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Orange Color – The Color Of Passion And Joy

Orange, with its combination of radiant red and warm yellow, always carries the power to express passion, exuberance, and abundant energy. It symbolizes heat and fervor and represents strong determination, passion, and intense vitality. But it is not limited to these meanings. Let’s explore the fascinating aspects of the orange color in blog! 

I – The Psychology of the Orange Color

A. What emotions does orange color evoke?

With a name like a fruit, the word “orange” originates from old French: “orenge”. The word “orange” was first used in English in the 1300s, but it wasn’t until the 1500s that it was used to denote color. Before that, the orange color shade was simply called yellow-red.

Orange is characteristic in many fruits and vegetables thanks to the organic pigment carotene. The appearance of oranges in food makes oranges associated with abundant nutrition, refreshment, and overflowing energy. Autumn leaves also turn orange due to carotene. Hence, orange is associated with autumn, beauty, lush preparation, and renewal.

The color orange evokes optimism, enthusiasm, joy, and a warm heart. Its prominent color gives a sense of confidence and creativity. As it also appears on fire, orange can be associated with temperature and destruction. With its eye-catching and bright characteristics, the orange tone often indicates direction. Moreover, as orange is the opposite of sky blue, it becomes the most robust contrasting color with the blue sky. This theory is applied to safety devices such as lifeboats, life jackets, or lifebuoys (also known as “safety orange”).

B. How does orange color influence human behavior and decisions?

Orange color encourages people to take action and make quick decisions.

It increases the desire to shop and spend. Marketers often use oranges to stimulate consumers.

Orange also gives a sense of safety and protection. Therefore, it is often used in traffic signs, life jackets, waterproof products…

In the work environment, orange color helps improve morale and enhances employees’ cooperation and decision-making ability.

II – Shades of Orange Color

A. Orange Color Palette and How to Mix Orange

From the moment it was named, it became an impressive color in the infinite color palette of life. Born from the unique combination of radiant red and warm yellow, orange has various variants: dark orange (or earth orange), light orange, bright orange, regular orange, yellow-orange, red-orange…

Not only is it a beautiful color, but it also carries positive energy, helping to create a fullness of life and freshness. To be able to mix this color beautifully and suitably to taste, we need to know some secrets:

Red + Yellow

Red + Yellow + Black + White

Adjust the intensity based on other colors

B. How to Create Different Shades of Orange Color

In a color mixing tray, mixing red and yellow in a 1:1 ratio will create a bright orange. Add yellow and red in equal proportions, increasing the colour’s intensity. Add white to the color mixture and adjust until you achieve the desired orange. Note that red will make the orange darker, while yellow and white will make the orange brighter.

When you want the orange color to be darker or lighter without changing its hue, adding a bit of black can help enhance the intensity. However, remember to add gradually and carefully so that the orange does not become too dark.

In general, this color mixing requires subtlety and patience. Each time you add color, you should mix evenly and evaluate the result before adding more to ensure that the color you create is as expected.

Shades of Orange 

III – Uses of Orange

A. Orange Color in Graphic Design and Website

Orange is a prominent color and is often used in current designs. Designs with orange often bring impressions, freshness, and attraction. In design, orange will get a sense of trust and credibility, symbolizing high quality.

In addition, oranges are very impressive and easily attract attention. Therefore, it is often used as a highlight color in advertising banners.

Websites often use orange for buttons, menu bars, icons, etc., to attract users.

Orange is also used to emphasize important information or warnings.

Orange in Graphic Design 

B. Orange Color in Fashion and Makeup

Orange brings a prominent, impressive look to fashion items such as shirts, handbags, shoes…

It is also a suitable color to mix-match with neutral clothes, helping to highlight the style.

In makeup, orange is used for lipstick and blush to create a fresh, radiant look.

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IV – Orange Color Meaning

A. Positive Meaning of Orange Color

Joy, optimism, happiness.

Warmth, closeness, and hospitality.

Vigorous life, energy, and passion.

Confidence, creativity, and breakthrough.

Feeling safe and protected.

B. Negative Meaning of Orange Color

Lack of subtlety, overly flashy and ostentatious.

Causing distraction and loss of focus.

Evokes feelings of restlessness and tension.

V – Colors Related to Orange Color

A. Orange Color in Culture and Religion

In European and Western countries, orange color is associated with harvest time, playful joy, and extroverted character.

In Indian culture, people believe that the orange color can bring good luck.

Japan and China use orange color to imply courage, happiness, and good health.

Monks following Theravada Buddhism and Hinduism all wear orange robes.

Orange is the national color of the Netherlands, but in many Middle Eastern countries, it is the color of mourning.

B. Orange Color in Art and Coloring Pages

Orange color has existed persistently in art throughout the evolution of mankind. The human carvings on stone by artists of the Stone Age are often painted with an additional layer of ochre. Orange color also appears in the exquisite paintings or hieroglyphs of ancient Egyptians. During the old Roman period, vermilion red was used to paint murals, statues, or on the faces of victorious soldiers in Roman conquests. Ochre is also used in North and South America to decorate tombs, pottery, small handheld statues, or wall hangings.

In terms of coloring, the medieval people used different shades of orange to color their records. Under the Renaissance period, orange adorned the seductive flowing curtains in paintings. Baroque artists used orange to highlight details and light to create a strong contrast between light and dark areas. 


What does orange mean in love?

In love, orange symbolizes warmth, bringing joy, happiness, and positive energy. Those who love the color orange will have abundant energy, it is the color of sharing and passion. Orange is also a color that symbolizes healing for souls suffering and disappointment.

What color does orange match with?

The color orange has become a popular choice in fashion and design. However, combining this color with other colors ideally is not always easy. So, which color palette does orange blend best with? Here are some great suggestions from us:

Pair orange with neutral color palettes: neutral colors such as gray, earth brown, black, or white. These color palettes will make orange stand out more without losing its elegance and subtlety.

Combine orange with brown: Brown softens the brilliance of orange, bringing a harmonious and attractive beauty. On the days of the changing season, choosing an orange-brown outfit will help you express a fashion style full of personality.

Combine the orange color palette with pastel colors: Pastel color palettes bring a cute, gentle feeling, a great choice to create a soft and feminine appearance. You can choose pastel pink, pastel blue, or pastel yellow to pair with orange, creating an elegant outfit that is no less prominent.

What effect does orange color have on cuisine?

We often think of nutritious fruits and foods when it comes to orange. This color usually represents deliciousness and nutrition. Therefore, many culinary brands use orange to attract and impress diners.

Orange is an impressive color, full of energy and vitality. With positive meanings about joy, optimism, and warmth, the color orange always brings inspiration and excitement. Embrace the bright energy from orange and spread it to everyone around you.


Orange, with its combination of radiant red and warm yellow, always carries the power to express passion, exuberance, and abundant… View More

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