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Speak Your Mind With A Coloring Book

Do you have a lot of ideas in your mind? Or do you want to remember a to-do list for your day? A coloring book is a good option for you to express your ideas!

I. Introduction

Coloring books have made the switch from paper to screen in our increasingly digital environment. Nowadays, they are more available and adaptable than before. They are an effective means of self-expression in addition to being a tool for rest and stress release.​ Coloring journals are a great option if you want to color whenever you go. When you sit down to journal, sometimes you just cannot think of anything to write. However, when you sit down and color shapes on paper, your creative minds are often stimulated. We will get relaxed to be able to connect with our emotions for the present.

In this blog, we will show you how to create your journal coloring book.

II. Creating your coloring journal

With a basic notebook from your local store and some online coloring ideas, you can quickly make your own coloring book from scratch. Simply print off the designs, then glue them into your brand-new notebook, leaving about ten to fifteen pages between each one for your notes.

Look for a journal cover with a 3-ring binder if you want it to look more polished. Next, you can locate notebook pages to punch a hole in and place within this diary binder. Next, print your best designs onto thick cardstock, or print them on regular paper and adhere them to the cardstock with adhesive. Punch a hole in those and tuck them in at the very back, or in between the note sheets. You may customize your own coloring journal to meet your specific demands, which is the nicest thing about this.

III. Using ready-to-use coloring journal

Online coloring books are available for download. Here are some types of coloring journal for you. 

1. Motivational

You may, for instance, decide to start and maintain a motivational notebook that provides you with daily prompts. If you are finding it difficult to stay motivated, this notebook can be a great resource.

Start your energetic day by taking notes on a motivational journal.

2. Self-care

Coloring plans for self-care are an excellent alternative. They are identical to the coloring sheets. There is room to schedule each day, though, with an emphasis on self-care tasks.

3. Setting and Organizing Goals

Use your journal to its full potential for planning and goal-setting. Make a timeline and break down your long-term objectives into manageable milestones. Utilize the pages to monitor your development, recognize your successes, and maintain motivation as you strive toward your goals.

4. Journal of Travel

Keep a journal of your travels and discoveries. Whether you are exploring your local area or going to far-off places, record your thoughts, emotions, and discoveries on these pages. For an added nostalgic touch, use keepsakes like pressed flowers or ticket stubs.

5. Everyday Thoughts

Consider these things for a moment as you begin your day. Make a gratitude list, write affirmations, or record your morning thoughts in the notebook pages. Make good intentions for the day ahead of you and reflect on it. 

This little routine may create a peaceful start to the day.

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IV. Benefits of coloring journal

Keeping a coloring journal is useful for everyone. You may make to-do lists, record random thoughts or chart your day. Or having a creative journaling coloring page just simply provides you with a place to color while decompressing from all the lists of things you need to get done today.

We adore coloring notebooks because they include everything you need to get by during the day, a spot to write down any worries you may have, and a place to color your way out of tension on the following page. 

The colors in your journal have impacts on you. There is an emotional language specific to colors. They are able to express thoughts, emotions, and individuality. Your coloring books can reflect our individuality and uniqueness. Colors range from the blue of calm to the red of passion. The allure of coloring books is that they offer a structured surface on which we may freely use color to express our personalities and feelings.

V. Tips for creating your coloring journal 

There are numerous ways that coloring books can be used as a tool for self-expression. They can support us in communicating our perspective, expressing our identity, and even delving into our emotions. Here are some pointers on using coloring books as a medium for personal expression:

  • Select Colors Intuitively: Allow your emotions to influence your color selections. Your preferred color scheme might tell you a lot about how you are feeling emotionally.
  • Try Different Styles: Do not confine yourself to drawing just inside the lines. Please do not hesitate to try out various coloring methods and styles.
  • Express Yourself: Make use of hues that are consistent with who you are. Make your own coloring sheets that represent your interests and experiences if you are utilizing digital apps. 

In summary, coloring books can serve as more than just a soothing pastime. They can also be a tool for self-expression. Also, they can work as a stress reliever. And it can be even a coloring technique to enhance cognitive abilities. So why not start utilizing your imagination right now by picking up a coloring book? Who knows? Maybe the patterns and colors you select will represent your individuality. In the process, you could learn something new about yourself.

Happy coloring and taking notes, everyone!


1. What is a coloring journal?

A coloring journal is a blank journal or notebook. However, it is not the same as a normal notebook. For this type of journal, you can use for coloring, drawing, and writing. A coloring book helps you express yourself creatively. Coloring journals can be used for many purposes, such as:

  • Personal expression: Coloring can be both therapeutic and relaxing. A coloring journal allows you to express your creativity and emotions.
  • Stress relief: You can use yoru coloring book to reduce stress and anxiety. Is there any thing better for distressing than seeing a colorful page?
  • Mindfulness: By working on a coloring journal, you can focus on the page in front of you. That time, you are focusing on the present moment. That helps you let go of stress and worries.
  • Creativity: When you take notes on your coloring journal, you can explore your creativity. Moreover, you can also develop your artistic skills.
  • Journaling: Coloring journals can be used for journaling. You can freely write about your thoughts and feelings. Using these books is also a great ways to record your experiences.

2. How can we benefit from coloring for personal reflection?

Coloring for personal expression benefits you in many ways. We advice you to coloring for the following advantages: 

  • Reduced stress and anxiety: Coloring journal can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Remember how you feel calm and relaxed the last time you color? That is exactly how coloring can help you reduce your mental issues. 
  • Enhanced mood: Coloring on a journal can improve your mood. This activity let you release endorphins. You must know that these endorphins have mood-boosting effects, right? 
  • Enhanced self-awareness: When you take notes on your coloring book, you will work on your own. That is a good time for you to take a look into your inner self. Therefore, you will become more aware of your thoughts and feelings.
  • Improved focus: Using coloring journal can help improve your focus ability. Because this journal provides you with a mindful activity, it will boost your attention.

3. I want to create a coloring journal. How can I do that?

To create a coloring journal, you first need a blank journal. Or you can start with a blank notebook. And you should prepare some coloring supplies. Just simple materials are enough: colored pencils, markers, or crayons. You can also add other creative elements to your journal. We suggest you try stickers, washi tape, or magazine clippings.

When you get your materials, you can start making your own coloring journal! There are no rules for coloring journal. So, you should simply let your creativity flow. You should try different colors and designs. We suggest you add your own drawings, writing, or other creative elements to your journal. They will make your journal more appealing. Above all, we hope you enjoy this coloring journey.  


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