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Try These Coloring Tips To Avoid Common Coloring Mistakes

You can make mistakes while enjoying your coloring process. In this blog, we have some great coloring tips for you to reduce mistakes and boost your coloring experience.

I. Introduction

Coloring books for adults are a fun and easy way to unleash your creativity. But as with any worthwhile activity, there will probably be a few roadblocks along the way while coloring.

It is okay. We actually have made mistakes just like you have, and we are here to support you in breaking free from the same pattern.  

II. Common coloring mistakes

1. Do not make prior plans for color palette 

A common mistake made by amateur colorists is not to sketch out a palette. It is really simple to get carried away and start using every color you can find in the beginning. We understand; we have been there. It took us a few less-than-appealing coloring pages before we made the decision to stay with a specific color scheme.

In actuality, choosing a color scheme is not too difficult. To get started, all you need to do is choose three or four colors. Restricting your options helps you create a more unified style for your coloring pages and encourages creativity. 

Uncertain about the colors to choose? Color theory in small doses can be useful. 

2. Not choosing proper color paper 

While creating art in general, as well as while coloring adult coloring books, choosing the appropriate paper can make all the difference in the world. Simply put, coloring mediums look their best when applied to artist-grade paper.

You should make sure the pages of the coloring book you choose for adults can withstand some strain and ink saturation. Thin papers do not let you blend, construct layers, or move your ink around. Therefore, you should choose coloring books of good quality.

3. Always compare yourself’s coloring with others’

It is common that we compare our work to others’. However, try not to let that bother you. Coloring is a skill that requires practice, just like any other. It will not happen overnight that you turn into a Picasso or a Van Gogh. In actuality, though, you do not have to! Being authentic is the only requirement for enjoying adult coloring. 

Enjoy the coloring experience, and remember that everyone learns differently and can adjust in different ways. Sit back, relax, and have fun. 

4. Mistakes when coloring with colored pencils

When coloring, you may not build up enough layers. Not creating enough layers is one of the most frequent errors people make while using colored pencils. Compared to other media, colored pencils have smaller points, so finishing an artwork could take a little longer. After applying the first coat of color, some people give up and become impatient. As a result, the paper still shows through, and the colors become drab and uneven. Fortunately, this error is simple to correct. Just be patient when working with colored pencils. It takes some patience to use this coloring medium, so gradually add layers until the paper is sufficiently pigmented. If you use solvents, this will enable you to blend more smoothly and produce results that are more vibrant.

Another common mistake is that you may use harsh strokes. While coloring in a single, straight line is quicker, the strokes look harsher. Your mixing will look artificial, and the lines will appear stark on the page. Try coloring with little, circular strokes rather than harsh, straight lines. This allows you to apply the pigment evenly without getting into sharp lines. Other methods that you might employ include stippling, cross-hatching, and moving in the opposite direction of your initial strokes.

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5. Misteakes when coloring with gel pens

Whether you use glitter pens or normal gel pens, there is no denying that this medium adds a lot of dazzle to your coloring pages. However, you may easily commit this error: not doing a preliminary scratch paper test on the gel pens. When you first use gel pens, especially if you haven’t used them in a while, they can be a little scratchy. Using gel pens prematurely and failing to check for ink flow is one of the most common mistakes individuals make. Do not fret. We can help you correct it with this incredibly easy coloring tip. Before using your gel pens on your coloring sheet, make sure they work well on a scrap of paper!

You might drop your coloring gel pens frequently when coloring. Pens that are dropped may cause the ink within the cartridges to split. Additionally, dropping pens can break the caps, sever the tips, and cause them to become worthless. Try out this coloring tip. Sadly, once your gel pens are ruined, there is not much you can do about it—just like with broken marker nibs. Having said that, you must use them with extreme caution. To store your gel pens, use a case. To prevent leaks, make sure they are positioned horizontally rather than nib side up. After that, store them somewhere cool and dry, but not too cold, so that your ink does not freeze. 

III. Reasons for making coloring errors 

1. You attempted to complete the page or book in one sitting.

It is more about the process than the destination! Some of these books contain an enormous number of tasks. Even just one page would take many hours to finish, never mind a whole book. The era of quick satisfaction is upon you.

It takes time to produce a wonderful work of art, but it takes even longer to learn how to do it! Finding a little personal time to color in between the 101 other things you have to do that day… It is tempting to want to finish this page and put everything away before moving on to the next assignment. It is just not the nature of the beast to attempt to complete a page in a short amount of time, so slow down and let go! You may complete the drawing gradually if you take your time and enjoy the process of creating it. Remind yourself that not everything is on your to-do list, especially not your personal time! You are welcome to return to it as frequently as necessary, and practicing delayed gratification is beneficial!

2. Take a second to think about your coloring materials

Attempting to use a dull saw to cut a huge chunk of wood is ineffective! Good pencils and paper are necessary to produce a beautiful colored pencil drawing. 

The majority of adult coloring books are not printed on paper that we would advise using with pencils, and let’s not even get started on the subject of using them on uneven surfaces. Each one of them yields a different result—some are hard, others are soft, and some will perform better on some surfaces than others. We do not know, but we do not think most adult coloring books are printed on paper that should be used with pencils. And let’s not even talk about using the 72-color tin instead of the 12-color pack you might have purchased from the bookstore. If you purchased cheap pencils from the grocery store, we are sorry, but those pencils will not do you any good at all. To spare you the agony, we will end it there: The truth is that your coloring tools do matter! So, you probably will not do a very good job or have a fun experience if you are not set up with the correct tools. 

3. You are just not cut out for complex artwork and patience!

It will take patience and time to color in little places with a very tiny, sharp tip—or blunt, if you do not have a good sharpener—and you will not like the coloring process at all if you lack either of these skills. We hate to break it to you, but you were bound to fail from the beginning. Or it might be that pencils are just not for you!!! Like I said, do not feel bad, actually, celebrate! You now know something new about yourself!! 

We have taken you through some common mistakes when coloring on adult coloring pages. There are common mistakes that can be avoided if you are careful enough. Take good care when choosing your coloring paper, working with the color palette, or even holding your gel pens firmly. We hope you find our coloring tips useful for you to color without mistakes. 

Do not forget to keep practicing to sharpen your coloring skills. You will be better at coloring after consistent practice!


1. How can I avoid mistakes while coloring?

Our answer is to think about your coloring first. What mistakes often happen when you color? Why does that happen? Is that because you are uncareful?

There are some common reasons for making mistakes in coloring. Sometimes, you are not patient enough to fill in the details by coloring. Or, your materials are not of standard quality.

Secondly, take our advice. If the reasons are from your materials, you should replace the current ones with good quality materials. If it is due to your impatience, please keep in mind that adult coloring pages take a long time to finish. It is the process that relaxes you, not the final, finished work. Therefore, keep practicing and learn from your mistakes.

2. How can I stay in lines for detailed coloring?

First, you should ensure your pencil tips are sharp enough. That will help you color small strokes, rather than leading them out of the lines. And our utmost advice is to practice, practice, practice. You should keep up your coloring routine. You will see your coloring skills enhance gradually.

3. How can I stop being discouraged when making coloring mistakes?

Please never let mistakes discourage you. For everything, you should spend enough time improving your skills. So, do not be afraid if you keep making mistakes. You should, instead, enjoy this journey. Do not put pressure on yourself that you need to make perfect coloring pages quickly. It is normal for everyone. Be patient, and keep coloring your favorite pages. Do not compare your coloring with anyone else because each one will have his own speed. The most important thing is to have fun and improve. Try our coloring tips to avoid mistakes and keep practicing! 


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