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Purple Color – The Color Of Elegance And Mystery

If red and blue are in the primary color system, purple color is rare. Besides expressing elegance and power, purple also conveys various meanings. So, what secrets does the purple color hide? And what is its significance in everyday life? Let’s explore this in the blog below! 

I – The Psychology of the Purple Color

1. What emotions does the color purple evoke?

Purple color is a harmonious combination of blue and red. Purple represents elegance and power from the past to the present and is associated with mysterious, mystical, and spiritual images.

In philosophy, this purple is related to each person’s ego, that is, love and hate. Purple has a higher level of mental connection than consciousness. Therefore, this color helps people expand their subconscious. For this reason, philosophers have always had a special affection for this mysterious color.

People of different ages will have different perceptions and thoughts about the purple color. Young people often think of purple with freedom and dancing. For adults, purple brings deep and tormented emotions. In addition, different countries and cultures also have different perceptions of purple color.

2. How does purple influence human behavior and decisions?

Purple symbolizes elegance, nobility, and wisdom in color psychology. This could be because purple is a rare color, making it seem different.

Purple is a rather unusual color in marketing that is not used in many large companies. However, Cadbury has used it in their logo since the early 20th century, even trying to own the trademark color cast (Pantone 2685C). Because purple symbolizes elegance, using this color shows the high quality of their products. Since Cadbury, other chocolate brands, such as Milka and Nestle, have also used purple color.

II – Shades of Purple

Purple is a diverse color with many shades and intensities.

1. Purple Color Palette and How to Mix Purple

Like other colors, purple has many shades, such as plum, eggplant, lavender… You can learn about some standard shades of purple in life as follows:

– Amethyst: This is a relatively bright shade of purple from amethyst.

– Mauve: Mauve is a reasonably neutral purple with a bit of gray, so it’s easy to match.

– Bright purple: The bright tone of this purple will give you a lot of energy.

– Wine: This deep purple shade gives a warm and vibrant feeling.

– Purple-gray: This shade of purple brings sophistication and gentleness to the wearer.

– Orchid: This is the purple of orchids.

– Violet: Violet is a deep purple, making a solid impression but not too dark.

– Lilac: This is the gentle, feminine purple of lilacs.

– Pinot Noir Purple: The dark purple shade of purple grapes brings the wearer a charming, mysterious style.

Many people think that mixing purple is simply mixing red with blue, but if you’ve ever tried to do so, you know that the result is not always as expected. To incorporate a standard purple, a bright, pure color that does not hide other pigments, you need to choose red and blue that do not contain yellow or green pigments – these pigments will make the purple color that should be stunning turn into a dull brown or gray.

How To Mix Purple 

2. How to Create Different Shades of Purple Color

We can create different shades of purple color by mixing purple with other colors:

Red + Blue

Pink lotus + Blue/green

When looking for ways to mix purple from primary colors, you can completely adjust the intensity of purple to your liking by adding auxiliary colors. This is a way to change the intensity of purple that few people know, specifically:

Add white to the purple just created by mixing the purple mentioned above, in case you want a lighter, brighter purple. However, white can easily ruin purple, so you need to add a little and gradually.

Add black: If you want the purple created to have a darker and darker shade, try adding black to the purple mixture just made.

Add red or pink lotus: To create a purple with a pink and brighter shade, more unique!

III – Uses of Purple Color

1. Purple Color in Graphic Design and Website

Purple has long been associated with sacred things; it embodies power. For that reason, purple often appears in religious ceremonial costumes. Purple is also popular in graphic design and websites because it conveys many meanings. It is used to express elegance, mystery, creativity, and calmness.

Logo and brand: Purple is the perfect choice for brands that want to display a sleek and sophisticated image.

Website: Purple can be used as a background or highlight color on websites to create a professional and attractive impression.

Advertising: Purple is used to express elegance, creativity, or romance.

Shades Of Purple 

2. Purple Color in Fashion and Makeup

In fashion and makeup design, purple carries a mysterious, attractive beauty; it represents creativity, wealth, and authority, so it will be highly noticeable when coordinating purple clothes. It can be used to create many styles, from formal to simple.

IV – Meaning of Purple Color

1. Positive Meaning of Purple Color

Spirituality and mysticism

Creativity, imagination

Power, authority

Calmness, tranquility

Healing and recovery

Deep and romantic love

2. Negative Meaning of Purple Color

Mystery and strangeness

Gloom and darkness

Mourning and sorrow

V – Colors Related to Purple

1. Purple in Culture and Religion

In culture, purple color has different meanings depending on the culture of each country, yet purple is always a symbol of power and elegance in both Eastern and Western cultures. Some cultural meanings of purple in each country’s culture or religion, precisely:

Symbolizes peace and wisdom in Hinduism.

