly placed with even spacing all around the edges. This smaller circle will be the center of Mang’s eye. Fill it in with a mysterious black color to make it shine and sparkle.


Step 2 – Shaping the Nose

 Mang Drawing Step 2

Picture a small, curved line just below the center of Mang’s face. It should be like a gentle smile, curving upwards at each end. This line will be Mang’s nose, and it will add so much charm to our lovable character.


Step 3 – Adding Facial Features

 Mang Drawing Step 3

Mang’s face is starting to take shape! Now, let’s add some special features that make Mang extra friendly. At the corners of Mang’s head, draw an ear.  Then, connect the nose to the center of the head with a straight vertical line, representing the mouth. Curve the ends of the line upwards, forming a gentle smile. This happy smile will capture Mang’s kind and friendly nature.


Step 4 – Draw the Nostrils 

 Mang Drawing Step 4

It’s time to add some adorable details to Mang’s nose! Imagine two little nostrils, like tiny windows to Mang’s sniffer. To draw them, use two straight angular lines that point slightly downwards. Then close the top and bottom of the nostrils with two curved lines. Once you’ve drawn the lines, fill in the nostrils with a bold black color to make them stand out. Now, let’s shape Mang’s nose! Start from the top of the face, curving smoothly downward. As you reach the bottom, round it out to give Mang’s nose a gentle and pleasing shape. Then, continue the line back out, curving it slightly to create the edge of the nose.


Step 5 –  Draw the Mane  

 Mang Drawing Step 5

Move to the side of the ear and draw a curved line around it. Draw another half-circle going out, rounding it out, and then back in. Draw a smaller half-circle that goes down and behind the head, connecting with the previous curve. To complete the mane, connect the top of this curve with a straight line that comes down. This line will add structure and depth to Mang’s beautiful hair. Then, draw a straight line from here, going behind the head, as if the mane is cascading down and flowing with the wind.


Step 6 – Drawing the Body

 Mang Drawing Step 6

Imagine Mang as a lovable creature with a round and huggable shape. Start by drawing the body. Begin at the corner of Mang’s head, and imagine a smooth line coming down. This line will be like a gentle curve that defines Mang’s body. As you reach the bottom, give it a playful hook, just like the letter “J.” Repeat the same process on the right side. Imagine another line mirroring the one you just drew.


Step 7 – Draw The Feet

 Mang Drawing Step 7

Start by drawing two short lines extending downwards from Mang’s body. These lines will be like Mang’s legs, helping our friend stand tall and steady. Imagine Mang’s legs as straight and strong, ready for any adventure. At the end of each leg, sketch small oval shapes for Mang’s feet. These feet should be simple and rounded, just like Mang’s lovable nature. Picture them as soft and squishy, perfect for bouncing around and spreading joy wherever Mang goes. Take a moment to make sure the legs and feet are in proportion to the rest of Mang’s body.


Step 8 – Draw the Arms

 Mang Drawing Step 8

Imagine Mang waving hello or giving big, warm hugs. Let’s draw those arms and make Mang even more lovable! Start by drawing the left arm. Imagine a gentle curve that extends outward from Mang’s head. This curve will be Mang’s arm, reaching out to connect with the world. As you reach the end of the arm, round it out into a hand shape. Now, tuck the arm behind Mang’s body to create a cozy and natural pose. Repeat the same process on the right side. Imagine another arm mirroring the one you just drew, completing Mang’s adorable gesture. Now Mang is ready to share love and happiness with everyone!


Step 9 – Add a Playful Tail

 Mang Drawing Step 9

Curving a line down from the base of Mang’s hair. This line will be like the beginning of Mang’s tail, extending downward. But we don’t want it to be straight and boring! Bend the line out towards the right. Now, round out the tip of the tail, giving it a cute and fluffy shape. 


Step 10 – Let’s Color!

 Mang Drawing Step 10

 Let’s color the BT21 character Mang! Mang has a purple body with a pink nose and a purple tail. For the face, let’s use a shade of blue. You can start by coloring the entire body and tail in a vibrant shade of purple, making sure to fill in all the areas evenly. Then, carefully color the nose with a soft pink hue, giving it a cute and playful appearance. For the face, use a light shade of blue and color the entire area. You can choose to add some shading or highlights to the face to make it more lively and dimensional. Remember to have fun and be creative while coloring Mang. Let your imagination guide you in choosing the exact shades and adding any additional details or patterns that you think will enhance the overall look of this adorable character.


Your Mang Is Complete!

Congratulations! You have successfully created your very own Mang drawing following our step-by-step tutorial. has guided you in drawing Mang in the simplest and most understandable way. Now, you can explore other characters from the BT21 universe and unleash your creativity.


Tips On How To Draw Mang  

Start with Basic Shapes: Begin by sketching Mang’s basic shapes using simple geometric figures. For example, you can use circles for the head and body and rectangles for the legs and arms. These basic shapes will serve as a guide for the overall proportions of your drawing.

Create a Background Story: Consider adding elements from the BT21 universe or create a narrative within your artwork. You can depict Mang in its natural habitat, surrounded by friends, or engaging in a favorite activity 

FAQ On How To Draw Mang  

Can I draw Mang in different outfits?

Absolutely! Feel free to dress Mang in different outfits to showcase its versatility. Explore different styles, fashion trends, or even create your own unique costume designs.

Can I draw Mang interacting with other BT21 characters?

Definitely! Drawing Mang interacting with other BT21 characters can add a sense of camaraderie and storytelling to your artwork. It’s a great way to showcase the connections between the characters and their dynamic relationships.



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Let’s embark on a wonderful artistic adventure as we learn how to draw Mang! Mang is a special character that… View More