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Your Today’s Coloring Trick: Taking Coloring Challenges

Is coloring exclusively meant for children? With our coloring tricks for turning your coloring into challenges, be ready to further embrace your creativity. 

I. Introduction

Do you frequently grow tired of coloring in the same way and want to know about different ways to add interest and uniqueness to your completed pages? Greetings from the best coloring challenge list! There are lots of inspirations for experimenting and changing up your coloring here. We will show how you will have coloring tricks from coloring with challenges. 

Now, without further ado, let’s begin!

II. Types of coloring challenges

1. Make use of a color wheel

Use a color wheel if you are often unsure about what colors to use or which ones work well together. All you need to do is choose a primary color, and the wheel will suggest multiple hues that either clash with or enhance it.

Coloring based on this basic theory is the first challenge you try.

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2. Make use of just one color family

As you can see from this picture, the entire image is colored only in blue. Of course, different blues are used to create effects for this coloring page. This eliminates the need for the frequently challenging process of selecting a color scheme and produces a multi-tonal appearance that utilizes the range of tones found in larger sets of pens and pencils.It is outstanding to use one type of color for your coloring, right?

3. Pointillism

The technique of utilizing dots to color an entire picture is known as pointillism. Although it seems laborious and time-consuming, it is a lot of fun! The secret is to make the dots lighter and more spaced in brighter areas, and darker and denser in shady parts.

As you can see, the technique is rather effective and gives the illustration more texture.

4. Cross-hatching

This method renders your illustration instead of coloring it, which is quite close to pointillism. Make sure the lines are closer together in areas of shadow and farther apart in lighter areas as you draw lines over the image. 

This coloring trick may require more time but it is worth your triumph!

5. Become blended with white

It does not always have to merge into another color to seem good—your page’s white can achieve the same thing, if not more. As he approached the area’s center or edge, the author of the image across from him applied progressively less pressure to merge each color into white. This method gives the coloring page a wonderful shine and makes it jump in a metallic kind of way.

Blending into white naturally adds light to your coloring.

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6. Make use of a minimum color pallet

Sometimes, using fewer colors in an illustration might result in a more visually appealing piece. See what you can do if you only use two colors. We have noticed that images tend to stand out more when fewer colors are used.

Do you see the effect of minimalism?

7. Vibrant rainbow

We have told you that less is more. But for now, you can try putting a rainbow over your coloring page. The rainbow’s colors complement one another so well because they naturally merge into one another. To build a unique rainbow that differs from the typical one, experiment with different shades of the rainbow’s colors. 



This coloring trick will surely bring peace to your coloring.

8. Make use of team or flag colors!

This picture below presents two cupcakes. One is colored along with the colors in the Brazilian flag. The other is colored the same as French flag. But you may color any image with the colors of your favorite flag. Also, you can use the colors of your favorite sports team’s uniform or any source of coloring style that you like. 

It must be really fun to nationalize your coloring page!

9. Not following the norm

Green trees? A blue ocean? Well, that was so last year. Change things up by utilizing unusual colors to create mystical, dreamy colored pages.

This coloring challenge gives your coloring page the impression that you have entered a land of fantasy.

10. Use a background

There are several ways to create backgrounds for your coloring, but our personal favorite is using chalk pastels. Backgrounds can really bring your coloring to life. They provide a nice, silky, natural seamless blend that is affordable and available online and at many art stores. 

Adding background to your coloring really brings it into real time. 

III. Coloring benefits by gamifying your coloring pages 

Taking on challenges while coloring provides you with a lot of benefits. 

In short, it is a great way to renew your coloring process. You may get bored from choosing which color from your colored pencil case. That is why you can choose to follow a new color palette. Or try using one kind of color. 

Coloring with challenges also boosts your creativity. Imagine that you are not coloring the sky blue. You may not color roses red. It is time for you to try adding new ideas to your coloring page. 

And you know what? When you color with some rules, you can further enhance your concentration ability. After a while of focusing on your coloring pages and overcoming coloring challenges, you will feel a great sense of achievement. That will renew your energy to start other activities.  

Breaking the norm is our highest recommendation for your next coloring trick. That way, you will gain more challenges along with more relaxation while coloring. Additionally, you can de-stress and gradually get better at coloring by participating in a variety of coloring challenges.

We hope browsing through this massive blog was enjoyable for you and that you have gained some inspiration for coloring pages in the future. 

So take out your coloring supplies and start creating art and artistry. We hope you enjoy yourself and your coloring.


1. How Can Adults Benefit From Coloring?

Though coloring is frequently linked to childhood, its advantages continue into adulthood. For adults, coloring can be a relaxing and rewarding activity in the following ways:

  • Stress Mitigation

One important way to help relax your brain muscles is to color. It calms the mind in a way that is comparable to meditation. You momentarily turn your attention from the drab side of the world to the brighter side while you concentrate on coloring.

  • Boost Your Creativity

Shading within the lines is not the point of coloring. Playing with colors, patterns, and shading inspires creativity. It gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves artistically, including those who do not believe they are artists.

  • Release of Emotions

You can express your ideas and feelings on paper through coloring, which gives you a sense of catharsis and emotional release. Coloring allows you to actualize your emotions on the coloring page.

2. How Can I Get Better at Coloring?

To improve your coloring abilities and take on some challenging coloring tasks, you will need to perform the following.

  • Practice Frequently: Coloring gets better with practice, just like any other ability. Make time for frequent coloring sessions to improve your skills and try out new looks.
  • Study color theory: You can improve your coloring skills by knowing color theory, which includes complementary colors and shading techniques. You may find a ton of books and internet resources to aid in your understanding of these concepts.
  • Learn from others: Participate in coloring groups where artists exchange tips and tricks for their craft. Expert colorists can provide insightful advice and serve as sources of inspiration.
  • Take on a challenge: Do not be afraid to take on difficult coloring pages. You will develop as an artist if you explore new things and push your boundaries.

3. Is it difficult to color under challenges?

Do not worry. And do not be stressed out by the word “challenge”. Coloring challenges are coloring tricks that promote your coloring process. If you have practiced coloring for a period of time and you want to try something new, you can always start from the same coloring page but use new tricks. Some of them are to try using one type of color for the whole coloring page. Or you can try to put the basis of the color wheel into your coloring. There are different choices for you to renew your coloring process. Remember that coloring challenges are easy. Moreover, it will better refresh your mind and relax you after a long working day.  


Is coloring exclusively meant for children? With our coloring tricks for turning your coloring into challenges, be ready to further… View More

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