Redemption through God in Catholicism.

In Christianity, purple is related to repentance, atonement, and remembrance.

Purple in Egypt is a symbol of faith and virtue. In African countries, purple is associated with the symbols of royalty and prosperity.

In the United States, purple is the color of honor. However, purple in Thailand, England, Brazil, Venezuela, and Turkey carries a tragic hue, representing the color signaling for the dead, usually only worn when there is a national funeral.

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2. Purple Color in Art and Coloring Pages

Purple color is an essential artistic color, carrying many meanings in works:

The famous Mona Lisa by da Vinci is posed against a purple background.

Purple flowers are a symbol of sophistication and style of Art Nouveau.

Purple is a beautiful color in coloring, capable of creating impressive paintings.

VI – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does purple mean in love?

When it comes to purple, everyone thinks of fidelity and deep affection in love; this meaning of purple originates in the love story of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and his queen, Joséphine de Beauharnais.

Although his love affair with Queen Joséphine de Beauharnais was not approved by the Bonaparte family, along with his passion for war, he ignored all her love and longing until they divorced because they did not have children together.

When she died, Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to Elba, with nostalgia for the wife in the past until he died. He also held the violet flowers and her hair.

From there, the purple of violets and this flower symbolized noble love, ready to sacrifice and wait; it has become one of many inspirations in all fields, from poetry to art.

Purple is also the color of passionate and unconditional love. Purple in love shows sensitivity to everything around. Therefore, those who love purple are often easily hurt and sensitive to all impacts everywhere.

In addition, purple is also the color palette of seduction and passionate love. Love in purple is waiting for deep affection and fidelity. In the relationship of husband and wife, the purple flower accurately represents the gentle, simple, and caring relationship of holding hands to go through life. For these reasons, purple has become a symbol of love.

2. What colors pair well with purple?

Purple and blue: Blue is a safe choice whenever you don’t know what color goes well with purple. Outfits made of blue denim or blue satin with a purple sheen will be very suitable with purple.

Purple and beige: Beige is an exciting choice to highlight purple clothes. This color will turn your purple shirt or skirt into a highlight for your outfit.

Purple and pink: Purple and pink, although both are prominent colors, are very harmonious with each other. This color combination also creates a feminine outfit, especially when choosing a bright tone or pastel pink.

Purple and white: If you want purple to dominate the outfit, try combining purple and white.

Purple and black: Black can be combined with almost all other colors, so it is a safe choice when unsure what color goes well with purple. Depending on your creativity, you can comfortably connect black with bright or dark, bold or light purple.

Purple and gray: If the combination of black and purple does not satisfy you, try combining purple with gray. This combination will make your purple outfit shine more.

Purple and purple: Purple is a rare color in outfits, so why not make an impression on people with an outfit that is all purple. An outfit with shades of light and dark purple combined can create a unique style for you.

Purple and red: The combination of purple and red may be too prominent for those who like simplicity, but this color pair is compatible and highly fashionable. You can wear some black and beige items or accessories to make the overall outfit lighter. 

3. What purple flowers have a captivating beauty?

Purple roses are loved for their gentle purple color, symbolizing the romantic love story and deep affection, a close, tight relationship.

Lavender is the most famous herb in the world. Lavender is widely used in spiritual, beauty, culinary, and medical fields. Therefore, this flower is especially loved for its fragrance in flowers and leaves.

Purple stonecrop originating from Italy is one of the purple flowers that bloom all year round, but the most beautiful is at the end of autumn when other flowers start to fade. Purple stonecrop carries a gentle, rustic beauty but has a melancholic feature, implying loneliness and waiting in love.

Globe amaranth is a flower that is grown a lot in Japan. This flower has delicate petals stacked on each other to form round clusters. Globe amaranth symbolizes deep gratitude and sincere emotions in each person.

Purple Phalaenopsis orchid has a color considered the most beautiful color among all colors. This flower’s purple color exudes elegance and beauty like girls carrying a noble, high-class beauty. Therefore, many people often use this flower as a gift to express admiration and affection for someone.

Thus, has shared with you all the most basic and valuable information about the meaning of purple color. In addition, we discussed the origin and types of purple flowers that have an attractive beauty. This blog will help you understand more about purple and how to use it. Use the most suitable shade of purple to balance your own life!


If red and blue are in the primary color system, purple color is rare. Besides expressing elegance and power, purple… View More

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